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December 7, 2014

Raiders Beat 49ers & The Timeline Of Life

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The Oakland Raiders have finally established an identity under GM Reggie McKenzie, and that identity is defense. Rookies Khalil Mack & Sio Moore are establishing themselves as a formidable foes, showing speed & the ability to get to the QB. Young cornerbacks have a lot to learn but they are growing as young professionals. The key to the Raiders new identity is pressure, and it is the pass rush from the defensive line that will need to be addressed in the NFL Draft.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, or should I say Santa Clara?
The problem with he 49ers started long before they arrived in Oakland.
-Power struggle at the top between the GM & the Coach
-Allowing the most QB sacks in the NFL
-Worst red zone TD soring in the NFL
-No team speed on offense
-Injuries depleting their once excellent O-line
-A QB who is inconsistent with his passing accuracy

As a Raiders fan, who’s team has many more issues than this, I can speak from the point of view of an unbiased observer. There are many 49ers who I would love to see wearing silver & black.

They have only met in Oakland a few times, the last time was 2002. While the Raiders would end up in the Super Bowl that season, that day Jeff Garcia would defeat the Raiders in overtime.

Here is an interesting tidbit…
The very first time the 49ers ever played in Oakland was the final game of the 1970 season. The Raider had clinched their division, but John Brodie & the Niners needed the victory to win the NFC West. It was a cold rainy day, the soft Coliseum turf was muddy, and the 49ers routed the Raiders. Why do I bring this up?

Well upon research I discovered that the day this game was played I was at the Cow Palace watching the Grand National Rodeo. My parents never went to the rodeo, so when they did I remembered it. Meanwhile 350 miles north in a small hospital a baby girl was born. That girl eventually became by bride.

It’s not often that one can say where they were when your wife was born. For me, because sports is the timeline of my life, I am able to say without a doubt where I was the day my wife was born.

**By virtue of this victory the Raiders drop from #1 to #5 in the NFL Draft, with 3 weeks to go.

Oh… and at this moment who is the best QB in the Bay Area?



  1. Nice 1970 story, which could only be improved on if that final game had been played in San Francisco instead of Oakland…Why? It would have been the final game ever played at Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park. A Halftime show featuring The Grateful Dead, The Jefferson Airplane and SF Poet Laureate, Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading a beat sermon covering the death of the stadium of Gods & Titans and the birth of a flower child to commemorate the day…

    Comment by Sam “Fan Since 57” Gallagher — December 8, 2014 @ 8:04 am

  2. Correction – Oakland @ SF would have been last regular season game @ Kezar in 1970…49ers lost to Dallas 17-10 on Jan. 3, 1971 in the NFC Conference Final at the last ever NFL game @ Kezar Stadium…

    Comment by Sam “Fan Since 57” Gallagher — December 8, 2014 @ 8:51 am

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