"Holy Toledo!"

December 29, 2013

Back Home At The Raiders Parking Lot

Filed under: NFL, Oakland Raiders — Bill @ 10:52 pm

Step about three times into this famous lot and you are back home again. You hear the music, kids laughing, playing catch with a football. Take another step and the smell of slow roasting ribs on the barbecue makes your salivary glands begin to sweat. Then you hear the familiar chant, “Raaaaaiders” from a guy wearing a Tim Brown jersey. Another step takes your ears from the music of AC/DC to some kind of rap you’ve never heard but it sounds pretty good.

A guy walks up to you and says “T-shirts 10 bucks.” As you waive him off a cute girl wearing a half Raiders jersey asks you if you need a beer. You appreciate her for a number of reasons and keep moving.

You notice the two policemen standing among a crowd of Raiders fans as they enjoy the lunch they were offered. About two seconds later you smell that skunky smell of someone burning a big fat doobie. You look over at the cops, you take in a wiff & smile at the whole scene. Everyone has a smile on their face.

Another step and you look ahead to see a guy with a huge trailer on his truck, it’s a monster barbecue. He has about 15 pounds of chicken on that sucker and it smells like heaven. Like a symphony director his team, all dressed in Silver & Black, is flipping, plating & serving up the goodness.

A few more steps and you discover a large group of people under a huge “Easy-Up” dancing to a live band. Definitely rock ‘n roll, definitely a good band. And people are definitely having fun.

Suddenly there is a commotion, you look up in time to see a huge group of Raiderette’s go by, just in case this crowd needs a bit more excitement.

About the time you decide to wander you hear something else that peeks your interest. Someone’s stereo is blasting Bill King claiming another Raiders touchdown, “Holy Toledo!” You just smile and know you are home.

God it’s good to be back.
Even though it’s been a year it’s like I never was gone.
I love this place.
The sights,
the smells,
the sounds,
the people, this is where we gather for fun on a sunny December California afternoon.

Raider Nation


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  1. Did you say sunny december afternoon? WOW

    Comment by uncle buck — December 30, 2013 @ 9:09 am

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