"Holy Toledo!"

April 3, 2015

The Easter Bunny Has Delivered New Goodies From The Vintage Sports World!


Well after some time away from the world of vintage sports Mr. Holy Toledo is back with a new round of goodies. Today’s “What’s New” list features a very special football documentary that has only been seen on TV once in it’s entirety. There is pro football, college football, pro basketball, some auto racing (round & straight), and….. yes… hockey. Not just any hockey, how about the entire collection of the Miracle On Ice boys, the 1980 USA Hockey Team! Holy Toledo!

So let’s tee it up and get started.

– – – U.S. Olympic Hockey – – – – –
Hockey fans please don’t bombard me with trade offers for hockey, as a rule I really don’t collect hockey. The 1980 Olympic team was an iconic exception because that team was so captivating.

1969 Olympic Hockey
Bud Palmer announcer
Less than average quality, 1 disk

1980 Olypic Hockey
USA vs. Sweden
Game 1
Al Michaels & Ken Dryden announcers
Incredible late score with 27 seconds left ties the game!
Partial (Olympic coverage would often break away), 1 disk
*bonus coverage of the Czechoslovakia game

USA vs. Czechoslovakia
Game 2
Bernie Pascall & Tom Watt announcers
Huge win for USA, 1 disk

USA vs. Norway
Game 3
Al Michaels & Ken Dryden announcers
1 disk

USA vs. Romania
USA vs. W. Germany
Game 4 & 5
Partials, large segments of both games,
as Olympic coverage switches to various events
Al Michaels & Ken Dryden
1 disk

“Miracle on Ice” game
Semi-Final round
Al Michaels & Ken Dryden
Very nice quality, 1 disk

USA vs. Finland
Gold Medal game
Al Michaels & Ken Dryden announcers
Average quality, 1 disk

USSR vs. Sweden
Silver Medal game
+ USA Medal Ceremony
Ron Reusch & Tom Watt announcers
1 disk

– – – NFL – – – – –

Bill Walsh – A Football Life
Complete 90 minute version
This show was only televised in it’s entirety once, every other time it was televised it was preempted by live events.

1966 Wk2 Game Of The Week Show
Green Bay at Cleveland
Master copy, not a TV version

1970 Wk6 Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota MNF
Deacon Jones & the Fearsome Foursome vs. the Purple People Eaters
Legendary coaches George Allen vs. Bud Grant
Upgraded nice quality, halftime, 2 disks

Sunday December 16th, 1973,
You remember where you where, it was the day O.J. broke Jim Brown’s rushing record,
then went over 2000 yards.
This is the actual TV coverage, unfortunately it’s poorly edited,
but it’s all here, plus an interview
Wk14 Buffalo at NY Jets
Disk also includes…a porrly edited copy of
1974 Wk#1 Oakland at Buffalo
Unbelievable finish!

1977 Wk14 Denver at Dallas
A Super Bowl preview
Joined in progress 1st Quarter, 1 disk

1978 Wk4 Green Bay at San Diego
Raw feed, you get to hear a foul mouthed Paul Hornung
Willie Buchanon breaks an NFL record with 4 INT’s
Joined in progress 1st Quarter, 2 disks

1978 Wk11 Dallas at Green Bay
Staubach, Dorsett, Newhouse, & Bill Joe Dupree put on a show
Pat Summerall & Tom Brookshire announcers
Joined in progress 1st Quarter, halftime, 2 disks

1979 Wk14 Atlanta at San Diego
Fouts vs. Bartkowski shootout, 6 lead changes
Madden’s rookie year as announcer
Exciting game, some sound issues, commercials, 2 disks

1979 Wk16 Denver at San Diego MNF
Winner of this game wins the AFC West
Upgraded copy now includes entire game,

1982 Wk7 Atlanta at San Francisco SNF
49ers passing game vs. Falcons running game
Montana, Clark, Solomon, Francis vs. Bartkowski, Andrews, Riggs, & Billy White Shoes
Howard’s Halftime, 2 disks

Sup Bowl XIX
San Francisco vs. Miami
NEW 5 disk upgraded version
Montana vs. Marino, Walsh vs. Shula
Extended pregame, halftime, & postgame

2000 Wk10 Minnesota at Green Bay MNF
“He did what?” game, Antonio Freeman famous amazing catch
Thrilling OT game, Carter & Moss try to beat Farve & Co.
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

2014 Wk13 New England at Green Bay
Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady in a classic matchup from Lambeau
Two of the top teams in the NFL
2 disks

2014 Wk17 Arizona at San Francisco
Jim Harbaugh’s final game in SF
Includes the next days strange press conference w/ York & Baulke
3 disks

*All of the 2014 Playoff Games, including…
Exciting NFC Wild Card Detroit at Dallas
Thrilling AFC Divisional Baltimore at New England
Controversial NFC Divisional Dallas at Green Bay
Shocking AFC Divisional Indianapolis at Denver
Unforgettable NFC Championship Green Bay at Seattle

**ATTN. Raiders Fans
I have the live press conference where they introduce
new coach Jack Del Rion & his beautiful wife

– – – – College Football – – – – –

12-6-1969 #1 Texas at #2 Arkansas
Famous game with President Nixon in attendance
Nice Quality, halftime, famous postgame, 2 disks

“Nixon’s National Champs”
1969 College Football Year in Review

9-17-1977 Alabama at Nebraska
Keith Jackson & Frank Broyles announcer
C- quality, 2 disks

9-23-1978 USC at Alabama
*includes rare copy of “The Bear Bryant Show”
Two undefeated top ranked teams battle
Ronnie Lott, Anthony Munoz, Charles White, many great players
Keith Jackson & Ara Parseghian announcers
Pregame, commercials, 3 disks

1994 Iron Bowl
Auburn at Alabama
*Classic ver. (2 hours)

1995 Iron Bowl
Alabama at Auburn
*Classic ver. (2 hours)

2008 Sugar Bowl
Georgia vs. Hawaii
DVD version

*Most of this year’s major Bowl Games

2014 Egg Bowl
Mississippi St. at Mississippi
2 disks

2014 Iron Bowl
Auburn at Alabama
3 disks

2014 SEC Championship
Alabama vs. Missouri
3 disks

2014 PAC 12 Championship
Oregon vs. Arizona
2 disks

Big 10 Championship
Ohio St. vs. Wisconson
The game the started the run
2 disks

2014 Peach Bowl
TCU vs. Mississippi
2 disks

2014 Fiesta Bowl
Boise St. vs. Arizona
2 disks

2014 Orange Bowl
Georgia Tech vs. Mississippi St.
2 disks

2015 Outback Bowl
Wisconson vs. Auburn
Exciting OT game
2 disks

2015 Cotton Bowl
Michigan St. vs. Baylor
Amazing comeback!
2 disks

2015 Rose Bowl
NCAA Semi-Final
Oregon vs. Florida St.
2 disks

2015 Sugar Bowl
NCAA Semi-Final
Ohio St. vs. Alabama
3 disks

2015 National Championship Game
Ohio St. vs. Oregon
3 disks

– – – NBA – – – – –

1988 NBA All-Star Game in Chicago
Michael Jordan MVP

3-28-1990 Chicago at Cleveland
Jordan scores 69 points

12-17-1997 Los Angeles at Chicago
Young Kobe vs. Michael Jordan

10-29-2003 Cleveland at Sacramento
LeBron James’s 1st pro game

1-22-2006 Toronto at Los Angeles
Kobe scores 81 points
2nd highest total ever!

2015 NBA All-Star Game
Madison Square Gardens, NY
2 disks

– – Auto Racing – – – – –

2015 Daytona 500, Daytona Speedway 2 disks
2015 Sprint Unlimites at Daytona 2 disks
2015 The Duel at Daytona (both races) 2 disks
Daytona 500 50th Anniversary Collection (a terrific 5 disk documentary)

NHRA Drag Racing
2015 Winternationals + Qualifying, Pomona, CA
2015 Carquest Nationals + Qualifying, Phoenix, AZ
2015 Gatornationals + Qualifying, Gainesville, FL
2015 4-Wide Nationals + Qualifying, Charlotte, NC

**If you want to see my complete game list find it here on this site (link to your right, or email me for the most current list.


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