"Holy Toledo!"

January 29, 2017

It’s National Vintage Sports Video Day!

If ever there was a day meant for watching vintage football games on dvd, today is that day. The week between the Conference championships and the Super Bowl is for most of us a dead week. Nobody I know over the age of 10 gets excited about the Pro Bowl. There is no racing, no baseball, just tall college boys in shorts, and frankly that just doesn’t do it for me. So where do we turn? Do what I do, pick out a favorite game from your vintage sports library and watch the legends play in legendary games.

On behalf of all of us collectors, seize this day, and do hereby declare today National Vintage Sports Video Day!

So if you are in Miami get your ass off the beach and watch Czonka or Marino, those in KC pull our your copy of Super Bowl IV, Raider fans put on Super Bowl XVIII or the Holy Roller. if you are a Cubs fan watch game 7. Steelers fans pick out anything from the 1970’s, Cowboys fans might wish to watch the 1992 NFC Championship, or since it is somewhat of a religious holiday, the Hail Mary game may be appropriate.

Personally I’m watching the great Monday Night Football game from 1978 at the Astrodome. You remember it, Earl Campbell & Howard Cosell vs. the mighty Dolphins of Miami. Luv ya Blue!

My father, who could care less about old football games is watching the 1984 NHRA U.S. Nationals on dvd. He, while sitting by a warm fire is watching Big Daddy Don Garlits face off with a young brash kid from Florida named Darrell Gwynn. He’s going to see some funny cars driven by Dunn, McCuloch, and Bernstein. That is the beauty of this holiday, the menu is wide open for you to choose.

Today we claim as our own.
From this day forth, and every year after, I declare that the Sunday before the Super Bowl will always be our official holiday. This day will forever be known as…
“National Vintage Sports Video Day”.

Go forth and watch Ray Scott or Curt Gowdy, soak up Howard and Danderoo, relive the greet Bill King. Just take a few minutes of this special day and claim it as your own.

Holy Toledo!


June 4, 2016

The Greatest – Muhammad Ali

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Standing up for what you believe in no matter how unpopular it is was a lesson I learned in my early teens.  I learned this from a man I thought was the greatest athlete I had ever seen.  Years later he still was the greatest.  He was perhaps the most polarizing figure in sports history, people either loved him or hated him.  He fought for his rights all the way to the Supreme Court, and when they ruled in his favor they did so unanimously.

Nobody would have ever imagined that a Muslin from Louisville Kentucky would end up becoming the most beloved sports hero in America. 
The lessons he taught all of us about race and religion are issues our country still struggles with today.  More than just a boxer, Muhammad Ali played a very important role in American history.

We lost a legend.
We lost a teacher.
I lost a hero.
The world lost a great man.

“Float like a butterfly,
Sting like a bee”

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