"Holy Toledo!"

April 23, 2014

What’s New In Vintage Sports Video!

Holy Toledo!
Been busy collecting more vintage football games on dvd. We are two weeks away from the NFL Draft, what I refer to as the halfway point of the long offseason. Some teams are having their mandatory veterans team workouts, or OTA’s this week. Most of the big name free agents have been signed, but after the draft there will still be many more signings. Looking forward to my annual tradition, watching the draft with cooking “tail-gate food” & tossing back a few cold beverages.

Much speculation is brewing about the top rated QB’s, but not much talk about the huge crop of quality WR’s available in the draft. This season’s college players eligible to be drafted is said to be one of the deepest in years. Don’t be surprised if the men picked between pick 20 thru the 3rd round end up making a big splash in 2014 and beyond. More on the draft to come.

What is exciting from “What’s New” from the Holy Toledo vintage video collection?

A really nice quality version of John Madden’s final game surfaced, a week 16 battle between the Viking & the Raiders in Oakland. This recording is extremely high quality, features some legendary players, and an interesting group of announcers Vin Scully, George Allen, & Jim Brown.

With so many games added it isn’t easy to pick out just a few, but one interesting find was a 1980 Monday Night game in which Howard Cosell interviews the lovely Bo Derek (1980 week 15 Dallas at LA Rams).

There are many fun MNF games from the ‘80’s, a whole bunch of quality original Indianapolis 500 races, & a rare 1982 college basketball classic featuring Ralph Sampson’s Virginia team vs. Patrick Ewing’s Hoyas. I also picked up a copy of the 1984 NBA Finals game 7 between the Lakers & Celtic from The Garden. Bo Jackson takes on Doug Flutie in an exciting 1982 Tangerine Bowl.

One particular game I enjoyed watching again was a 1991 overtime thriller between Warren Moon’s Houston Oilers & Troy Aikman’s Cowboys at the Astrodome. There is now a nice copy of the entire original broadcast of the 1980 NFC Championship Cowboys at Eagles, including the NFL Today with Brent, Irv, Phyllis, & the Greek, and the entire postgame celebration. The last Dolphins game at the Orange Bowl is a wild back & forth affair between Steve Grogan & Dan Marino, as the Patriots battle the Dolphins on an epic Monday night.

I filled in a few games from the San Francisco 49ers first Super Bowl season of 1981, as well as some playoff games I was missing. The Holy Toledo collection now has every NFL Playoff game since 1978, except for 5 games. Not too shabby.

A friend I trade with needed some preseason games, which I don’t normally collect, but in an effort to help him out I discovered something. These old preseason games with sometimes surprise you with a few gems. The 1993 Hall of Fame Game includes nice interviews with new inductees Bill Walsh, Walter Payton, Chuck Noll, Dan Fouts, Larry Little, & Curt Gowdy (Great Stuff!). In week 1 of a 1989 preseason game Al Davis walks in on a halftime interview with Jerry Jones. In an ‘87 week 2 preseason game Al discusses the Irwindale plan (rare footage, & there is another Al Davis interview in the 1990 week 2 LA Raiders at SF preseason game.

Take a look, enjoy, and as always, if you wish to trade please let me know.



1976 Wk1 Pittsburgh at Oakland
Stabler & Co. score 17 pts. In final 5 minutes to beat the Steelers.
The only known recording of this game is mysteriously missing the final 2 minutes (must have been recorded by an angry Steelers fan). In this new version someone has added the Bill King audio to misc. video clips finally giving us the proper ending to this great game. Holy Toledo!
2 disks

1977 Wk13 Minnesota at Oakland
Super Bowl rematch with playoffs on the line
Upgraded 3 disk version with halftime, postgame, commercials

1978 wk16 Minnersota at Oakland
John Madden’s final game as Raider coach
Hall of Fame announcers Vin Scully, George Allen, & Jim Brown
Upgraded 4 disk version with halftime & commercials
Quality rating is a 10

1979 Wk10 Houston Oilers at Miami MNF
Earl Campbell runs over Miami
Commercials, 2 disks

1980 Wk9 Chicago at Clevelabd MNF
Cardiac Kids vs. Walter Payton
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1980 Wk15 Dallas at LA Rams MNF
Bo Derek interviewed by Howard!
Vince Ferragamo corrals the Cowboys
2 disks

1980 AFC Divisional
Oakland at Cleveland
Famous “Mistake By The Lake” or “Red Right 88” game
This version is unique because it includes local Clev. Pregame, Entire NFL ’80 pregame show & length postgame. 5 disks

1980 NFC Championship
Dallas at Philadelphia
Complete broadcast with commercials & NFL Today postgame
Pat Summerall & Tom Brookshire
5 disks

1981 Wk#4 New Orleans at SF 49ers
Lindsey Nelson & George Allen in the booth

1981 wk7 SF 49ers at Green Bay
Montana vs. Lynn Dickey, Walsh vs. Bart Starr

1981 Wk8 Houston Oilers at Pittsburgh MNF
Stabler vs. Bradshar, Earl Campbell vs. Franco, big rivalry game
2 disks

1981 wk10 Atlanta at SF 49ers
Montana vs. Bartkowski

1981 wk13 NY Giants at SF 49ers
49ers try to clinch first division title since ‘72

1981 wk16 SF 49ers at New Orleans
George Rogers breaks rookie rushing record
Postgame, some commercials, 2 disks

1982 Wk3 San Diego at LA Raiders MNF
Raiders 1st game in L.A., down 24-0 makes huge comeback
Upgrade in quality, 2 disks

1983 Preseason Wk4 LA Raiders at Cleveland
1st Half only

1984 Preseason Wk1 LA Raiders at SF 49ers
Joined in progress 3:40 in 1st Q, 2 disks

1985 Preseason Wk2 Washington at LA Raiders
Dick Enberg & Merlin Olsen
2 disks

1985 Wk4 Cincinnati at Pittsburgh MNF
Boomer & the Bengals invade Pittsburgh
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1985 Wk5 Dallas at NY Giants SNF
2 hot QB’s in a 30-29 duel to the finish
Halftime, 2 disks

1985 Wk14 Pittsburgh at San Diego SNF
Wild high scoring affair, fun game
Nice Quality, Halftime, 2 disks

1985 Wk14 LA Rams at SF 49ers MNF
Critical matchup with 1st place on the line, back & forth game
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1985 Wk15 New England at Miami MNF
Battle for the division title, great game, fantastic 4th Quarter
Preview of AFC Championship
Nice Quality, Monday Night Matchup, 2 disks

1986 Wk11 SF 49ers at Washington MNF
Two high octane teams battle it out in D.C.
2 disks

1986 Wk16 New England at Miami MNF
Great game, Marino vs. Grogan, back & forth battle
Last Dolphins game at the Orange Bowl, 2 disks

1986 NFC Divisional SF 49ers at NY Giants
Giants demolish Montana & the 49ers on the road to their 1st Super Bowl
NFL Today pregame, halftime, postgame
2 disks

1987 Preseason wk1 SF 49ers at LA Raiders
49ers broadcast with Joe Fonzi & Mike Shuman
Pregame, halftime, 3 disks

1987 Preseason wk2
Buffalo at LA Raiders
Rare Al Davis halftime interview discussing his move to Irwindale
Buffalo broadcast with Rick Azar & Paul McGuire
Pregame, Halftime, commercials

1987 Wk1 NY Giants at Chicago MNF
Battle of the last 2 champions, lots of big plays in this rough game
2 disks

1988 Preseason Wk1 LA Raiders at SF 49ers
Shanahan’s debut as Raiders coach
Vern Lundquist & John Madden, halftime, 2 disks

1988 Preseason Wk3 Washington at LA Raiders
Tim Brown wearing #85
Vern Lundquist & John Madden, 2 disks

1988 Preseason Wk4 LA Raiders at Chicago
Announcers: Tim Weigel, Mike Adamlie, & Jime Rose
Commercials, 3 disks

1989 Preseason Wk1 Dallas at LA Raiders
1st game for Jimmy Johnson
Rare halftime interview with Al Davis & Jerry Jones

1990 American Bowl at Wembley Stadium
NFL Preseason Wk1
LA Raiders vs. New Orleans
Bill Walsh & Dick Enbers announcers, 1 disk

1990 Preseason Wk2 LA Raiders at SF 49ers
Al Davis halftime interview
Pat Summerall & John Madden, 2 disks

1990 Wk13 NY Giants at SF 49ers MNF
Preview of upcoming NFC Championship
You want defense? This game has it
2 disks

1991 American Bowl at Tokyo, Japan
Preseason Wk2 LA Raiders vs. Miami
Mike Patrick & Joe Theisman, 2 disks

1991 Preseason Wk4 Chicago at LA Raiders
Al Locasale & Rich Marotta, 2 disks

1991 Wk11 Dallas at Houston
Great OT battle at the “House of Paine”
Moon vs. Aikman, two excellent teams for bragging rights of Texas
3 disks

1992 Preseason Wk2 LA Raiders at SF 49ers
Ronnie Lott’s 1st trip back to SF no longer as a 49er
Joe Starkey & Lee Grosscup 49ers radio dubbed into TV broadcast
2 disks

1993 Hall of Fame Game
Preseason Wk1 LA Raiders at Green Bay
Inductees: Walter Payton, Bill Walsh, Chuck Noll, Dan Fouts, & Larry Little
Plus a nice interview with Curt Gowdy
Halftime, some commercials, 2 disks

1993 Preseason Wk2 LA Raiders at SF 49ers
Wayne Walker, Dwight Clark, & Gene Washington
at Stanford Stadium
2 disks

1993 Preseason Wk4 LA Raiders at Indianapolis
Indy announcers, 2 disks

1993 Preseason Wk5 LA Raiders at LA Rams
Exciting finish, battle for LA
2 disks

1994 American Bowl
Preseason Wk1 LA Raiders vs. Denver
from Barcelona, Spain
OT game, Halftime, 2 disks

1994 Preseason Wk4 LA Raiders at LA Rams
Battle for LA
1st Half only

1994 Preseason Wk5 LA Raiders at Houston Oilers
Dick Enberg & Bob Trumpy
Halftime, recording ends with 3:23 left, 2 disks

1995 NFC Wild Card Atlanta at Green Bay
Favre & Packers riddle Falcons D
Halftime, lengthy local postgame
2 disks

1996 Preseason Wk2 Oakland at Arizona
Hanks Stram & Barry Tompkins
2 disks

1996 Preseason Wk3 Seattle at Oakland
1st home game with new Mt. Davis
1 disk

1996 Preseason Wk4 Oakland at Atlanta
June Jones vs. Mike White
Mike Patrick & Joe Theisman
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1997 Preseason Wk1 Oakland at Dallas
Vern Lundquist, Pat Haden, & Mark May
Ends with 10 min.s left in 4th Q
2 disks

1997 Preseason Wk2 Green Bay at Oakland
Packers announcers Bill Jartz & Brian Noble
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1997 Preseason Wk3 New Orleans at Oakland
Bob Fitzgerald & Jim Plunkett
Halftime, 3 disks

1997 Preseason Wk4 Oakland at Arizona
Charlie Jones & Jim Plunkett
1 disk

1997 NFC Wild Card
Detroit at Tampa Bay
Too much Buc D
Halftime, postgame, commercials, 2 disks

1997 NFC Wild Card
Minnesota at NY Giants
Vikings make incredible comeback, unfortunately the disk end just minutes before the game does (missing the last 1 minute of the game).
If anyone has the entire game I would love to trade for a copy!

1997 AF Divisional
New England at Pittsburgh
Old fashioned slugfest
Pregame, halftime, 2 diks

1998 Preseason Wk1 Oakland at Dallas
Barry Tompkins, Jim Plunkett, & Artie Gigantino,
2 disks

1998 Preseason Wk2 Oakland at Green Bay
Pat Summerall, John Madden, & Matt Millen
Charles Woodson’s 1st start, Gruden vs. Holmgren
Pregame, halftime, postgame, commercials, 2 disks

1998 Preseason Wk3 Tampa Bay at Oakland
Barry Tompkins, Jim Plunkett, & Artie Gigantino
2 disks

1998 Preseason Wk4 Arizona at Oakland
Barry Tompkins, Jim Plunkett, & Artie Gigantino
2 disks

1998 Wk13 Minnesota at Dallas (Thanksgiving)
Incredible 6 TD’s of 50+ yards, 3 by rookie Randy Moss
Randy gets his revenge against Dallas for not drafting him
3 receptions 3 TD’s, avg. catch 54.3 yards!
Madden & Summerall, pregame, slight static sound, 5 disks

1998 AFC Divisional
Jacksonville at NY Jets
Bill Parcells vs. Tom Coughlin
Postgame, commercials, 2 disks

1999 Preseason Wk1 Oakland at St. Louis
Rich Gannon’s 1st game as a Raider
Charlie Jones & Jim Plunkett, 2 disks

1999 Preseason Wk2 Dallas at Oakland
Halftime interview w/ Jerry Jones
Charlie Jones & Jim Plunkett, 2 disks

1999 Preseason Wk3 SF 49ers at Oakland
Al Michaels & Boomer Esiason
2 disks

1999 Preseason Wk4 Oakland at Arizona
Cardinals announcers Tom Dillon & John Mishler
1 disk

2000 Preseason Wk1 Oakland at St. Louis
2 disks

2000 Preseason Wk2 Oakland at Dallas
Charlie Jones & Jim Plunkett
2 disks

2000 Preseason Wk3 Detroit at Oakland
2 disks

2000 Preseason Wk4 Seattle at Oakland
J.I.P w/ 3:10 left in 1st Q, Raider up 3-0
Halftime, postgame, 2 disks

2001 Preseason Wk1 Dallas at Oakland
Cowboys announcers Craig W, Babe Laufenberg,& Mickey Spagnola
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

2001 Preseason Wk2 Oakland at Arizona
Cardinals announcers Barry Tompkins & Doug Plank
2 disks

2001 Preseason Wk3 Oakland at SF 49ers
Battle of the Bay, 2 disks

2001 Preseason Wk4 Oakland at Dallas
From Mexico City
2 disks

2001 Preseason Wk5 Green Bay at Oakland
Packers announcers Chris Roth & Brian Noble
2 disks

2002 Preseason wk1 Oakland at Dallas
Cowboys announcers Dave Barnett, Babe Laufenberg, Mickey Spagnola
Commercials, 4 disks

2002 Preseason Wk2 Oakland at Tennessee
2 disks

2002 Preseason Wk3 SF 49ers at Oakland
Battle of the Bay
2 disks

2003 Preseason Wk3 Minnesota at Oakland
Grant Napier, Jim Plunkett, & Artie Gigantino
2 disks

2004 AFC Wild Card Denver at Indianapolis
Pregame, halftime, commercials
2 disks

2004 NFC Wild Card Minnesota at Green Bay
Moss moons Packers fans
Pregame, halftime, postgame, commercials
2 disks

2004 NFC Wild Card St. Louis at Seattle
Good game, exciting finish
2 disks

2004 NFC Divisional
Minnesota at Philadelphia
2 disks

1982 Tangerine Bowl
Auburn vs. Boston College
Bo Jackson vs. Doug Flutie
Pregame, halftime, postgame, commercials
3 disks

1980 Western C9nference Finals Game 3
LA Lakers at Seattle

1984 NBA Finals Game 7
LA Lakers at Boston Celtics
11 Hall of Famers battle it out for the title!

1982 #1 Virginia at #3 Georgetown
Battle of the Big Men: Ralph Sampson vs. Patrick Ewing
Pregame with Red Auerbach, announcers

1995 North Carolina at Duke
Wild double OT game
Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace, Cherokee Parks

TV broadcasts on DVD
Proud to say that I now have every Indy 500 race from 1969 to present, with the exception of ’72 & ’76. Here is what’s new, all original broadcasts.

1984 Indy 500
Winner: Danny Sullivan “Spin & Win”
Announced by Jim McKay & Sam Posey

1985 Indy 500
Winner: Rick Mears
Announced by Jim McKay & Sam Posey

1988 Indy 500
Winner: Rick Mears
Paul Page, Bobby Unser, & Sam Posey

1995 Indy 500
Winner: Jacques Villeneuve
Paul Page, Bobby Unser, & Sam Posey

1997 Indy 500
Winner: Arie Luyendyk
with original commercials
Paul Page, Bobby Unser, Tom Sneva, & Danny Sullivan

1998 Indy 500
Winner: Eddie Cheever
with original commercials
Paul Page & Tom Sneva

1999 Indy 500
WinnerL Kenny Brach (A.J. Foyt’s car #14)
with original commercials
Al Michaels, Bob Jenkins, & Tom Sneva

2000 Indy 500
Winner: Juan Pablo Montoya
Al Michaels, Bob Jenkins, Arie Luyendyk, & Tom Sneva
With commercials

2001 Indy 500
Winner: Helio Castroneves
Al Michaels, Bob Jenkins, Larry Rice, & Jason Priestly
With commercials

2002 Indy 500
Winner: Helio Castroneves
Paul Page, Bob Jenkins, & Scott Goodyear
With commercials

2003 Indy 500
Winner: Gil de Ferran
Less than desirable quality. If anyone has a good version of this race I sure would like to make a trade for it.

2005 Indy 500
Winner: Dan Weldon
Danica Patrick’s rookie year
Brent Musberger, Todd Harris, & Scott Goodyear
With commercials

2006 Indy 500
Winner: Sam Hornish Jr.
Brent Musberger, Marty Reid, Scott Goodyear, & Rusty Wallace
With commercials

**If you want to see my complete game list find it here on this site (link to your right, or email me for the most current list.


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