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August 3, 2017

The Ultimate Ken Stabler Video Collection

It is with pride and poise that I can announce…

The Ultimate Ken Stabler Video Collection
10 DVD’s and 1 Audio CD
Over 20 hours of incredible, unforgettable, & extremely rare footage of the man they call “Snake”

A project I’ve worked on for over two years.

-Ken Stabler’s Greatest Hits:
-The Interviews, a rare collection
-Stabler Commercials
-Must See Video Clips about Snake
-Famous Highlight Shows that every Stabler Collection Must Have
-plus Hidden Bonus Tracks!

Here aer more details:

Ken Stabler’s Greatest Hits:
–1961 to 1963 High School footage of young Ken on the Foley Lions
–A cool story from one of his high school friends
–A speech Ken gave at a Foley reunion
–Kenny talks about being intimidated by Paul “Bear” Bryant
–The famous 1967 “Run In The Mud” to beat Auburn
–1968; Snake is MVP of the Sugar Bowl
–Kenny’s 1st NFL touchdown & his 1st touchdown pass
–His first NFL start
–His 1st big moment in the NFL: His part in The Immaculate Reception
–His 1st start on Monday Night Football
–His 1st Post-season start
–Snake’s MVP season of 1974
–The Sea Of Hands game
–The Raiders 1st Overtime game ever (1975)
–Rare clips from the wild 1975 playoff game vs. Cincinnati
–Snake picks your pocket: 1976 week 1 comeback vs. Pittsburgh
–The wild Bears game at Soldier Field (1976)
–One of the great Stabler comeback’s ever: 1976 AFC Divisional New England at Oakland
–At last there’s a Snake in the Super Bowl: 1976 AFC Championship Pittsburgh at Oakland
–Kenny’s Crowning Glory: Super Bowl XI
–Great moments you might not remember from 1977
–Unique different views of the Ghost To The Post game
–The Holy Roller from different angles
–Historic Moment: The last Stabler to Biletnikoff touchdown pass (1978)
–Great moments you might not remember from 1978
–Kenny’s last Raider comeback: 1979 Oakland at New Orleans on MNF
–Great moments you might not remember from 1979
–Snake’s final strike: His last win as a Raider
–Kenny is a Houston Oiler
–Howard Cosell describes Kenny’s new look as Bum’s QB
–Stabler breaks an NFL Record: 4 TD passes in the 4th Quarter!
–Kenny on stage playing music with Bo Diddley
–Stabler’s Last Hurrah: 1984 New Orleans at San Francisco
–Ken Stabler retires; Sweet Memories
–July 8, 2015: Live Breaking News… the Snake is Gone
–The Bay Area reacts to the passing of Ken Stabler
–NFL Total Access from that fateful day
–Raiders preseason Halftime tribute to Ken Stabler
–John Madden emcees the Raiders Halftime tribute to Stabler on Opening Day 2016
–February 6, 2016: NFL Honors announces on Live TV the NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2016
–Kenny’s daughters interviewed just before the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
–The 2016 NFL Gold Jacket Ceremony (why doesn’t Snake get a jacket?)
–Live coverage of the 2016 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Including John Madden’s induction speech
–Reactions from Snake’s teammates from the 2016 Raiders Alumni Week in Napa

Also included:
-Many of Snake’s amazing achievements on Monday Night Football
-So many great moments, too many to detail here
-Hidden Bonus Tracks!

The Interviews, a rare collection:
–Ken Stabler, This Is My Story
–A rare show called “In My Own Words, Ken Stabler”
–Hard to find 1984 interview on Inside The NFL (pre-retirement)
–His 1st retirement interview by Frank Gifford on MNF (1984)
–David Brenner Interview (excellent)
–Larry King interview (Larry is a condescending jerk)
–Rare Scottsdale interview from 2010
–Ken Stabler’s final public interview (2013)

Stabler Commercials:
–Rare Stabler Pennzoil commercial (1970’s)
–Rare Stabler Santa Rosa Chevrolet commercial
–Rare Snake Bite commercial (1980)
–Cool Miller Light commercial with Dan Fouts
–“Raider Day” at Santa Rosa Chevrolet

Must See Video Clips about Snake:
–“Ken Stabler”, the unforgettable 5 minute clip that describes Snake
–Monday Night Magic
–Dandy Don & Howard Cosell describe Stabler’s great moments on Monday Night Football
–Raiders Mystique
–Top 10 Raiders
–Clutch Quarterbacks
–Controversial Calls

Famous Highlight Shows that every Stabler Collection Must Have:
–Every Raiders Yearbook from every year Ken Stabler contributed to the Raiders (1971-1979)
–NFL ’76 (Year In Review)
–Several memorable & rare Game Of The Week shows
–Two very special episodes of NFL’s Greatest Games, with RARE bumper clips from July 8th, 2015
–A Football Life: Ken Stabler
–America’s Game: 1976 Oakland Raiders

“Crowning Glory” the CD:
–Rare 1976 audio recording of the album “Crowning Glory”
Legendary announcer Bill King narrates every step the Raiders took on their path to winning their first championship in Super Bowl XI. Filled with actual radio calls from this historic season, plus interviews from the men who made it happen.

3 Ways To Get Your Copy of The Ultimate Ken Stabler Video Collection:

1. “Go Deep”
The Ultimate Ken Stabler Video Collection
Receive all 10 Volumes, over 20 hours of everything Stabler
**Added Free Bonus: The 1976 audio CD “Crowning Glory” featuring Bill King

2. “Down & In”
Receive Volumes 1 thru 4, the “Greatest Hits” volumes
Over 8 hours of Stabler’s Greatest Hits

3. “Moving The Sticks”
Receive one volume at a time, or in any order you choose

How Do You Order?
-Simply write me a note in the comment section below with your contact information,
-Send me an email at: holytoledo@sonic.net

A great gift idea for the Raider fan who has everything.
Show your grandkids why “Snake” was so cool.
You can own every great moment and always have it on your shelf.
An opportunity for the younger generation to see this legendary man.
Relive your childhood memories watching Stabler pull off another miracle finish.
Now you can always watch everything Snake any time you want.

The Ultimate Ken Stabler Video Collection will give you hours of enjoyment, sure to provide a roller coaster of emotions and memories.

“A Hall of Fame collection about a Hall of Fame player. The ten discs contained in this collection capture the football career of a football legend. A wonderful compendium of Ken Stabler videos” — Tom Edel

“If Willie Nelson were a football player he would be Ken Stabler”

The long skinny scoreboard read 1:56 left in the 4th quarter, Miami 26, Oakland 21. You know that scoreboard, you’ve seen it a million times. It separates the first and second deck at the Oakland Coliseum. Every Raider fan in the stadium was on the edge of their seat, every Raider fan watching on TV had seen him do this before. He’s “Snake, a good old boy who pulls rabbits out of hats. The king of the two minute drill, the sultan of swagger.

Stabler to Biletnikoff for a 1st down.
With the offensive live giving Kenny great protection he has time to survey the field. Stabler to Branch, another 1st down, but the clock is running…
1:11, 1:10, 1:09…

This time they line up without a huddle, but Stabler isn’t hurried. He throws a quick pass to Branch who races out of bounds. It was a short gain but the clock is stopped with 52 seconds left, 2nd down at the Miami 20 yard line.

Ken “Snake” Stabler was right where he belonged, despite this pressure packed situation he was as calm as if he were taking a Tuesday afternoon stroll. He didn’t race to the sidelines for instructions, nobody told him the next play over a speaker in his helmet. Instead he simply walked into the huddle, looked into his teammates eyes, called the play in his familiar Southern drawl, and then led his men to the line of scrimmage.

When he takes the ball from center Kenny doesn’t stand up there barking out long winded signals, he gets the ball and goes. Because he is left handed he looks different from all the other quarterbacks. Strange at first, but now strangely comfortable. He’s become the iconic image of the left-handed quarterback.

Stabler to Frank Pitts, who almost drops it, but manages to hold on. He is just short of the 1st down so Snake calls time. 3rd down and less than a yard to go at the 14 yard line.

Stabler brings them to the line, asks the crowd for quiet, then hands off to Clarence Davis. To nobody’s surprise Davis goes left behind Shell and Upshaw for a gain of six. Kenny uses his final time out.

35 seconds to go…
1st down and goal at the 8 yard line.
Just another typical Raider game at the House of Thrills.

On the Raiders sidelines coach John Madden was nervously shouting instructions. As Kenny listened he calmly looked up into the frenzied crowd. This wasn’t just any game against any team. It was the AFC Divisional playoffs against Don Shula’s mighty Dolphins. Miami had gone to the last three Super Bowls, and were back-to-back champions. While many buckled under such pressure, or succumbed to the fear of failure, Snake thrived on it. Kenneth Michael Stabler lived for these moments.

Everyone knows what happened next. It ranks as one of the most iconic plays in NFL history. Stabler floated a pass into a “Sea of Hands” and it came down between the 2 and the 8 of number 28 Clarence Davis. And the crowd went wild.

This isn’t about that particular game, nor that particular season. This is about number 12, the personification of cool, the swaggering gunslinger from Foley, Alabama who studied the playbook by the light of the jukebox.

There will be Raider quarterbacks who pass for more yards, throw more touchdowns, or win more games. There will be Raider quarterbacks who win more Super Bowls (hopefully). Someone else will wear that famous silver & black number 12, hell he might even be left handed. There might be all of these things, but one thing is certain, there will never be another Ken Stabler.

When Kenny passed away on July 8, 2015 I recorded several of the memorable shows from that day that included some very nice comments that his teammates, coaches, opponents, and friends had to say. I think my idea began that day. At that time the most commonly repeated phrase was, “Snake should be in the Hall”, but we had heard this before.

Sentiment is a funny thing. On August 6th, 2016 Ken Stabler was enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Sadly he was unable to enjoy this prestigious honor that he so richly deserved. Instead it was his daughters and “the Grand Snakes” that took it all in that day. As I watched the induction ceremonies I admit I shed a tear. It was then that I decided to go full steam ahead with my idea. It would be my way to honor the man who had given me such joy over the years. As most of you know I have a vast collection of Raider games, plus many, many hours of rare Raiders video clips I’ve collected over the years. I wanted to create “The Ultimate Ken Stabler Video Collection”.

It has taken me two years to complete this project. I wasn’t about to just throw something together, Kenny gave his best on the field so I needed to give my best as well. I consulted experts, made pages of notes, looked over and edited hours and hours of footage.

Once Again…
How To Order?
-Write me a note in the comment section below with your contact information,
-Send me an email at: holytoledo@sonic.net

The Ultimate Ken Stabler Video Collection
3 Ways To Get Your Copy

1. “Go Deep”
The Ultimate Ken Stabler Video Collection
Receive all 10 Volumes, over 20 hours of everything Stabler
**Added Free Bonus: The 1976 audio CD “Crowning Glory” featuring Bill King

2. “Down & In”
Receive Volumes 1 thru 4, the “Greatest Hits” volumes
Over 8 hours of Stabler’s Greatest Hits

3. “Moving The Sticks”
Receive one volume at a time, or in any order you choose

from Holy Toledo!


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