"Holy Toledo!"

September 23, 2013

A Letter to Raider Fans

Filed under: A.F.L., NFL, Oakland Raiders — Bill @ 8:22 pm

Dear Raider Fan,

Don’t let this loss the Denver get you down. I detest the Broncos and losing to them is like having someone stomp on my heart. Yet there is a word that we need to remember, perspective.

Like it or not the Broncos are a quality Super Bowl team. We are not. Our offensive line is among the worst in the league, our defensive line isn’t far behind. Our secondary is made up of old veterans ripe for injury, which unfortunately we are starting to realize.

On the other hand this kid from Ohio St. that looked like a bust not all that long ago has studied his ass off, made huge improvements in his game, and combined with his pure athletic ability Terrelle Pryor may just end up a legitimate QB in the NFL.

When you consider the mess that All left for GM Reggie McKenzie, a team hampered by a huge salary cap disadvantage, with little young talent, the Raiders are doing their best at rebuilding. It will take several drafts, some seasoning of the young players, along with a few key free agent acquisitions. Some of the kids will need to step up, taking advantage of their opportunity, and become solid NFL players. Right now the roster is thin, & every injury makes them that much weaker. The bottom line is that we are a couple years away from being a playoff team in the NFL.

You can’t blame Dennis Allen or Reggie McKenzie, the best thing you can do is give them time to build their roster. Is Pryor the guy? We don’t know until he proves he isn’t. On the other hand he could turn out to be a gem (my gut feeling says no, but I’ve already been wrong about him). I hope he proves me wrong.

Truth is the Raiders need dramatic improvement in the offensive & defensive line, and until this happens all the other player will be window dressing.

Holy Toledo

PS- If you ever want a copy of any Raiders game from 1978 to present contact me thru this site. Oh and let’s beat the Rat this weekend in “the Rat Returns 2013!”



  1. I hope your right, who is the rat? uncle buck

    Comment by uncle buck — September 24, 2013 @ 7:32 am

    • The Rat is former Denver, now Redskin coach Mike Shanahan. It was a fitting nickname given to him by Jim Rome, because quite frankly he looks like a rat. Check him out next time you see (& bring cheese!).

      Comment by Bill — September 24, 2013 @ 8:53 am

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