"Holy Toledo!"

June 25, 2014

A’s Sign 10 Year Lease In Oakland, What Does This Mean For The Raiders?

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(Updated info, doing my research as always for Holy Toledo!)
The the A’s ownership commits to a 10 year lease. While great for the A’s, this has the potential to change the future of the Raiders in Oakland. For better or for worse?

-Now that the city knows that they can count on the A’s money do they build a stadium for the Raiders? (not likely)
-Where would they build it, given their commitment to the A’s, without disrupting their games?
-What options do the Raiders have? There is nothing brewing in LA, Vegas, or Sacramento, the 49ers have cornered the San Jose market.

Simply put the Raiders lease ends at the end of the 2015 season. They have no stadium deal in the works, and even if they signed a deal tomorrow it would be several years before it could be built.

I just spoke to a well connected wise person who said the A’s new deal is a “sweetheart deal” that has buyouts. Meaning the city looks good, they get to claim victory. The A’s look good, they get to claim long term commitment. In truth, for a fee, there are buyout clauses that allow the A’s to move should the courts rule in their favor in regards to their right to San Jose.


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