"Holy Toledo!"

July 7, 2015

What’s New This Summer In Vintage Sports Video from Holy Toledo!

Q: What does a vintage video collector do during the offseason?
A: He goes to work.

During the past three months I have acquired a rather large amount of games, you will be surprised when you see this list. Also a friend sent me his old vhs collection, that I subsequently converted to dvd. He has some really high quality gems that will be of great interest to many. There is also a large number of NFL games from the 1970’s & early 1980’s featuring some of the games greatest stars.

You basketball fans will enjoy a rare copy of the old Loyola Marymount team led by Hank Gathers & Bo Kimball. There is more basketball gems that were found, look carefully at the list. Plus I made the big commitment, and personally recorded every Golden St. Warriors playoff game from this season. It took a herculean effort, but it’s all here, 15 playoff games, the NBA Finals vs. LeBron, local & national postgame coverage, and even the entire Championship Parade.

Unfortunately not much new to report from the vintage racing front. For reasons I can’t explain none of the old drag racing guys are trading at this time. C’mon fellas, a rising tide lifts all ships.

The 2015 football season is approaching fast, so if you are interested in anything, strike now before things get too busy.
Holy Toledo!

*** WHAT’S NEW *****

Monday Night Football 20th Anniversary Show
Packed full of many great MNF moments!
Great footage, approx. 45 minutes

1965 Wk13 San Francisco at Chicago
“NFL Play By Play Report”
Gale Sayers scored 6 TD’s!!
Many Hall of Fame players in this legendary game at Wrigley Field
Halas, Ditka, Butkus, Brodie, John David Crow, George Mira, Monte Stickles, Earl Leggett
Nice quality, 25 minutes

1971 Wk13 Washington at Los Angeles Rams MNF
Beautiful quality upgrade!
George Allen returns to LA to face his old team
Billy Kilmer & Roy Jefferson vs. Roman Gabriel & Jack Snow
Pregame, halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1973 Wk5 Miami at Cleveland MNF
Here is a RARE one!
Partial, from 2nd Quarter, Halftime, to mid 3rd Quarter
Running time is 45 min’s, with cool commercials, quality is rough
*Includes a strange Joe Namath commercial with him wearing a porn mustache,
& a rare Jerry West Gillette commercial

1973 Wk12 Pittsburgh at Miami MNF
Upgraded 4 disk version of battle between two legendary teams
Very nice quality
Includes everything, halftime, commercials, 4 disks

1974 Wk4 New York Jets at Miami MNF
Another rare find, the super Dolphins vs. Namath & Riggins
Partial, first 3 quarters, 1:42 running time
Not many MNF recordings with Alex Karras
Quality is rough, but happy to have this one, 2 disks

1977 Wk2 Philadelphia at Los Angeles Rams
Joe Namath’s final TD pass & one of his last starts
Rare halftime interview with Carroll Rosenbloom
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1977 Wk4 Detroit at Minnesota
Sammy White & Fran Tarkenton are the difference
Greg Landry & the Lions invade Metropolitan Stadium
Commercials, 2 disks

1977 Wk5 St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia
Coryell’s Cardinals visit The Vet
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1977 Wk6 Dallas at Philadelphia
2 disks

1977 Wk7 Minnesota at Atlanta
Watch the NFL’s greatest defense, the ’77 Falcons
Chuck Foreman & Ahmad Rashad lead the Vikings
Summerall & Brookshire announcers
Nice Quality, Halftime, some commercials, 2 disks
*Bonus coverage of Chuck Howley being inducted into Dallas’s Ring of Honor

1977 Wk11 Philadelphia at New England
Darryl Stingley TD reception
Classic QB matchup: Grogan vs. Jaworski
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1977 Wk11 Minnesota at Green Bay
Heavy snow game
Johnny Unitas & Gary Bender announcers
Chuck Foreman & the Vikings defense lead the way
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1977 Wk12 Philadelphia at Dallas
Tony Dorsett rushes for 206 yards
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1977 Wk14 Chicago at New York Giants
OT game, Bears need to win to clinch playoff berth
Walter Payton vs. Larry Csonka in the bitter cold
Nice quality, commercials, 2 disks

1978 Wk2 Oaklandd at San Diego
Very Nice Upgrade of the Holy Roller game
Includes the famous Bill King radio call as well
I have many copies of this game, this is the best I’ve seen
2 disks

1978 Wk3 Oakland at Green Bay
Big day for Mark VanEeghan
“Commitment to Excellence” version, 2 disks

1978 Wk3 Seattle at New York Jets
Tight game at Shea, Jim Zorn vs. Richard Todd
Marv Albert & Bob Trumpy announcers
C quality, 2 disks

1978 Wk5 Pittsburgh at New York Jets
Swann & Stallworth invade Shea Stadium
*includes Howard Cosell calling the Yankees-Red Sox AL East playoff highlights
C quality, 2 disks

1978 Wk6 Houston at Oakland
Stabler leads a 4th Qtr. comeback vs. Earl Campbell & Dan Pastorini
2 disks

1978 Wk7 Seattle at Green Bay
The Pack is Back! vs. Zorn & Largent in a high scoring battle
One of the great names in football, Terdell Middleton scores 4 TD’s
2 disks

1978 Wk10 Dallas at Miami
Matchup featuring two Hall of Fame QB’s Staubach vs. Griese
Summerall & Brookshire stay live during commercials, fun, you hear their off-camera talk
Beautiful quality, Punt Pass & Kick at the Half, 3 disks

1978 Wk10 Tampa Bay at Los Angeles Rams
Rookie Doug Williams & Ricky Bell vs. Pat Haden
Young Bob Costas announce, looks like he is 12 yrs. old
Exciting game down to the last seconds, 2 disks

1978 Wk10 New England at Buffalo
It’s the Sam “Bam: Cunningham & Horace Ivory show
Nice quality, 1 disk

1978 Wk11 Kansas City at San Diego
Birth of Air Coryell, Fouts blossoms in Coryell’s 1st year as coach
Thrilling OT game, a clash of styles
Marv Levy runs the old Winged-T Offense
Many old names in this game, Jan Stenerud, MacArthur Lane, Lydell Mitchell, Bob Klein, Artie Owens, & Emmitt Thomas to name a few, & in the end the rookie John Jefferson wins it
Nice Quality for 1978, Halftime, 2 disks

1978 Wk13 Seattle at Oakland
Zorn & Largent stage comeback vs. Stabler & Co.
Upgrade, Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1978 Wk14 New Ebgland at Dallas
Two of the top teams face off
Roger Staubach vs. Steve Grofan
Good game, 1 disk

1979 Wk1 Atlanta at New Orleans
OT Shootout between Archie Manning & Steve Bartkowski
Both teams gain over 500 yards of offense, 41 points in the 2nd Q
Chuck Muncie breaks Saints single game rushing record
Joined in progress during Saints first drive, no scoring missed
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1979 Wk1 Dallas at St. Louis Cardinals
Roger Staubach vs. Jim Hart in a very exciting game
Otis Anderson’s 1st NFL game is huge!
Halftime, 2 disks

1979 Wk7 New England at Chicago
Steve Grogan vs. Walter Payton
Good quality, postgame, 1 dis

1979 Wk9 San Diego at Oakland TNF
Raiders explode vs. Fouts & Co.
2 disks

1979 Wk12 Baltimore Colts at New England
Patriots score 50 points
Good quality, commercials, 2 disks

1979 Wk15 Cleveland at Oakland
Stabler’s last win as a Raider
2 disks

1979 Wk16 Washington at Dallas
This is the famous Staubach comeback game, his last big one
A new version surfaced of this Great Game!
Not joined in progress, halftime, decent quality, 2 disks

1979 Wk16 Minnesota at New England
Jim Marshall’s final game
Grogan engineers a 4th quarter comeback
Curt Gowdy & Hank Stram announcers
Pregame, halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1980 Wk7 Green Bay at Cleveland
Cardiac Kis stage another miracle finish!
Great game, many interesting players
Nice A- Quality, 3 disks

1980 Wk10 Cleveland at Baltimore Colts
Brian Sipe vs. Bert Jones at old Municipal Stadium
Commercials, 2 disks

1980 Wk12 Baltimore Colts at New England
Pats score 47, 2 rushers over 100 yards
Can Greg Landry spark a comeback?
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1980 Wk14 Green Bay at Chicago
Bears explodes for 61 points & 594 yards!
Big day for Walter Payton & Vince Evans
Halftime, 2 dusks

1980 Wk15 Buffalo at New England
Battle of the top two teams in the AFC East
A young Bob Costas & Gene Washington announcers
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks, C quality

1981 Wk2 Pittsburgh at Miami TNF
Rare footage of this game, poor quality
54 min’s total, edited huddles, better footage added at the end
1 disk

1981 Wk13 St. Louis Cardinals at New England
Rookie QB Neil Lomax leads to Cardinals
Good game, 2 disks

1981 wk16 Dallas at New York Giants
Rookie Lawrence Taylor takes on America’s Team in a classis OT battle
Complete broadcast includes NFL Today pregame, halftime, & commercials
Outstanding quality 4 disks

1981 Wk16 Green Bay at New York Jets
Jets clinch first playoff berth since 1969
9 sacks by “The Sack Exchange”
Vin Scully & Hank Stram announcers
2 disks

1982 Wk4 Green Bay at New York Jets
Tight game at Shea Stadium
Sack Exchange vs. Packers potent passing attack
Jack Buck & Hank Stram announcers
2 disks

1982 AFC Championship
New York Jets at Miami
Upgrade, new 4 disk version!
The Sack Exchange vs. the Killer B’s
Halftime, Postgame, commercials

1983 Wk3 Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay
Rookie Eric Dickerson & Vince Ferragamo
vs. Lynn Dickey, John Jefferson, Lofton, & Paul Coffman
Good game, 2 disks

1983 Wk4 New England at Pittsburgh
Fraco Harris moves past O.J. to #2 rusher of all-time
Franco has a big day, but Stephen is the Starring
Good game, halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1983 Wk5 Tampa Bay at Green Bay
Packers score 49 points in 1st Half!
Buc led bt “The Throwin’ Somoan” Jack Thimpson
2 disks

1983 Wk11 Detroit at Houston
Battle of two legendary running backs,
Earl Campbell vs. Billy Sims
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1983 Wk13 Cincinnati at Miami MNF
Rookie Dan Marino makes his 1st start on MNF
vs. the old veteran Ken Anderson, Isaac Curtis, & Collinsworth
Commercials, 2 disks

1983 Wk16 New York Jets at Miami MNF
Nice quality up grade!
Howard Cosell’s final MNF
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1983 NFC Championship
San Francisco at Washington
Montana sparks a furious rally in the 4th, good game
Nice Quality, Includes Halftime & commercials, 4 disks

1984 Wk1 New England at Buffalo
Grogan vs. Ferguson
2 disks

1984 Wk13 New England at Dallas
Thanksgiving Day game
Good game, epic battle between Randy White & John Hannah
Nice B+ quality, 2 disks

1985 Wk3 San Diego at Cincinnati
Wild 44-41 game, Fours vs. Esiason
C quality, Halftime, 2 disks

1985 Wk4 Miami at Denver
Marino vs. Elway in a classic
6 lead changes, over 800 yards of offense
3 disks

1985 Wk11 San Diego at Denver
One of the wildest games you will ever see, crazy famous ending!
OT game, Fouts vs. Elway
*includes NFL Game of the Week of this game
C quality, 2 disks

1986 Wk1 Cleveland at Chicago
Wild game between two excellent teams
Bernie Kosar’s 1st NFL game
Walter Payton over 100 yards
2 disks

***1986 Wk3 Miami at New York Jets***
UPGRADE of this legendary OT game that ranks with the greatest games of all-time
7 lead changes, 13 TD’s, 59 1st downs, 1066 total yards, 4 WR’s over 100 yards (3 over 150!),
Marino 6 TD passes, Ken O’Brien 4 TD passes
Beautiful Quality + Art Donovan Halftime, 3 disks

1986 Wk6 New York Jets at New England
A tale of two halfs, Jets dominate 1st half
Steve Grogan has a huge day, but will it be enough?
Many big plays in this entertaining game,
1 disk

1986 Wk9 Minnesota at Washington
Fantastic 44-38 OT game
Unfortunatly it’s edited, not porrly, just edited
*If someone has a better version let me know
1 disk

1986 Wk12 Denver at New York Giants
Famous George Martin 78 yarf interception TD
Exciting game down to the last few seconds
Late season preview of Super Bowl
2 disks

1986 Wk15 Miami at Los Angeles Rams
Thrilling OT shootout in the Wild West!
Dickerson & rookie Everett vs. Marino and The Mark’s Brothers
2 disks

1986 Wk15 San Francisco at New England
Two excellent teams fighting to make the playoffs
Many starts in this game
Nice quality, 2 disks

Super Bowl XXIII
San Francisco vs. Cincinnati
New 2015 Upgrade!
Montana’s miracle finish, Bill Walsh’s final game
Don’t confuse this with a previous “upgrade” version,
Includes everything Pregame, Halftime, Postgame, 3D commercials, Bud Bowl
It’s all here, beautiful quality, 4 Disks

1989 AFC Championship
Cleveland at Denver
Upgrade, 2nd Half only
Beautiful Quality, 2 disks

1991 Preseason wk3 LA Raiders at Dallas
Al Michaels, Gifford, & Dierdorf announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

1991 Wk13 Miami at Chicago
Good OT game at cold, old Soldiers Field
Interesting recording on many levels, Ditka vs. Shula, Jim Harbaugh vs. Marino, The Fridge,
funny SNL intro, local Bears postgame
Announcers Bill Walsh & Dick Enberg
Very Nice quality, includes everything, 4 disks

1994 Wk4 Miami at Minnesota
Another great QB duel, a wild 38-35 game
Dan Marino throws for over 400 yards & 3 TD passes
Warren Moon throws for over 325 yards & 3 TD passes
End of D#1 freezes off&on during final 15 min.s of coverage, 2 disks

1994 Wk9 Green Bay at Chicago MNF
Dick Butkus & Gale Sayers numbers retired, ceremony included
Throwback uniforms
Brutal rainstorm & wind makes playing conditions rough
Beautiful Quality, local GB pregame, halftime, 2 disks

1994 NFC Championship
Dallas at San Francisco
Upgrade, includes entire broadcast
Pregame, halftime, postgame, commercials
4 disks

Super Bowl XXIX
San Francisco vs. San Diego
Includes entire broadcast, pregame, halftime, postgame, & local news, commercials
Beautiful Quality, 5 disks

1996 NFC Divisional San Francisco at Green Bay
Nice New Upgrade
Includes entire broadcast, pregame, halftime, & commercials
4 disks

1998 Wk7 Indianapolis at San Francisco
Exciting QB duel between rookie Payton Manning & Steve Young
Young breaks record, 6th straight 300+ yards passing
Rice ties record, 183 straight games with a reception
Many Hall of Fame players in this game, Faulk, Harrison, Rice, just to name a few
Halftime, 2 disks

2003 Wk16 New England at New York Jets SNF
Joe Namath drunk on the sidelines
200th ESPN broadcast, cool halftime footage of old games
Halftime, ccommercials, 2 disks

2007 Wk13 New England at Baltimore MNF
Fixed game?
If ever there was a fixed game,
this could be the one, very controversial finish
Referees get an assist in Patriots win to go 11-0
2 disks

2009 Wk7 New Orleans at Miami
Big comeback by Drew Brees & the Saints, 80 points scored!
Miami’s Wildcat offense led by Ricky Williams & Ronnie Brown
LP mode, 1 disk

2012 Wk3 Green Bay at Seattle MNF
“Fail Mary” game
The game that ended the NFL Official’s strike
Terrible call by replacement ref robs the Packers
Halftime, postgame, commercials, 2 disks

—Major League Baseball – –

1990 ALCS Game 1
Oakland at Boston
Roger Clemens vs. Dave Stewart
Commercials, 2 disks

1990 ALCS Game 2
Oakland at Boston
27 game winner (the late) Bob Welch takes on
Boggs, Burks, Evans, & Greenwell
Commercials, 2 disks

1990 ALCS Game 3
Boston at Oakland
Mike Moore & Eckersley shut down Red Sox
Commercials, 2 disks

1990 ALCS Game 4
Boston at Oakland
Clemens goes nuts, gets tossed
Dave Stewart outduels Clemens yet again
A’s complete the sweep!
Postgame, 2 disks
6-24-1997 Oakland at Seattle
This is the famous HR,
“Big Mac” McGwire hits a 538 foot HR off of the Big Unit
Randy Johnson strikes out 18, and loses!
Lots of starts, Griffey, Edgar Martinez, Buhner, Canseco, McGwire
Greg Papa & Ray Fosse announcers
Re-Broadcast, 1 disk
—College Football – –
1978 Notre Dame at USC
Young Joe Montana vs. Charles White & Ronnie Lott
Can young Joe engineer the comeback? Very exciting game
Some commercials, 2 disks

–College Basketball – –

1988 WCAC Tournament Final (now known as the WCC)
Loyola Marymount at Santa Clara
Hank Gathers & Bo Kimble
Paul Westhead’s Lions are the highest scoring team in the nation
at Toso Pavilion, Santa Clara, CA
Beautiful Quality, 2 disks

1992 NCAA Basketball Championship
Duke vs. Michigan (the Fab Five)
Webber, Rose, Howard, Jackson, & King
vs. Grant Hill, Bobby Hurley, & Laetner
Nice Quality, halftime, commercials, postgame, 3 disks

1992 Final Four Semi-Final
Duke vs. Indiana
Partial, ends approx.. mid 2nd Half
Recording is 1:38
Entire 1st Half, Halftime, commercials

2015 NBA Playoffs Round 1
Golden State vs. New Orleans
All 4 games with pregame & postgame
*Including the unforgettable Game 3 OT Epic
I have two versions of this game, national broadcast & local broadcast with Warriors announcers

2015 NBA Playoffs Western Semi-Final
Golden State vs. Memphis
All 6 games with pregame & postgame

2015 NBA Playoffs Western Conference Finals
Golden St. Houston
All 5 games with pregame & postgame
Local Warriors coverage

2015 NBA Finals
Golden St. vs. Cleveland
All 6 games with pregame & postgame.
Local Warriors coverage

2015 NBA Champions Parade
A million Warrior fans celebrate the Champions
Almost 5 hours of coverage on 3 disks
–Boxing – –

1975 Heavyweight Championship
Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier
“Thrilla in Manila”
NBC Rebroadcast with Interviews
**If you want to see my complete game list find it here on this site (link to your right, or email me for the most current list.


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