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November 6, 2015

The Immaculate Reception on DVD, 1972 Raiders at Steelers

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December 23, 1972
Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC Divisional Playoff

Recognized as the single greatest touchdown in the history of the NFL, to this day it still remains clouded in controversy. Depending on who you ask it was either a miracle with divine intervention, or a scandal of legendary proportion. Everyone alive at the age of reason remembers where they were, or who they were with when it happened. It is a conspiracy theorist’s dream. One of those once in a lifetime events you wouldn’t dare to create, because nobody would believe it. Yet it did happen, perhaps with an assist from the officiating team, we may never be certain of what actually occurred. The only thing that is certain is that three rives parted, a man named Franco strode through, and the Pittsburgh Steelers won their first ever playoff game. We know it simply as The Immaculate Reception.

We would all love to own a copy of the actual television broadcast from that day, however, as of this moment no copy is known to exist. So I have done the next best thing, I have created the ultimate Immaculate Reception Collection, or the Immaculate Collection if you will. It contains every major video captured of the game, over 3 hours of what is recognized as the source of which all other videos were made. In addition it includes a rare recording of the actual radio broadcast of the game as it was called on that historic day. It is by far the most complete high quality collection ever assembled from the events that occurred on December 23rd, 1972.

This immaculate collection includes the most complete and highest quality video & audio recordings known to exist. You can relive every moment, decide for yourself, listen to the men who played in the game, or simply enjoy the historical significance of one of the greatest games of all-time.

What Does It Include?
-The actual TV broadcast of the play as called by Curt Gowdy

-The actual radio broadcast of the entire game, with postgame coverage as it actually was called by Van Patrick & Bob Reynolds

-The 1972 NFL Game Of The Week Show specifically dedicated to this game

-A show from 1972 called This Week In Pro Football, it includes highlights of all four playoff games played that weekend

-A terrific documentary that sheds new light on the evidence of what actually occurred, it provides a historical perspective, as well as interviews from many parties involved in the game, called A Football Life “The Immaculate Reception”

-The 1972 Steelers season highlight film

-A rare video featuring highlights of the entire memorable 1972 season, called NFL ‘72

-For a different perspective, the 1972 Raiders season highlight film

-A great segment from a show call The 75 Greatest Touchdowns In NFL History

A total of over 6 hours of immaculate enjoyment on 3 dvds and 3 cds.

Why Am I Qualified To Build This Collection?
Many of you may know, but just in case you don’t, I am a sports video historian. I have been collecting sports videos for over 30 years. It all started with my first vcr, the time I recorded Wide World of Sports wanting to tape the drag races for my father. Soon I began taping football games, and well the rest is history. Today my collection is considered one of the foremost vintage sports video archives on the West Coast. I have been the subject of articles written in several major sports publications. That being said, there is one thing I always remind people about this avocation. I do not partake in this hobby for profit, it is always for the sake of the collection.

As a sports video historian, it has taken me years of painstaking effort to accumulate a massive library. In order to find the highest quality videos I have had to obtain multiple copies of the same game. All the work is worth it when you press play on that remote and you know, without a doubt, this is the best quality recording known to exist.

To build the foremost Immaculate Collection one also needs to know something about television. What TV shows were talking about football in 1972? Where do you find a copy of those shows? It takes experience to be able to weed out what is bad, to know the difference between an original or a rebroadcast, and to know when you’ve found a treasure. It also helps to have a passion about sports, to love the game, and to enjoy the many hours it takes to build and maintain such a hobby.

The Immaculate Reception Collection
Table of Contents:
DVD #1:
-The NBC TV broadcast of the actual play (1:09)
-1972 Steelers Season Highlight Film (22:24)
-NFL ’72 (22:16)

DVD #2:
-1972 This Week In Pro Football (44:37)
-1972 NFL Game Of The Week (22:08)

DVD #3:
-“The Immaculate Reception”, A Football Life (44:38)
-1972 Raiders Season Highlight Film (25:08)
-The 75 Greatest Touchdowns In NFL History (5:14)

CD #1 thru 3:
-The Actual 1972 Complete Radio Broadcast
The late Van Patrick & Bob Reynolds are announcers on the Mutual Network
Includes brief pregame, the entire game, plus the postgame

If you wish to purchase this item, need more information, or if you want to receive via email an updated list of my entire vintage sports video library, email me at:

You can also view a partial list here on this site
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