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October 24, 2014

New Vintage Sports Video on DVD from Holy Toledo!

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If it’s your old heroes you wish to see on TV, the games you watched as a kids, you will find it here from your old friends at Holy Toledo! I collect all the great games in an effort to archive sports history so it will always be enjoyed.

I have all the great moments, but here is what’s new……


1975 Wk14 Pittsburgh at LA Rams Sat. Night Football
A rare recording of the late “Jefferson Joe” Gilliam at QB
Alex Karras, 2nd Half only, commercials

1978 Wk8 Houston Oilers at Pittsburgh MNF
A rookie named Earl Campbell gashes the Steel Curtain for 3 TD’s
Halftime, 2 disks

1978 Wk9 Minnesota at Dallas TNF
Fran Tarkenton vs. Roger Staubach
Above average quality, 2 disks

1978 Wk11 Pittsburgh at LA Rams SNF
Edted huddles, 2nd Half only, 1 disk

1978 Wk13 Pittsburgh at SF 49ers MNF
Halftime has George Mosconi & Harvey Mild murder news footage
Less than average quality, 2 disks

1979 Wk8 Denver at Pittsburgh MNF
Steelers run over the Broncos
Edited huddles, halftime, 2 disks

1979 Wk9 Seattle at Atlanta MNF
Wild finish, Zorn & Largent vs. Bartkowski & Co.
Willie Mays suspended from baseball at the Half
Less than average quality, halftime, 2 disks

1979 wk12 Dakkas at Washington
Staubach vs. Theisman in this huge rivalry game
Brookshire & Summerall, postgame, commercials, 2 Disks

1979 Wk13 NY Jets at Seattle MNF
1st ever MNF in Seattle
Halftime, 2 disks

1979 Wk14 New England at Miami TNF
Action packed game to decide the AFC East title
Big names star in this big game Csonka, Griese, Grogan, Russ Francis
Cosell & Sugar Ray Leonard at Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1979 Wk16 Denver at San Diego MNF
Game to decide the AFC West
Halftime & 2nd Half only, 1 disk

1980 Wk1 Chicago at Green Bay
Famous ending in Overtime
Chester Marcol runs in a blocked FG for a TD!
2 disks

1980 Wk5 Tampa Bay at Chicago MNF
Walter Payton & co. beat the Bucs
Halftime, 2 disks

1980 Wk7 Tampa Bay at Houston
Earl Campbell runs for 203 yards
Ken Stabler vs. Doug Williams
Upgraded copy, 1 disk

1980 Wk8 Miami at NY Jets MNF
Shea stadium hosts MNF
Young Gastineau & Klecko, QB David Woodley’s 2nd start
1 disk

1980 Wk13 Denver at Oakland MNF
Fans protest gsme
Lester Hayes & Raider “D” dominates Donkeys
Upgraded 2 disk version

1981 Wk1 San Diego at Cleveland MNF
Dan Fouts vs Brian Sipe
Chargers offense rolls up over 500 yards
Nice B+ quality, 2 disks

1981 Wk5 Atlanta at Philadelphia MNF
It’s a Polish sausage-fest, Jaworski vs. Bartkowski
Halftime, 2 disks

1981 Wk6 Miami at Buffalo MNF
Joe Ferguson & Joe Cribbs have a 1st Half Fish fry
Can Don Strock lead the undefeated Dolphins back in the 2nd Half?
2 Disks

1981 Wk9 Minnesota at Denver MNF
Purple People Eaters vs. the Orange Crush
Good game, nice quality, 2 disks

1981 Wk10 Buffalo at Dallas MNF
Tony Dorsett can run, Tony Dorsett can receive
2 disks

1981 Wk13 Philadelphia at Miami MNF
Two excellent defenses square off
2 disks

1982 Wk5 NY Jets at Detroit MNF
Can Gary Danielson & Billy Sims keep up with Richard Todd & Wesley Walker?
Halftime, 2 Disks

1982 Wk6 Dallas at Houston MNF
Big D’s offense is loaded with weapons
Oilers have Archie Manning, Earl Campbell, & Dave Casper
Nice Quality, Halftime, 1 disk

1983 Wk2 Washington at Philadelphia
Riggens runs for 100 yards
C quality, 1 disk

1983 Wk4 New Orleans at Dallas
Wild & weird finish, not likely to be duplicated anytime soon
Bum Phillips vs. Tom Landry
Upgraded copy, 2 disks

1983 Wk4 Green Bay at NY Giants MNF
Classic matchup: Good Offense vs. Good Defense
1 disk

1983 Wk4 Washington at Seattle
Two very good teams, Largent vs. the Fun Bunch
Theisman completes 9 passes, 3 of them for TD’s
C quality, halftime, 2 disks

1983 Wk8 Detroit at Washington
Joe Washington out rushes Billy Sims
C quality, 2 disks

1983 Wk10 St. Louis at Washington
Redskins de-feather the Cardinals
2 disks

1984 Wk12 Minnesota at Denver
Young John Elway throws 5 TD passes
2 disks

1984 Wk12 Pittsburgh at New Orleans MNF
Good game, Bum Phillips vs. Chuck Noll
Local Saints pregame, Stabler interview at Halftime, 2 Disks

1985 Wk1 Washington at Dallas MNF
Dallas crowd sings Happy Birthday to Theisman,
He throws 5 INT’s as Cowboys roll Redskins
2 disks

1985 Wk2 Pittsburgh at Cleveland MNF
Hard hitting huge rivalry
“Browns Town” pregame, halftime, 2 disks

1985 Wk5 St. Louis Cardinals at Washington MNF
John Riggins & George Rogers both rush for 100+ yards
EP mode, 1 disk

1985 Wk8 Minnesota at Chicago
Tommy Kramer takes on the Bears 46 defense,
it does not go well, Walter Payton has a nice game
Halftime, 2 disks

1985 Wk9 Dallas at St. Louis Cardinals MNF
Cards fly past Boys in 2nd Half comeback
Monday Night Matchup pregame, 2 disks

1985 Wk10 Detroit at Chicago
Bears defense holds Lions to only 106 total yards.
Another Walter Payton 100 yard game
2 disks

1985 Wk12 Atlanta at Chicago
Bears defense throws 2nd consecutive shutout
Payton’s 7th consecutive 100 yard game
NFL Today pregame, halftime, local postgame, some commercials, 3 disks

1985 Wk14 LA Raiders at Denver
Cold snowy day at Mile High to decide the AFC West
Good OT game, Elway, Marcus, & Howie
Upgraded 2 disk version with extended postgame

1985 Wk14 Indianapolis at Chicago
Colts, a 19 pt. underdog, put a big scare in the Bears
Walter Payton 111 yards rushing, 23 yards receiving
Pregame, halftime, 2 disks

1985 Wk15 Chicago at NY Jets
1st place 10-4 Jets host 1st place 13-1 Bears
Madden & Summerall
Nice quality, 2 disks

1986 Wk12 LA Raiders at San Diego TNF
Excellent OT game between two rivals
Upgraded 3 disk version

1990 Wk12 Buffako at Houston MNF
Warren Moon’s Run & Shoot vs. Jim Kelly’s K-Gun
Lorenzo White over 210 yards of total offense
Good game, some commercials, 2 disks

1990 Wk15 Houston at Kansas City
Warren Moon throws for 527 yards
2nd highest passing yards in NFL history
Halftime, commercials, 2 Disks

1991 Wk2 Denver at LA Raiders
Elway vs. his arch rival
New upgraded 3 disk version with halftime & commercials

1991 Wk3 Kansas City at Houston MNF
Clash of styles: Run & Shoot vs. “Marty-ball”
Monday Night Matchup pregame, 2 Disks

1991 Wk13 Detroit at Minnesota
Barry Sanders 220 yards rushing, 31 yards receiving, 4 TD’s
Many great players Sanders, Herschel Walker, Chis Carter, Anthony Carter, Speilman, Gannon
1 disk

1991 Wk14 Philadelphia at Houston MNF
Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Clyde Simmons, & Mike Golic try to stop Moon & Co.
2 Disks

1992 Wk3 Kansas City at Houston
Good OT game between two good teams
2 disks

1992 Wk9 Houston at Pittsburgh
Battle for 1st plave & a huge rivalry, thrilling game
Rookie coach Bill Cowher tries to stop Warren Moon & Co.
Odd announcing duo Marv Albert & Bill Parcelss
Interesting pregame w/ L.C. Greenwood & Pastorini, 2 disks

1993 Wk2 Kansas City at Houston
Playoff preview & home opener for this infamous Oilers team
Nice quality, 2 disks

1993 Wk17 Houston Oilers at SF 49ers
Christmas Day game between two division winners
Great QB matchup: Steve Young vs. Warren Moon
Post-accident Bobby Hurley interview at Halftime, 2 disks

1993 Wk18 NY Jet at Houston SNF
This is the famous game…
Buddy Ryan punches Kevin Gilbride
2 disks

1999 Wk7 Cleveland at St. Louis
Marshall Faulk gets 200 yards ruuning & recieving
1 disk

1999 Wk10 Carolina at St. Louis
Battle for supremacy in the NFL West
1 disk

1999 Wk12 New Orleans at St. Louis
Just another 43 pt. game for the Greatest Show on Turf
Ditka’s Saints hang in there, for awhile…
1 disk

1999 Wk14 St. Louis at New Orleans
How good is the Rams offense?
Marshall Faulk has 210 yards of offense, 2 TD’s
And 2 Rams WR’s go over 100 yards
1 disk

1999 NY Giants at St. Louis
Giants big D-line tries to pressure Warner,
Rams go for home field advantage
1 disk

1999 Wk16 Chicago at St. Louis
Marshall Faulk gets 204 yards receiving, becomes only the 2nd player to get 1000 yards rushing
& 1000 yards receiving.
Kurt Warners breaks the NFL record, has 9th 300 yard passing game in one season
1 disk

1999 Wk17 St. Louis at Philadelphia
Faulk breaks single season combined yards record
Warner becomes only the 2nd QB to throw 40+ TD passes
High scoring entertaining 38-31 game
1 disk

2012 Wk12 New England at NY Jets Thanksgiving
Famous “Butt Fumble” incident
1 disk

2013 Wk14 Minnesota at Baltimore
Incredible finish, 5 lead changes & 36 pts scored in the final 2:05
Heavy snow game, 1st in Ravens home history
One of the most amazing games in recent years, 2 disks

2013 Wk14 Detroit at Philadelphia
Snow so deep they can’t try extra points!
LaSean McCoy runs for 217 yards
2 disks

2013 Wk17 Green Bay at Chicago
Dramatic finish to the game that will decide who wins the NFC North
5 lead changes
1 Disk

NFL Yearbooks:
1972 Pittsburgh Steelers
1973 San Diego Chargers
1978 San Diego Chargers
1980 San Diego Chargers
1981 San Diego Chargers
1981 Washington Redskins
1982 Washington Redskins

College Football:

1970 Michigan at Ohio St.
1st time both teams come in unbeaten
1st time for Bo Schembechler coaching at OSU as a visitor
Jack Tatum, John Brockington, Rex Kern
Nice Quality, pregame, commercials, 3 Disks

1973 Ohio St. at Michigan
#1 ranked Woody vs. #4 ranked Bo
Pregame, halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1974 Michigan at Ohio St.
#2 ranked Bo vs. #3 ranked Woody
Beautuful recording, a 10 quality
Keith Jackson & Joe Paterno announcers
Pregame, halftime, postgame, commercials, 3 Disks

1975 Orange Bowl
Notre Dame vs. Alabama
Ara Parseghian’s final game
Paul “Bear” Bryant tries for a national championship
1 disk


2014 ALL Star Game
Complete broadcast

2014 MLB Home Run Derby
Cespedes wins 2nd in a row

5-31-14 Reg Season
LA Angels at Oakland
Partial, but include ’74 A’s Reunion

7-6-14 Reg Season
Toronto at Oakland
Jeff Samardjzia’s 1st game as an A

7-8-14 Reg. Season
SF Giants at Oakland A’s
A’s win on Kendra’s birthday, I am in attendance!

7-18-14 Reg. Season
Baltimore at Oakland
’89 A’s Reunion
Donaldson adds the frosting

7-19-14 Reg. Season
Baltimore at Oakland
’89 A’s Reunion

“Bye Bye Baby”
A salute to Candlestick Park
Rare old video footage

NCAA Basketball
1985 Villanova vs. Georgetown
Can Rollie Massimino’s team keep the Hoyas from back to back titles?
Patrick Ewing’s final college game
*Last game played without a shot clock, 1 disk

NHRA Drag Racing
2014 U.S. Nationals
Includes Qualifying
Traxas Top Fuel & Funny Cat Shootout
Final Eliminations
6 disks

**If you want to see my complete game list find it here on this site (link to your right, or email me for the most current list.


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