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July 17, 2017

Here is What’s New at Holy Toledo! Your Source for Vintage Sports Video

With training camp just a few days away the tine has come to finish up your summer projects and begin to prepare for the 2017 season. In my case I am clearing off my desk, going through the stacks of vintage sports videos that have accumulated over the summer. Typically most of my items listed here are actual football game broadcasts, however you see this list has a variety of different types of sports videos.

Here are some highlights:
Raiders Fans take note. I finally found two missing Raiders Yearbooks!
With the addition of the 1981 Oakland and 1988 LA Raiders yearbooks, this means I now have ever Raider yearbook from 1964 to 1983. The only yearbooks still missing are the 1984, 1986, and 1989, otherwise I have them all up to the current 2016 season.

**If anyone has these three missing yearbooks I will gladly offer you a substantial trade reward for a copy.

Check out the Game Of The Week List featuring the 1965 game Gale Sayers scored 6 TDs, and the very first regular season overtime game from 1974.

Be sure to check out all the various documentaries included in this list. There is some fantastic shows included here.

Just want actual game broadcasts?
Eric Dickerson or LA Rams fans will enjoy a couple games I picked up, games where Dickerson rushes for over 200 yards!

Buffalo Bills fans will like seeing a few interesting games I picked up featuring the great Thurman Thomas. There is also a tremendous copy of a great ’91 QB duel between Jim Kelly and Marino

If you like Jim Kelly you may want to look thru the new games I picked up featuring his early years with the Houston Gamblers. I’ve actually acquired quite a few new USFL games, all listed below.

Now you can see this wild 34-33 game! The famous 1985 USFL game between Jim Kelly’s Houston Gamblers and Steve Young’s LA Express. Kelly’s 574 yards passing is the most ever in American pro football history.

Last week was the 40th anniversary of one of the worst promotions ever. Bill Veeck’s Chicago White Sox thought it would be a great idea to have “Disco Demolition Night.”

During the break between games of a doubleheader a local rock DJ was going to blow up a bunch of disco albums. Fans were encouraged to bring their disco records to the game. The number of kids who showed up, and the events that unfolded that night were completely unexpected.

I have a copy of the entire game 1, plus the mayhem that occurs just prior to game 2. Also included is local news reports and a look back after all these years.

Baseball fans also will notice that I found my original recording of the 2004 ALCS Game 7 Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees. I’ve made a 5 disks copy of this very nice quality recording, it includes extended postgame.

Basketball Fan?
Golden State Warriors Fan?
Cleveland Cavaliers fan?
I have ever game, every minute of The Trilogy, the last three NBA Finals.
I also have every postseason game of the Golden State Warriors during the past three epic seasons.

Holy Toledo do I have exciting news to share with you. Unfortunately I can’t reveal this huge news just yet, but when I do there will only be two words escaping from your mouth, “Holy Toledo!”
The BIG NEWS will be revealed next week.

Enjoy the list and keep watching us at Holy Toledo!
I have many new games on the way…

from Holy Toledo!

*** What’s New *****

*** NFL YEARBOOKS *********
1981 Oakland Raiders Yearbook
1988 LA Raiders Yearbook

Other Yearbooks:
1970 San Diego Chargers Yearbook
1972 San Diego Chargers Yearbook
1980 Buffalo Bills Yearbook
1980 St. Louis Cardinals Yearbook

2014 Set of All 32 Teams Yearbooks (4 disks)
2015 Set of All 32 Teams Yearbooks (4 disks)

*** NFL Game Of The Week Shows ********

1965 wk13 San Francisco at Chicago
Gale Sayers score 6 TDs!!

1966 wk2 Green Bay at Cleveland

1974 wk2 Pittsburgh at Denver
1st regular season overtime game

1976 AFC Championship Pittsburgh at Oakland
Hard to find this one

Super Bowl XI Oakland vs. Minnesota
Not the highlight show but an actual episode of Game Of The Week

1977 AFC Divisional Oakland at Baltimore
Rare version of the Ghost To The Post game

1977 AFC Championship Oakland at Denver
1986 Wk10 LA Raiders at Dallas
2004 AFC Divisional NY Jets at Pittsburgh


This Week In Pro Football
1972 Week 5
1972 Week 7
1972 Week 8

This Is The NFL
1975 Week 1o

NFL ’71 (Year in Review)
NFL ’72 (Year in Review)
NFL ’73 (Year in Review)
NFL ’74 (Year in Review)
NFL ’75 (Year in Review)
NFL ’76 (Year in Review)
NFL ’77 (Year in Review)
NFL ’78 (Year in Review)
NFL ’79 (Year in Review)

“Raiders Report” from 2005 featuring a great segment about John Madden getting into the NFL Hall Of Fame

-The Legendary Voice of John Facenda
-The AFL featuring Joe Namath, Don Maynard, & Otis Taylor
-Lombardi’s Redskins
-10th Anniversary of Monday Night Football
-20th Anniversary of Monday Night Football
-Top 36 Moments on Monday Night Football
-Greatest Sports Legends: Fred Biletnikoff (30 min.)
-Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder
-A Glorious Game (great show narrated by John Facenda)
-A Game Of Passion (60 min. includes John Madden)
-In The Crunch (Stabler, Unitas, Staubach, Sipe, Elway, Montana, Bradshaw)
-The Hunters (Facenda narrates w/ Ben Davidson, Carl Eller, Walt Garrison, 30 min)
-Star Spangled Sundays (a 4 hout, 4 part documentary)
-Strange But True Stories of the NFL (Vincent Price)
-A Tale of Two Cities (all about the 49ers-Cowboys rivalry)
-Tailgating Paradise (all about the food served at various tailgate parties)

*** NFL ********

1978 Wk2 Seattle at Pittsburgh
Largent & Zorn vs. The Steel Curtain
Sam Nover & Mike Haffner announcers
Pregame, 2 disks

1979 Wk4 Baltimore Colts at Pittsburgh
Tight game decided in the 4th Quarter
Joe Washington & Roger Carr vs. The Steel Curtain
Sam Nover & Bob Trumpy announcers
2 disks

1979 Wk10 Washington at Pittsburgh
Redskins defense came in having allowed the least points in the NFL
Steelers roll up 545 yards
Bradshaw’s 1st ever 4 TD pass game, 2nd ever 300+ yard passing game
Swann & Stallworth both over 100 yards
Curt Gowdy & Hank Stram announcers
Very interesting Halftime Show
Very Good to Good Quality, Halftime, commercials, 3 disks

1979 Wk11 Pittsburgh at Kansas City
Chuck Noll vs. Marv Levy
Don Criqui & John Brodie announcers
C quality, 1 disk

1979 Wk16 Buffalo at Pittsburgh
Steelers clinch AFC Central in style
Steel Curtain pitches a shutout
Franco Harris 100 yards 2 TDs
Don Criqui & John Brodie announcers
Good Quality, commercials, 3 disks

1980 Wk1 Cleveland at New England
Steve Grogan vs. Brian Sipe
Sam Nover & Bob Trumpy announcers
1 disk

1982 Wk9 Cleveland at Pittsburgh
Steelers over 500 yards of offense
Franco & Swann both +100 yards
Paul McDonal +300 yards 3 TD, but 4 Ints
Big game for Ozzie Newson
Announcers: Bob & Bob, Costas & Trumpy
Very Nice Quality, Halftime, Postgame, commercials, 2 disks

1984 Wk10 Los Angeles Rams at St. Louis Cardinals
Eric Dickerson rushes for 208 yards
Good game between two teams with playoff hopes
Neil Lomax to Roy Green is a lethal combination
Dick Stockton & Hank Stram announcers
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1986 Wk5 Tampa Bay at Los Angeles Rams
Erick Dickerson 207 yards rushing, 245 total, 2 TDs
Exciting tough OT game
Hall of Fame matchup: Steve Young vs Dickerson & Kevin Greene
Wayne Walker & Johnny Morris announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

1990 Wk3 Buffalo at New York Jets MNF
Career high for Thurman Thomas 214 yards rushing
Ken O’Brien & rookies Blair Thomas & Rob Moore
Frank, Al, & Dan announcers
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1990 Wk11 New England at Buffalo
Thurman Thomas 165 yards 2 TDs
Bills defense pitches a shutout
Jim Donovan & Bob Trumpy announcers
1 disk

1991 Wk1 Miami at Buffalo
Hall of Fame QB Matchup: Jim Kelly vs. Dan Marino
A great QB shootout 35-31
Thurman Thomas 165 yards rushing, 103 yards rec., 2 TDs
Bills offense rolls up over 580 yards
Dan Marino 3 TDs, Kelly 2 TDs
Bill Walsh & Dick Enberg announcers
Nice Quality, Halftime (Parcells 1st), commercials, 3 disks

1997 wk3 Detroit at Chicago
Barry Sanders 161 yards
A Black & Blue old rivalry game
Kevin Harland & Jerry Glanville announcers
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1997 wk14 Chicago at Detroit
Thanksgiving Day game
One of my favorite Barry Sanders games,
he plays a brilliant game 167 yards 3 TDs
Down 17-3, Lions roar to a 53-20 Bear bashing
Scott Mitchell’s offense gains almost 500 yards
Summerall & Madden announcers
Halftime, Postgame, commercials, 2 dosks

200 AFC Divisional Playoff
UPGRADE: Miami at Oakland
1st postseason win for “Chucky” Jon Gruden
Tory James steals the show
Raiders “D” dominates in a Black Hole shutout
Greg Gumbel & Phil Sims announcers
Entire broadcast, Halftime, Postgame, comercials
Very Nice Quality, local postgame, x disks

2002 AFC Championship
Tennessee at Oakland
Steve “Air” McNair vs Charles Woodson
A beautiful 5 disc Upgrade of a legendary game
Entire broadcast, Pregame, Halftime, Postgame
Very Good Quality, Local Postgame, 5 disks

**** U.S.F.L. ***********************************

1983 Wk1 Chicago Blitz at Washington Federals
The 1st ever official USFL game premiers on ABC
Coach George Allen returns to RFK
Greg Landry completed 11 passes to WR Trumaine Johnson 156 yards 1 TD
Craig James runs for the Federals
Jim Lampley & Lee Corso announcers
Pregame, 2 disks

1983 Wk3 Oakland Invaders at Michigan Panthers
1st ever home game for Panthers, exciting game
QB Duel: Besana 341 yards 3 TDs, Hebert 3 TDs
Jim Simpson & Don Heinrich announcers
Nice quality ESPN Classic ver. 2 hours, 1 disk

1983 Wk17 Boston Breakers at Oakland Invaders
Invaders clinch the Pacific Division title as QB Fred Besana leads the way
Ex-Raiders Raymond Chester & Cedric Hardman have good games
Coaches: John Ralston vs. Dick Coury
Don Heinrich & Tom Kelly announcers
Some audio issues early, fine after 5 minutes
Brief pregame, halftime, postgame, 1 disk

1983 Semi Final Playoff
Oakland Invaders at Michigan Panthers
Big Upgrade! Very Nice Quality
Hebert & Anthony Carter vs. Raymond Chester, Art Wittington & Co.
Keith Jackson & Lynn Swann announcers
Pregame, commercials, 3 disks

1984 Wk2 Houston Gamblers at San Antonio Gunslingers MNF
Jim Kelly’s 1st professional 300 yard game, 3 TDs
Kelly’s 1st pro victory, 2nd game ever as a Gambler
Mouse Davis’s run & shoot offense rolls up big numbers
The night the lights go out in San Antonio, literally…
Jim Simpson & Paul Maguire announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

1984 Wk5 Michigan Panthers at Houston Gamblers
Wild 52-34 game with Jim Kelly‘s Run & Shoot
Bobby Hebert 4444 yards 4 TD passes
Team video, interesting angles, 1 disk

1984 Wk6 Tampa Bay Bandits at Philadelphia Stars
Kelvin Bryant powers for 3 TD’s and 114 yards on a pulled hamstring
Sam Mills, Chuck Fusina, William Fuller, Irv Eatman, Bart Oates,
Coaches: Jim Mora vs. Steve Spurrior at Veterans Stadium
Tim Brandt & Lee Grosscupx announcers
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1984 Wk15 Houston Gamblers at Denver Gold
Todd Fowler sets USFL rushing record with 208 yards, & 2 TD’s
Jim Kelly ties George Blanda & Y.A. Tittle’s pro record 36 TD’s in a season
The Gambles prolific “run & shoot” is on full display in this game
Coaches Jack Pardee vs. Craig Morton at Mile High Stadium
Tim Brandt & Lee Grosscup announcers
Nice Quality, Pregame, Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1984 Wk18 Pittsburgh Maulers at Jacksonville Bulls
The last game ever played by the Pittsburgh Maulers
I had to get this game just so I could remember these uniforms!
In a heavy downpour part of the Gator Bowl field was actually under water
The Bulls played more like alligators, swamping the Maulers
Heisman Trophy winner Mike Rozier & QB Glenn Carano wore flippers instead of cleats
A great day for Robbie Mahfouyz, Tom Dinkle, Mike Whiting, & Larry Mason
Coaches: Lindy Infante vs. Ellis Rainsberg
John Sanders & Steve Talbot announcers
Halftime, commercials, 3 disks

1984 USFL Semi-Final
Western Conference Championship
Los Angeles Express at Arizona Wrangles
1st ever postseason game in the state of Arizona
Tim Spencer 3 rushing TD’s
Steve Young’s rookie season, w/ Kevin Mack & Freddie Scott
Coaches: George Allen vs. John Hadl
Tim Brandt & Lee Grosscup announcers
Good game, lots of fights, 3 disks

1984 USFL Semi-Final
Eastern Conference Championship
Birmingham Stallions at Philadelphia Stars
Chuck Fusina & Sam Mills vs. Cliff Stoudt, Joe Cribbs
Kelvin Bryant runs wild 152 yards & 2 TD’s
Keith Jackson & Lynn Swann announcers
At Franklin Field
Nice Quality, Pregame, commercials, 4 disks

1984 USFL Championship
Philadelphia Stars vs. Arizona Wranglers
The league #1 & #2 defenses face off
Coaches: George Allen vs. Jim Mora
MVP: Chuck Fusina, Kelvin Bryant over 100 yards
George Allen’s final professional game as coach
Keith Jackson & Lynn Swann announcers
At Tampa, FL
Pregame, 3 disks

1985 Wk1 Houston Gamblers at LA Express
“The Game Nobody Saw”
Coaches film merged with radio broadcast, very well done
Great game between Jim Kelly & Steve Young
Kelly’s 574 yards passing is the most ever in American pro football history
Young had built up a 33-13 4th quarter lead,
but Kelly directed a legendary comeback
1 disk

1985 Wk10 Arizona Outlaws at Oakland Invaders
Hebert tosses 2 TD’s, to Albert Bentley & Derek Holloway
Doug Williams leads the Outlaws with 345 yards passing
Coaches: Charlie Sumner vs. Frank Kush
Jim Simpson and Paul McGuire announcers
1 disk

1985 Wk14 Oakland Invaders at Denver Gold
Important battle for the lead in the Western Division
Bobby Hebert 4 TD passes, 337 yards
Anthony Carter, Gordan Banks, Albert Bentley, Derek Holloway
Dave Browning, Gary Plummer, Ray Bentley, David Greenwood
Bob Gagliano, Leonard Harris, Bill Johnson,
Coches: Charlie Sumner vs. Darrel “Mouse” Davis at Mile High Stadium
Fred Manfra & Marv Levy announcers
Nice Quality, , commercials, 3 disks

1985 Wk14 New Jersey Generals at Tampa Bay Bandits
Exciting OT game, wacky ending 30-24
Doug Flutie & Herschel Walker vs. Gary Anderson
Coaches Walt Michaels vs. Steve Spurrier
Keith Jackson, Lynn Swann, & Tim Brandt
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1985 Wk18 Arizona Outlaws at Memphis Showboats
Reggie White, Doug Williams, Tim Spencer & John Corker
In a 38-28 win QB Mike Kelley throws & runs for a TD
Coaches: Pepper Rodgers vs. Frank Kush at the Liberty Bowl
Jim Simpson & Paul Maguire announcers
Some commercials, 1 disk

1985 Wk18 Los Angeles Express at Orlando Renegades
Final game for both teams & Steve Young
Express only suit up 36 players
Coaches: Lee Corso vs. John Hadl
Fred Manfra & Billy aylor announcers
1 disk

1985 USFL Quarterfinal Playoff
Tampa Bay at Oakland
Nice Quality Upgrade of entire broadcast
Gary Anderson has a huge 1st Half, 197 total yards
Bobby Hebert & Anthony Carter lead a 2nd Half comeback
An exciting 30-27 game, Coaches: Charlie Sumner vs. Steve Spurrior
In 2nd Q:Network Breaking News return of TWA Flight 847 hostages
Pregame, Halftime, postgame, commercials, 4 disks

1985 USFL Quarter Finals
Houston Gamblers at Birmingham Stallions
Exciting back and forth game to the very end
Jim Kelly vs. Cliff Stoudt, Joe Cribbs & Jim Smith
Kelly’s weapons include Ricky Sanders, Clarence Verdin, Gerald McNeil & Richard Johnson
Keith Jackson & Lynn Swann announcers
3 disks

1985 USFL Semi-Final Playoff
Oakland Invaders at Memphis Showboats
Upgraded version no longer joined in progress
Anthony Carter has a big game 157 yards 2 TD’s
Reggie White, Mossy Cade, Mike Kelley, Tim Spencer, Walter Lewis
Albert Bentley, Gordan Banks, Gary Plummer, Dave Browning
Halftime feature on Reggie White
At the Liberty Bowl: Coaches: Charlie Sumner vs. Pepper Rodgers
Keith Jackson, Lynn Swann, & Tim Brandt announcers
Pregame, Halftime, 3 disks

1985 USFL Semi-Final
Baltimore Stars at Birmingham Stallions
#1 Defense vs. #2 Defense
Big plays are the theme of the day
Kelvin Bryants +100 yards rushing & receiving, 217 total
Coaches: Jim Mora vs. Rollie Dotsch
Keith Jackson & Lynn Swann announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

*** BASEBALL **********

Minnesota Twins at Oakland A’s
Jim “Catfish” Hunter’s Perfect Game
Radio Broadcast of 9th inning + postgame
Al Helfer & Monte Moore announcers
with Postgame interview, total time 11:42
*Bonus: Include his 1987 Hall of Fame speech
(additional 6:43)

7-12-1979 Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox
The Infamous “Disco Demolition Night”
Game 1 of doubleheader + Disco Demolition
Plus news reports & the aftermath
2 disks

2004 ALCS Game 7
Boston at New York Yankees
Upgraded version of entire broadcast
Includes long postgame
Nice quality, 5 disks


-“.406” (All about “Teddy Ballgame” Ted Williams)
-“56: The Streak” (“Joltin’ Joe” Dimaggio)
-“The Bird” (the story of Mark “The Bird” Fydrich)
-“The Making of Mr. October” (Reggie Jackson)

*** NBA FINALS **********

1980 NBA Finals Game 6
Los Angeles Lakers at Philadelphia 76ers
*A very diffuclut game to find
With Kareen injured Magic Johnson plays center
“Dr. J” Julius Erving, Darryl Dawkins, Jamal Wilkes scores 37
Magic Johnson’s rookie year, he dominates witth 42 points
Brent Musberger, Bill Russell & Hot Rod Hundley announcers
NBA Hardwood Classic version, Halftime, Postgame, 1 disk

The Trilogy: 2015, 2016, & 2017 Golden St. vs. Cleveland
The entire collection of every game
18 game on 64 disks

2015 NBA Finals
All 6 games, 25 disks
or individually;
Game 1, 4 disks
Game 2, 3 disks
Game 3, 3 disks
Game 4, 4 disks
Game 5, 4 disks
Game 6, 4 disks
Game 7, 3 disks

2016 NBA Finals
All 7 games, 22 disks
or individually;
Game 1, 3 disks
Game 2, 3 disks
Game 3, 3 disks
Game 4, 4 disks
Game 5, 3 disks
Game 6, 3 disks
Game 7, 3 disks

2017 NBA Finals
All 5 games, 17 disks
or individually;
Game 1, 3 disks
Game 2, 3 disks
Game 3, 3 disks
Game 4, 3 disks
Game 5, 5 disks

Be sure to check back next week.

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