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September 12, 2016

Rams vs. 49ers Rivalry Rekindled!

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Long before the Rams moved to St. Louis they used to have a tremendous inner-state rival in the San Francisco 49ers. It was a battle between northern and southern California. It was John Brodie versus Roman Gabriel, Vince Ferragamo vs. Jim Plunkett,and later Joe Montana vs. Jim Everett. There were so many great games. It didn’t matter if the game was to decide the division title, or if it was just for bragging rights, the men who suited up for a Rams-49ers game knew it was going to be a battle. Ask Fred Dryer, or Fred Dean. Jack “Hacksaw” Reynolds actually played for both sides of this bitter rivalry.

In 1995 when the Rams moved the rivalry fell off. It just wasn’t the same. Well the Rams are now back in Los Angeles!

Tonight that famed northern vs. southern California, 49ers vs. Rams rivalry is rekindled. It may take a few seasons to stoke up the embers, but it won’t be long and this rivalry will be raging once again.

Somewhere guys like Ray Malavasi, Dick Nolan, George Allen, Monte Clark, Tommy Prothro, Pete McCulley, Chuck Knox, and Bill Wash are smiling…

Just for fun I listed all of the old 49ers versus Rams game I have on dvd.
The oldest is from 1974, a game played at Candlestick Park on Monday Night Football. In all I have seven games from the 1970’s. There are many from the 1980’s. The final Los Angeles vs. San Francisco game was played in week 12 of 1994. I’m not sure any of us knew at that time that it was an end of an era.

Wk8 LA at SF MNF

Wk3 SF at LA

Wk6 SF at LA
Wk12 LA at SF

Wk3 SF at LA
Wk13 LA at SF

Wk5 SF at LA

Wk8 SF at LA
Wk12 LA at SF

Wk5 SF at LA
Wk9 LA at SF

Wk6 LA at SF
Wk8 SF at LA

Wk9 SF at LA
Wk16 LA at SF

Wk14 LA at SF MNF

Wk16 LA at SF SNF

Wk7 SF at LA
Wk16 LA at SF

Wk4 LA at SF
Wk14 SF at LA MNF
*NFC Championship LA at SF

Wk12 LA at SF
Wk15 SF at LA MNF

Wk4 LA at SF
Wk13 SF at LA

Wk12 SF at LA

Wk13 SF at LA

Wk12 LA at SF

If anyone has any games you see missing from this list let me know, I would love to make a trade with you. By trading we both get to expand our collections.


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  1. that was the good old days.

    Comment by uncle buck — September 12, 2016 @ 1:11 pm

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