"Holy Toledo!"

September 13, 2013

John Madden’s 1st Game As Announcer, Big Score In Vintage Sports Video Land!

(I haven’t forgotten, I’m still working on the Holy Toledo shirt connection, other than going to an Oakland A’s game to buy one)

Big Score!

A non-disgruntled mail lady delivered a really fine package of the most high priority today,, delivering some very vintage NFL games on dvd that made me extremely happy.

We all recognize John Madden as a unique announcer full of colorful phrases and insights only authored by the big man himself. However there was a day when he was a rookie, unsure of his abilities, and a bit awkward to say the least. That day occurred in week 4 of the 1979 season, just a few months after he had retired from coaching the Oakland Raiders. It was the day he became known as the announcer John Madden, as opposed to coach Madden.

September 23rd, 1979 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, CA
New Orleans Saints vs. San Francisco 49ers
John Madden’s 1st game as an announcer

His agent had to convince him to try it, he was extremely reluctant, refused to fly to games, didn’t tell CBS about his fear of flying, but even in his 1st game Madden showed he had a knack for this thing they call announcing.

The game is joined in progress with two teams that described as mediocre might be a stretch. Yet a young Bill Walsh’s team led by Steve Edberg, O.L. Simpson, & Freddie Solomon face the Saints led by Dick Nolan, Archie Manning, Chuck Muncie, & Tony Galbraith.

1979 Thanksgiving Day
Houston Oilers at Dallas Cowboys
Roger Staubach vs. Earl Campbell

Bum Phillips’s red hot Oilers invade Big D to take on the establishment, America’s Team, Landry’s Cowboys. Dante Pastorini & “Double O” Ken Burrough try to outduel Staubach & Drew Pearson, but both have a fearsome running attack, Tony Dorsett vs. Earl Campbell. The result is an unforgettable holiday classic that end with excitement.

1986 Week 13
“The End Of The Era”
Philadelphia Eagles vs. Los Angeles Raiders
A game that features two great defenses, many stars (Reggie White, Randall Cunningham, Hayes & Haynes, Marcus Allen), a back & forth thriller that ends in heartbreak for the Raiders. Some say that this was the day the Marcus Allen vs. Al Davis feud began. One thing is certain, things were never the same again in L.A. after this game. This is a new upgraded version that far exceeds the previous version.

It’s always nice to get new material in the mail, this is why I love trading games, finding new friends, and seeing what other people have in their video collection.

If you are interested in a copy of these games let me know,
Holy Toledo!

Also New at Holy Toledo!
-1989 NBA Eastern Conference Finals
Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons, Games 1-6
-1989 NBA Finals
Detroit Pistons vs. Los Angeles Lakers, Games 1-4
-A bunch of new original broadcasts of NFL Playoff games from the 1990’s

*New next Week!
A large collection of rare NFL Yearbook films, some from as old as 1949!

Attention NHRA Fans:
I recorded the entire broadcast of this year’s NHRA U.S. Nation, in total over 12 hours of footage. The latest was the addition of the Lucas Oil Series to put a cap on this year’s phenomenal event from Indianapolis.

Go Fast
or Go Home!


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