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June 29, 2014

How To Get A Funny Car Ready In 53 Minutes

Filed under: Boat Drags, NHRA, Vintage Sports Video — Bill @ 3:31 pm

This weekend the NHRA boys were on live TV, which forced them to deal with an extremely quick turn around time between the semi-final & final round. If you want to win a team needs to plan ahead for such an event. Today I happened upon this little gem of information. If you know anything about cars, this will amaze you.

Between Round Schedule:
1. Tow the car back to the pits = 6 minutes
2. Remove clutch assembly, supercharger, manifold, cylinder heads, & short block assembly (not to mention the body of the funny car) =10 minutes
(Keep in mind these parts are extremely hot, anywhere from 300 to 800 degrees)
3. Install new short block, along with new clutch assembly & cylinder heads = 15 minutes
4. Add the final touches to the top end of the engine, blower, valve adjustments = 12 minutes
5. Warm up engine & clutch, final check, & tow to starting line = 10 minutes
Buckled up & ready to run 300 m.p.h. again in 53 minutes!

Today was the NHRA Route 66 Nationals from Joliet, IL, near Chicago. For some odd reason I am missing several of the past events, so if you have any of them on dvd or vhs contact me. I will trade for anything in my vast collection.


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