"Holy Toledo!"

September 19, 2013

More Vintage NFL Original TV Broadcasts Found, See What’s New from Holy Toledo!

Here is What’s New in the Holy Toledo sports video collection:

Original TV Broadcasts:
1977 wk4 Dallas at St. Louis Cardinals *joined in progress
**1979 Wk4 New Orleans at San Francisco
(John Madden’s 1st game as announcer, J.I.P.)
1979 Wk13 Houston Oilers at Dallas
E.Campbell big day, good game, Thanksgiving
1982 preseason LA Raiders at Detroit (J.I.P.)
1986 preseason LA Raiders at SF 49ers
1986 Wk13 Philadelphia at LA Raiders (Upgraded version of great game)
1987 NFC Wild Card Minnesota at New Orleans
1990 NFC Wild Card Washington at Philadelphia
1990 NFC Championship NY Giants at SF 49ers (original ver., B- quality)
1991 AFC Wild Card NY Jets at Houston
1991 NFC Wild Card Dallas at Chicago (“Triplets” vs. Jim Harbaugh)
1991 NFC Wild Card Atlanta at New Orleans
1991 AFC Divisional Kansas City at Buffalo
1991 NFC Divisional Dallas at Detroit
1991 NFC Divisional Atlanta at Washington
1992 NFC Wild Card Washington at Minnesota
1992 NFC Wild Card Philadelphia at New Orleans
1992 NFC Divisional Philadelphia at Dallas (Buddy Ryan’s last gm. as Eagles coach)
1993 NFC Divisional NY Giants at SF 49ers
1993 NFC Divisional Green Bay at Dallas
1994 NFC Wild Card Detroit at Green Bay (Barry Sanders vs. Favre)
1994 NFC Wild Card Chicago at Minnesota
1994 NFC Divisional Green Bay at Dallas
1994 NFC Divisional Chicago at SF 49ers
1995 AFC Divisional Indianapolis at Kansas City (Jim Harbaugh)
1995 NFC Divisional Philadelphia at Dallas
1996 NFC Wild Card Minnesota at Dallas
1996 NFC Wild Card Philadelphia at SF 49ers
1998 AFC Wild Card New England at Jacksonville (Pete Carroll)
1998 NFC Wild Card Arizona at Dallas (end of the “Triplets” run)
1998 NFC Divisional SF 49ers at Atlanta (Dirty Birds)

2013 Regular Season:
Week 1-
Oakland at Indy
Atlanta at New Orleans
Cincinnati at Chicago
Green Bay at SF 49ers
Arizona at St. Louis
NY Giants at Dallas (SNF)
Philadelphia at Washington (MNF #1)
Houston at San Diego (MNF#2)
Week #2
Jacksonville at Oakland
Miami at Indianapolis
SF 49ers at Seattle (SNF)
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (MNF)

1962 NFL Championship
Green Bay at New York Giants
1st ever NFL Films highlights film “The Longest Day”

1966 NFL Championship
Green Bay at Dallas
Rare NFL highlight film + bonus footage

NFL Yearbooks
1949 Cleveland
1950 Cleveland
1954 Cleveland
1962 San Diego
1968 Denver
1969 Denver
1969 Houston Oilers
1970 Houston Oilers
1972 Kansas City
1973 Kansas City
1973 New England
1974 Cleveland
1974 Denver
1974 Houston Oilers
1974 New York Giants
1975 New England
1977 Cleveland
*2012 All 32 teams (excepts Arizona & Tampa Bay)

1989 Eastern Conf. Finals
Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons
All 6 games

1989 NBA Finals
LA Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons
All 4 games

NHRA Drag Racing
2013 U.S. National
Qualifying + Eliminations (7 disks)
+ Lucas Oil Series as well!

Lucas Oil Boat Drags Series
4 races so far, & counting!



  1. 1989 NBA Finals
    LA Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons

    This was the series where Byron Scott was injured and later when Detroit was well up in the series Magic Johnson went down with a hamstring injury – and Detroit swept. Many said the reason for Detroit’s victory was Scott was out. The fact is Byron Scott could not have gotten 20 minutes on the floor if he played for that Detroit team with Hall of Fame starters, Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars, plus Vinnie “the microwave” Johnson as the no. 3 guard. The Pistons were that much better than the Lakers, who were in decline, but didn’t know it at that time.

    Comment by fansince57 — September 20, 2013 @ 8:00 am

  2. Bottom line is the Piston swept them. Consider this, Detroit swept Boston in the 1st round (with Larry Bird, McHale, Parrish, & DJ), swept Milwaukee in the 2nd round (with Sikma, Moncrief, & Cummings), then beat the Bulls (with Jordan, Pippen, Grant, & Cartwright), then swept the 2-time defending champion Lakers (with Kareem, Magic, & Worthy). Four excellent opponents dispatched 15 wins, 2 losses.

    The Pistons avenged the previous year’s loss in the NBA Finals to LA, then went on to win back-to-back titles by defeating Portland in 1990. This team was no fluke, perhaps not very popular, but they were great.

    Comment by Bill — September 20, 2013 @ 9:17 am

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