"Holy Toledo!"

January 8, 2015

Updated News From The World Of Vintage Sports Video

Happy New Year fellow sports fans!
May your year be filled with overtime victories, checkered flags, and shining trophies.

We finished the year with bustle of activity, the vintage sports video gods were shining upon us. Wait until you see the newest batch of goodies. I finally organized my list of vintage radio broadcast, I will be posting that list soon. Normally I don’t collect old radio broadcasts (it’s a storage issue), but when a rare recording of Bill King comes along, well, I just can’t resist.

It blows my mind how a forty year old recording of a game just suddenly shows up. Where has it been all these years? Did someone stumble across a box of old tapes while cleaning out Grandpa’s closet? I often think some of these recording originated from an employee of a TV station or major network who took home a copy for personal use, and well after that…

There is a famous “story” about a well known baseball card company. In the late 1970’s sales were slow so they needed to improve the bottom line. In an industrial part of town they had stored hundreds of thousands of boxes of complete card sets dating back to the 1950’s. To save monthly storage fees they trucked all the boxes to the docks, loaded them on a barge, and set sail for the Atlantic ocean. When the barge returned home it’s decks were cleared. It is rumored that the owner of the most Mickey Mantle rookie cards is the Atlantic ocean. I tell you this because it relates to the world of vintage sports video.

Have you ever noticed that most of the old recordings we have are from games broadcast on CBS or ABC? Except for Super Bowls, there are relatively few copies of games broadcast on NBC from the early 1970’s. It has long been my suspicion that many of these master tapes met with a similar fate as those baseball cards. Sadly, they probably ended up in a landfill somewhere, but you could say they swim with the fishes.

Perhaps later we can di deeper into the origin of some of these games, but for now let’s go over some of the highlights of “What’s New”.

-NFL Championship games from the 1960’s. If you are a Colts or Vikings fan you will be thrilled to see what has surfaced in beautiful quality
-Record breaking performances:
Flipper, who wasn’t a dolphin, sets the all-time single game yards receiving record
Warren Moon throws for 527 yards, the 2nd highest in NFL history

-Years ago the College All-Stars would play an exhibition game against the champions of the NFL. We now have the last two of these games ever played, including some rookie from the Bears name Payton
-A great overtime game with over 950 yards of offense between two legends named Marino & Fouts
-Outstanding games from guys names Wilbur Jackson, OJ, Montana, Stallworth, Payton, Emmitt Smith, Reggie White & Jerome Brown

Be sure to look over the College Football & MLB games, there are some gems in there.
Holy Toledo!


1968 NFL Championship
Baltimore at Cleveland
Partial, starts at 8:15 in 3rd quarter and entire 4th quarter
Beautiful quality, Jack Buck & Pat Summerall, commercials, & postgame

1969 NFL Championship
Cleveland at Minnesota
Vikings 1st ever Championship game
Partial, starts with pregame, all of 1st quarter, and stops at 4:45 in 2nd quarter
Announcers Ray Scott & Paul Christman
Very nice quality, good pregame coverage, commercials

1972 AFC Championship
Miami at Pittsburgh
Radio broadcast merged with actual game footage
Steelers announcers Bill Currie & Myron Cope

1973 NFC Divisional
Washington at Minnesota
1st Half only
Billy Kilmer vs. Fran Tarkenton, George Allen vs. Bud Grant
Jack Whitaker, Tommy Mason, & Wayne Walker announcers
Beautiful quality with commercials

1973 NFC Championship
Minnesota at Dallas
Jack Buck, Pat Summerall, & Wayne Walker
Entire 1st Half, starts up again with 8:30 left in 4th Q
With postgame & commercials, 2 disks

** 1975 College All-Stars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
All-Stars led by Walter Payton, Randy White, Steve Bartkowski, Russ Francis,
Neal Colzie, Charles Phillips, & Freddie Solomon
Announcers Keith Jackson, Howard Cosell, & Bud Wilkinson
From Soldier Field in Chicago
Commercials, 4 disks

**1978 College All-Stars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Last ever of this game
All-Stars led by Leroy & Dewey Selmon, Joe Washington, Archie Griffen, Chick Muncie
Announcers Frank Gifford, Bud Wilkinson, & Lee Grosscup
From Soldier Field in Chicago
Game halted at end of 3rd Q due to bad weather, 3 disks

1977 Wk5 Atlanta at Buffalo
One of the greatest defenses of alltime vs. O.J.
Good quality, halftime, 2 disks

1977 Wk11 New Orleans at SF 49ers
Wilbur Jackson rushes for 190 yards
Jim Plunkett vs. Archie Manning, many interesting players
Color announcer Tom Matte swears on the air!
Good game, halftime, commercials, 3 disks

1978 Wk2 Denver at Minnesota MNF
**Special Halftime includes Howard describing the Holy Roller,
and Muhammad Ali & Leon Spinks interview
OT game, some edited huddles poorly done, 3 disks

1983 Wk2 SF 49ers at Minnesota TNF
49ers put up 41 points in the 1st Half
Montana 4 TD passes
Very Nice Quality, 2 dusks

1984 Wk5 Cincinnati at Pittsburgh MNF
John Stallworth stars in this heated rivalry
2 disks

1984 Wk12 Miami at San Diego
No defensive player should ever watch this game
Undefeated Dolphins led by Dan Marino face Dan Fouts & Air Coryell
58 first downs, 971 yards of offense, 6 TD passes!
Fantastic OT game, 2 disks

1984 Wk13 NY Jets at Miami MNF
Dan Marino & the Marks Brothers vs. Freeman McNeil & Ken O’Brien
51 first downs, 738 yards of offense, 5 TD passes
Halftime, some commercials, 2 disks

1985 Wk9 Chicago at Green Bay
Walter Payton rushes for 192 yards
1 disk

1989 LA Rams at New Orleans SNF
Q:What is the most yards receiving in a single game?
A:Flipper Anderson in this game, 336 yards!
Good OT game, some edited huddles, 2 disks

1990 Wk12 Buffako at Houston MNF
Warren Moon’s Run & Shoot vs. Jim Kelly’s K-Gun
Lorenzo White over 210 yards of total offense
Good game, some commercials, 2 disks

1990 Wk15 Houston at Kansas City
Warren Moon throws for 527 yards
2nd highest passing yards in NFL history
Halftime, commercials, 2 Disks

1991 Wk3 Kansas City at Houston MNF
Clash of styles: Run & Shoot vs. “Marty-ball”
Monday Night Matchup pregame, 2 Disks

1991 Wk14 Philadelphia at Houston MNF
Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Clyde Simmons, & Mike Golic try to stop Moon & Co.
2 Disks

1992 Wk3 Kansas City at Houston
Good OT game between two good teams
2 disks

1992 Wk9 Houston at Pittsburgh
Battle for 1st place & a huge rivalry, thrilling game
Rookie coach Bill Cowher tries to stop Warren Moon & Co.
Odd announcing duo Marv Albert & Bill Parcelss
Interesting pregame w/ L.C. Greenwood & Pastorini, 2 disks

1993 Wk2 Kansas City at Houston
Playoff preview & home opener for this infamous Oilers team
Nice quality, 2 disks

1993 Wk9 Dallas at Philadelphia
Emmitt Smith runs for 237 yards
Nice quality, halftime, commercials, Cowboys postgame, 4 disks

1993 Wk17 Houston Oilers at SF 49ers
Christmas Day game between two division winners
Great QB matchup: Steve Young vs. Warren Moon
Post-accident Bobby Hurley interview at Halftime, 2 disks

1993 Wk18 NY Jets at Houston SNF
This is the famous game…
Buddy Ryan punches Kevin Gilbride
2 disks

2000 Wk8 Miami at NY Jets MNF
The “Midnight Miracle”
Down 30-7 in the 4th Q, the Jets make an inprobable comeback
A game for the ages!
Complete original broadcast with commercials, 2 disks

2006 AFC Championship
New England at Indianapolis
Peyton Manning leads the largest comeback ever in a championship game
Great game, complete broadcast + local postgame, 4 disks

College Football

1966 #2 Notre Dame at #1 Michigan St.
New version of the “Game of the Century”
Battle of the two unberaten teams
1sr Half is game film merged with radio broadcast
2nd Half is TV broadcast
Nice pregame, 2 disks

1967 Iron Bowl
#8 Alabama vs. Auburn
Game film merged with radio broadcast

1969 #20 Ole Miss at #15 Alabama
This is the game that put Archie Manning on the football map.
Paul “Bear” Bryant coaches in this legendary game
Actual broadcast in 1st Half, game film merge for 2nd Half, 2 disks

1971 #1 Nebraska at #2 Oklahoma
Considered the greatest reg. season college game ever!
Johnny Rodgers vs. Greg Pruitt in this great 35-31 game
2 disks

1972 Orange Bowl
#1 Nebraska vs. #2 Alabama
Battle to determine the National Championship
Jim Simpson & Kyle Rote announcers
Raw feed includes off-camera announcers comments
Nice quality, pregame, counter on bottom right, 2 disks

1974 Iron Bowl
#2 Alabama vs. #7 Auburn
Game film merged with radio broadcast
Lots a good players
Running time = 1:16

1975 #2 Ohio St. at #13 UCLA
Woody hayes vs. Dick Vermeil
wArchie Griffen on his way to back-to-back Heisman’s
Halftime, commercials, postgame, counter at bottom, 2 disks

1976 Rose Bowl
UCLA vs. #1 Ohio State
Dick Vermeil’s Bruins shock Woody Hayes’ #1 ranked Buckeyes
Curt Gowdy & Al DeRogatis announcers
Nice quality, pregame, halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1982 #1 Georgia at Auburn
Hershel Walker vs. Bo Jackson
Good game, Rebroadcast

1982 Tennessee at Auburn
Bo Jackson & Lionel James vs. Willie Gault

1984 Iron Bowl
#11 Auburn at Alabama
Bo Jackson & many other famous players
Great game, upgraded version

1988 Iron Bowl
#7 Auburn at #17 Alabama
Two fantastic defenses: Derrick Thomas vs. Tracy Rocker
2 disks

2002 #7 Georgia at #24 Auburn
Ronnie Brown & Jason Campbell try to lead the upset
Great game, 2 disks

2009 Iron Bowl
#2 Alabama at Auburn
Bama fights to stay undefeated in this exciting game
Trent Richardson, Mark Ingram, & Greg McElroy, & Julio Jones
2 disks

2010 Clemson at #16 Auburn
Cam Newton leads the Tigers in a thrilling OT win
Brent Musberger, commercials, 2 disks

2010 #12 S. Carolina at #17 Auburn
Marcus Lattimore & Steve Spurrier vs. Cam Newton & Gene Chizik
Fun high scoring game, 2 disks

2010 #6 LSU at #5 Auburn
Cam Newton’s offense vs. Nick Fairly’s defense
Good game, 2 disks

2012 Texas A&M at Alabama
Johnny Football leads the shocking upset over Bama
1 disk


2014 American League Wild Card Game
Oakland at Kansas City

2014 National League Wild Card Game
San Francisco at Pittsburgh

2014 National League Divisional Series
San Francisco vs. Washington
All 4 games

2014 National League Championship Series
San Francisco vs. St. Louis
All 5 games with local postgame coverage

2014 American League Championship Series
Kansas City vs. Baltimore
All 4 games

2014 World Series
San Francisco vs. Kansas City
All 7 games with local postgame coverage

**If you want to see my complete game list find it here on this site (link to your right, or email me for the most current list.


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  1. All-rite,glad too see you are movi’n-n-groovi’n,any thing new in vintage drag racing??????????????????????????????

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