"Holy Toledo!"

January 10, 2014

New Sea Of Hands DVD Discovered & More of What’s New in Vintage Sports Video!

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Holy Toledo! is at it again. When you see this list of “What’s New” you will see just how busy I have been in acquiring games. There are several extremely interesting items in this bunch, along with some nice additions to help complete the collection.

The biggest news in Vintage Video is the new version of the Sea Of Hands game that has mysteriously appeared. What makes this well done version so interesting is A) It includes the original NBC audio from the television broadcast (including Curt Gowdy, Al DeRogatis, & Dandy Don Meredith), & B) never before seen video that is merged nicely, thus giving this new version it’s name “NBC Merge”. Now if only we could get some artistic person to merge the NFL Films Greatest Games video of this game to the NBC audio, then we would have the closest to the original broadcast that may ever exist.

I also found a new version of the 1970 NFC Championship Game Dallas at San Francisco, that is a nice improvement over the old version. As in all versions we have seen this game is also missing the last 1:45, but somebody has creatively edited in new video & audio that helps complete this broadcast. It also includes a rare pregame show by Jack Whitaker & has some interesting original commercials. It’s a classic game between John Brodie’s outstanding offense vs. the Doomsday D of Dallas at the final game at old Kezar Stadium

Many new items to see, but one in particular that I am proud to have added is the new long version of “The Catch” game, 1981 NFC Championship. Still a nice quality version but that isn’t the story, it has much more to do with added content. For example we now can watch the entire CBS pregame show known as The NFL Today with Brent Musberger, Phyillis George, Irv Cross, & Jimmy The Greek. Do you remember who he picks in this game? Add in some original commercials, including the famous Madden “Tastes Great, Less Filling”, an entire Halftime show, a legendary game, and then polish it off with the entire postgame show & even some bonus local news coverage, and what you end up with is a 4 dvd masterpiece. Greatness needs a unforgettable finish, so this ends fittingly with the voice of God, a final segment by John Facenda.

Also noteworthy are a good quality broadcast of the 1970 Sugar Bowl, featuring a young Archie Manning, a 1985 good version of an entertaining game between two great players Bo Jackson & Deion Sanders, and the final games at two rather memorable stadiums. Naturally I have added this year’s major bowl games, including that epic barn-burner BCS Championship between Auburn & Florida St. There was a lot of great games in my collection before, now there are even more to choose from.

All trade requests considered, email me for the updated entire collection list.

Holy Toledo!

What’s New:

1970 NFC Championship Dallas at San Francisco
Ray Scott & Pat Summerall at Kezar Stadium.
Pregame by Jack Whitaker, halftime, commercials
Ends with 1:45 to go, but new sound & video has been added to complete this game, 3 Disks

1974 AFC Divisional Miami at Oakland
“Sea Of Hands” NBC Merge version
2 disks

1977 wk3 New Orleans at Chicago
Archie Manning & Walter Payton score 3 TD’s
2 disks

1979 wk1 Pittsburgh at New England MNF
Good OT game, Darryl Stingley halftime interview
Halftime, commercials, 4 disks

1979 wk7 LA Rams at Dallas (Sunday Night Football)
Staubach & Dorsett vs. Rams Super Bowl team
Halftime, 2 disks

1979 wk12 Pittsburgh at San Diego
Fouts vs. Bradshaw
2 disks

1979 wk13 Cleveland at Pittsburgh
Good Steelers comeback, exciting 33-30 OT game
A- quality
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1980 wk12 San Diego at Miami (Thursday Night Football)
Good OT game,
3 disks

1981 NFC Championship Dallas at San Francisco
“The Catch” Long version
4 disks

1982 wk1 Pittsburgh at Dallas MNF
Good game between two good teams
2 disks

1982 wk9 Dallas at Minnesota MNF
Dorsett’s 99 yard run, good game
2 disks

1983 wk15 Green Bay at Tampa Bay MNF
Howard Cosell’s last Monday Night Football broadcast
C quality, 2 disks

1985 NFC Divisional New York Giants at Chicago
Greatest defense ever shuts out the Giants
Original broadcast
Halftime, postgame, 2 disks

1986 wk12 Green Bay at Chicago
Famous Charles Martin hit on McMahon
2 disks

1987 wk15 Tampa Bay at Indianapolis
Indy Colts win the AFC East for the 1st time, Dickerson 196 yards
Jimmy the Greek’s last reg. season NFL Today Show, Stabler is color announcer
Pregame, halftime, local postgame, commercials, 2 disks

1988 wk2 Cincinnati at Philadelphia
Cunningham vs. Boomer, good game
2 disks

1988 wk9 Denver at Indianapolis on MNF
1st ever MNF at Indy, Halloween
Dickerson 4 TD’s, A quality

1990 wk12 Washington at Dallas
Thanksgiving, halftime, commercials
2 disks

1992 NFC Championship Dallas at San Francisco
Complete original broadcast
Halftime, postgame, commercials, 2 disks

1993 NFC Championship San Francisco at Dallas
2 disks

1994 wk14 Green Bay at Detroit
B. Sanders big day vs. Sterling Sharpe, great 34-31 game
Halftime, postgame, commercials, 2 disks

1996 AFC Wild Card Indianapolis at Pittsburgh
Kordell & Bettis beat Captain Comeback
Halftime, postgame, 2 disks

1996 NFC Divisional Dallas at Carolina
Upstart Panthers dethrone Cowboys
Pregame, commercials
2 disks

1997 wk16 Denver at SF 49ers on MNF
Retiring Montana’s jersey, Elway vs. Young, MNF, 2 disks
A quality

1997 AFC Wild Card Jacksonville at Denver
Terrell Davis runs wild over the Jags
2 disks

1997 AFC Wild Card Miami at New England
Marino vs. Bledsoe, Pete Carroll vs. Jimmy Johnson
2 disks

1997 NFC Divisional Minnesota at San Francisco
Steve Young vs. Randall Cunningham
C quality, 2 disks

1997 NFC Divisional Tampa Bay at Green Bay
Sapp vs. Favre
1 disk

1998 wk5 Minnesota at Green Bay MNF
One of the great offenses ever, &
a super performance by rookie Randy Moss
MNF, Pregame, halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1998 wk6 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Pickens 204 yards vs. Kordell, good game, 2 disks

1998 wk7 Green Bay at Detroit on TNF
B. Sanders big game
TNF, Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1999 wk1 Baltimore Ravens at St. Louis Rams
K. Warner’s 1st game, T. Holt’s 1st TD
EP mode, 1 disk

1999 wk5 Miami at Indianapolis
Marino vs. Manning, great 34-31 game, Marino comeback
2 disks

1999 wk16 Cleveland at Cincinnati
Final game at Riverfront, Dillon 192 yards
2 disks

1999 NFC Wild Card Detroit at Washington
Stephen Davis shows why he is great
2 disks

1999 AFC Divisional Miami at Jacksonville
Jags gut the Fish 62-7, Marino’s final game
Most points in AFC playoff history, 2nd most ever in NFL history
2 disks

1999 NFC Divisional Washington at Tampa Bay
#1 offense vs. #1 defense, the Tampa comeback
Pregame, halftime, commercials, 2 disk

1999 AFC Divisional Tennessee at Indianapolis
McNair vs. Manning, good game
2 disk

2000 wk16 Washington at Pittsburgh
Final game at Three Rivers
Commercials, 2 disks

2000 NFC Wild Card St. Louis at New Orleans
Wild game as Saints dethrone the defending champs 31-28
2 disks

2000 NFC Wild Card Tampa Bay at Philadelphia
1 disk

2000 NFC Divisional New Orleans at Minnesota
Chris Carter & Randy Moss too much for Saints
1 disk

2001 NFC Wild Card Tampa Bay at Philadelphia
McNabb makes sure it’s Dungy’s last game as Bucs coach
1 disk

2001 NFC Wild Card San Francisco at Green Bay
The Rivalry Renewed
1 disk

2001 AFC Divisional Baltimore at Pittsburgh
Kordell & Steelers dethrone the Champs
Complete but poorly edited, 1 disk

2001 NFC Div. Green Bay at St. Louis
Greatest Show on Turf vs. Favre
2 disks

2001 NFC Divisional Philadelphia at Chicago
1 disk

2002 AFC Wild Card Indianapolis at New York Jets
Jets crush Manning and the Colts 41-0
1 disk

2002 NFC Wild Card Atlanta at Green Bay
Falcons end Packers home playoff streak
Pregame, postgame, commercials
2 disks

2002 NFC Wild Card New York Giants at San Francisco
“The Comeback II”, 49ers overcome 24 pt. deficit, great game
Complete original broadcast + postgame
2 disks

2002 AFC Divisional Pittsburgh at Tennessee
Good Overtime 34-31 game
2 disks

2002 NFC Div. Atlanta at Philadelphia
McNabb vs. Vick
Pregame, halftime, commercials, 2 disks

2002 NFC Divisional San Francisco at Tampa Bay
Bucs star championship road
1 disk

2003 AFC Wild Card Tennessee at Baltimore
Good game between two rugged teams
Pregame, halftime, postgame, 2 disks

2003 NFC Wild Card Dallas at Carolina
Pregame, halftime, 2 disks

2003 AFC Wild Card Denver at Indianapolis
Manning’s 5 TD passes blitz Broncos
2 disks

2004 AFC Wild Card New York Jets at San Diego
Great OT game, almost 5 quarters of tight football
2 disks

2004 AFC Divisional New York Jets at Pittsburgh
Jets 3rd straight OT game, Roethlisberger’s 1st playoff game
2 disks

2004 NFC Divisional St. Lois at Atlanta
Atlanta’s 2-headed running power overwhelms Rams
2 disks

2005 AFC Wild Card Jacksonville at New England
2 disks

College Football:

1970 Sugar Bowl Old Miss vs. Arkansas
Archie Manning leads the upset
1st Q is Classic ver, rest of game is original, very good quality
Nice pregame, halftime, commercials
2 disks

1975 Rose Bowl USC vs. Ohio St. 1st Q Classic, rest 8.5
Gowdy & Al DeRogatis, Archie Griffen Anthony Davis
Halftime, 2 disks

1983 #3 Auburn at #4 Georgia
Bo Jackson
Slight static in audio, 2 disks

1984 Boston College at Miami
Flutie’s Miracle in Miami
Great 46-45 game, Bernie Kosar
Halftime, 2 disks

1985 Auburn at Tennessee
Bo Jackson,
J.I.P, missing 1st 3 min’s
2 disks

1985 Florida St. at Auburn
Wide open 59-27 game, Bo Jackson 176 yards vs Deion Sanders
2 disks

1985 Florida at Auburn
Bo Jackson
2 disks

1985 Auburn at Georgia
Bo Jackson
1 disk

1997 Iron Bowl Alabama at Auburn
Great game, Classic version

2003 Iron Bowl Alabama at Auburn
Classic version

2013 Georgia at Auburn
“Prayer at Jordan-Hair”
Great game,
2 disk

2013 Iron Bowl Alabama at Auburn
Phenomenally great game!
Pregame, halftime, postgame 3 disks

2014 Rose Bowl Michigan St. vs. Stanford
2014 Fiesta Bowl UCF vs. Baylor
2014 Sugar Bowl Oklahoma vs. Alabama
2014 Orange Bowl Clemson vs. Ohio St.

2014 BCS Championship Florida St. vs. Auburn
Great game
Complete broadcast


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