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November 21, 2013

Quarterback Controversey in Oakland & San Francisco?

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His name is Matt McGloin. He was a walk on at Penn St. who earned not only a scholarship, but a starting job at a Division 1 school. What he walked into was a buzz saw. The huge Sandusky matter, the end of Joe Pa. He was the starting QB while the walls around him were burning down.

I’ve like Matt McGloin from the moment we signed him as a free agent, he was outstanding at Penn St. last season 24 TD passes, very few INT’s on a very mediocre team. I also think he is a high character man whom I admire for staying at Penn St. when he had other options available. He is still raw, but I sure enjoyed seeing a Raider QB with pinpoint accuracy. We haven’t seen that in some time.

Our O-line needs a guy like Pryor, as much as I like McGloin, a traditional drop back QB will have a short shelf life given our weak line. I do like the potential of both men. Pryor has the most athletic & uncanny ability to make something from nothing with god-given speed, power, & agility the likes I’ve never seen before. He is an incredible running QB. That said, when it’s 3rd & 8, given decent protection, I would prefer to rely upon the arm of Matt McGloin rather that Terrell Pryor.

Do the Raiders have a QB controversy?
No not yet, maybe next year when their offensive line is improved.

Matt McGloin has a huge advantage over Pryor in addition to accuracy. He has better vision in the pocket. This is an ability not coachable,you either have it or you don’t. Matt can sit patiently in the pocket looking for his 2nd, 3rd, & maybe soon his 4th receiver. When Pryor sees his 2nd receiver unavailable he runs, Matt looks a bit longer. Under normal circumstances you would choose McGloin, but given Pryor’s incredible running ability it makes this choice a bit more interesting.

So with all that said given the Raiders very suspect offensive line I still believe the best choice for the Raiders QB in 2013 is Terrelle Pryor. Now if the Raiders had an offensive line like the SF 49ers, then you might be wise to choose Matt McGloin.

So now let’s talk about the SF 49ers QB situation.
Colin Kaepernick stormed the NFL scene last year, but as screeched back to reality in ways few thought would happen. His passing yardage numbers rank with legendary Tampa Bay QB Shaun King. Obviously he showed us last year that he is better than the level he is playing at right now. Is it a confidence issue? Are the coaches giving him a game plan that is too conservative? Sophomore jinx? Is he afraid of the rush?

From what I’ve seen of him he appears to prefer to run when possible passing options are available to him. He looks at his 1st receiver then wants to bail out of the pocket way too soon. The 49ers o-Line has a reputable image but it hasn’t been great like in past few years. Still no excuse for Kaepernick, who has decent receivers. Teams with less WR talent are passing for more yards than the 49ers. So what is the problem?

Simply put he is not delivering the ball to his secondary receivers. Imagine for a moment what it’s like to be a #3 or #4 receiver for the 49ers, you run your ass off to get open and yet the ball never comes. At some point consciously, or subconsciously, you stop trying hard to get open knowing you won’t see a pass headed your way. Eventually the entire offense breaks down because the team becomes one dimensional.

Last season Colin looked much different, he was able to find many different receivers. It’s not all about the injury to Crabtree, who was clearly Colin’s favorite target. The lack of passing yards is deeply rooted in one issue, Kaepernick.

Nobody has discussed this issue, but maybe he is trying to avoid the big hit. Might he be running scared? Something to consider. The truth, and the statistics, say that since week 2 when the Seahawks beat the living snot out of him, he has quite simply not been the same player he used to be.

He is a talented QB on a very good team, and he will improve. Is he good enough to take the 49ers to a title?
I say not this year.



  1. So, the Great Kuhniski has spoken and he has declared that Terrell Pryor be thrown to the defensive wolves of the league – to be chewed and gnawed on for the remainder of the season while Matt McGloin is tendered as the long term solution when better OL protection is provided. Sounds primeval, ruthless and Raider-like. Run-first QBs are a dime a dozen in the what’s-the-next-shiny-new-thing NFL – ask Michael Vick about it. The legs go first – and then they smell blood.

    Which brings use to Colin Kaepernick, a nice, multiracial kid from the valley, who is an all-around athlete. His dream was to play QB for San Francisco and San Francisco’s politically correct dream was to have him do it in between interviews of how he was bullied as a cultural mutt by valley farmer’s cruel and rotten offspring. If San Francisco had won the Super Bowl last year and then Kaepernick had been injured in a farming accident on the outskirts of Stockton under a full harvest moon – he could have retired as a legend – right up there with Joe, Steve and Hurryin’ Hugh McElhenny. Niner Faithfuls could talk for years about all things Kaepernick had done in the 6 games he started before he lost his pinky finger in a wheat thrasher. That would have been far more spectacular than his return this year where the NFL has had time to study the limited range of options he provides to an already stiff and boring offense. Kaepernick, another run-first QB with a twitchy pass release, has reached the point of the old Peter Principal and Harbaugh understands this better than anyone. Suddenly, Kaepernick possesses the same virus that Alex Smith suffered through last year – Used to be Pretty Good, but not that Good Now B negative. It’s a 21-century hybrid of the Peter Principal and Dr. James Harbaugh, with his sparkling Stanford degree, is presently stumped regarding a solution.

    Comment by fansince57 — November 22, 2013 @ 8:50 am

  2. I like this new kid he knows how to WIN

    Comment by UNCLE BUCK — November 22, 2013 @ 9:01 am

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