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September 29, 2013

Baseball Season’s Last Day, What’s At Stake?

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Day 162 of the 2013 baseball season has arrived and almost every playoff spot has been determined except for the American League Wild Card. Coming into today’s action 3 teams are battling for the last two tickets to the postseason.

As of the moment Cleveland leads by 1 game, while Tampa Bay & Texas are tied for the final spot. There is a good chance we might need a 163rd game to ultimately decide this 3 team battle, so for fun I looked up what could be the ultimate ending, a 3 way tie! Unlikely perhaps but it certainly would make for an entertaining next few days of baseball.

Here’s what would happen if all 3 teams ended in a tie:
Monday, game #163
Tampa Bay would play Baltimore, the winner would earn a Wild Card spot.

Tuesday, game #164
Monday’s losing team would play Texas, the winner earning a Wild Card spot

Wednesday, American League Wild Card Game
(this game is schedule for Wednesday night, no matter who plays in the game)
Monday’s winner vs. Tuesday’s winner, home field would be determined by their regular season head-to-head results

Pretty wild hey?
There is also a good chance that we could see an additional game to determine the final A.L. Wild Card spot in the event of a two-way tie.

The winner of the A.L. Wild Card Game will play the #1 seed Boston Red Sox, obviously the Red Sox would have home field advantage. The ALDS is a best of 5 series, scheduled to begin Friday.

The other American League Divisional Series would have the Oakland A’s, with home field advantage, vs. the Detroit Tigers.

This year a change was made in the Division Series schedule, for the better in my opinion. The team with the home field advantage will play games 1 & 2 at home, & if necessary game 5 will also be a home game. This is much improved over last year’s schedule that had the team with home field starting the series on the road.

Meanwhile in the National League everything is all set, except for the right to be the #1 seed. St. Louis leads Atlanta by 1 game, so all the Cardinals would have to do is win today to sew up the #1 spot.

The N.L. Wild Card Game will be played Tuesday night, Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. The winner of that game will face the #1 seed (St. Louis-Atlanta) in the NLDS best of 5 series. The L.A. Dodgers will play the #2 seed (Atlanta-St. Louis) in the other NLDS series. Both National League series are scheduled to begin on Thursday.

I realize it is extremely unlikely, but I will be rooting for that 3-way tie in the American League. After all who doesn’t enjoy a good 3-way?

Go A’s!


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