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November 28, 2017

What’s New In Vintage Sports Video from Holy Toledo! Holiday 2017 Edition

Despite the wildfires of northern California I was still able to collect quite a few new games. Of course most of the acquisitions occurred before the fire, my life has been quite hectic afterwards. The latest list of “What’s New” is chalk full of gems, here are some of the highlights.

-A game coached by Otto Graham, my first I believe.
The ‘69 College All-Stars vs. the world champion NY Jets.

-Did you know that the “perfect” 1972 Dolphins almost lost a game? Yes Joe Willie Namath’s NY Jets put a huge scare in Shula’s team, the Dolphins had to overcome two Jet leads, one in the 4th quarter. A well done merge of game film and radio broadcast.
-Game Of The Week also acquired of this same game

-Mark Rypien incredible 7 touchdown game, and wait until you see his stats (1991).
-Brett Favre’s 1st NFL game, one he wishes he could forget (1991).
-A game with historic and scary proportions, and a game that was hard to find. The “Tom Landry Death Threat game”. Yes while in LA coach Landry had to be escorted from the field by security. He later returned, but this had never happened before (1986).

-Moon vs. Kosar in a virtual playoff game to decide the ‘89 AFC Central champion on the final week of the season. Naturally it’s a thriller.

-O.J. Simpson vs. Joe Theisman from 1968 (USC vs. Notre Dame).
-Eric Dickerson’s 1st and last game as a LA Ram (1983 and 1987)

-Bill Parcells’ first game as a head coach (1983).
-1st game for the “Phoenix” Cardinals (1988).

-Raider fans will be happy with 3 nice upgrades, including a beautiful copy of an epic thriller at the Dog Pound.
-Speaking of the Dog Pound, if you like “Marty’s Browns” you will enjoy several new games from the Kosar era.

-Upgrades of the 1987 AFC Championship and a Super Bowl XX, both from high quality original masters.

-NHRA: the full 2017 season including Sportsman and Pro Mod.

Wish you all a happy and safe holiday season, and just remember one thing. When things get really exciting and you are on the edge of your seat think of Bill King and loudly proclaim “Holy Toledo!”

from Holy Toledo!

*** What’s New *****

*** NFL ********

1969 New York Jets vs. College All-Stars
The 36th annual College All-Star Game at Soldier Field
Game film with radio broadcast merged
Coached by Otto Graham, th All-Stars were led by QB Greg Cook
The Jets of course were led by Namath, Snell, Boozer, & Sample
Tons of future stars: Joe Greene, Ed Podolak, Fred Dryer, Gene Washington, Bob Klein, Roger Wehrli, Terry Hanratty, Bill Bergy, Bill Stanfill, Jimmy Marsalis, Jerry LeVias, Altie Taylor, Roy Gerela
Jacl Brickhouse & Eric ? announcers
2 dosks

1972 Wk10 New York Jets at Miami
Game film merged with Jets radio broadcast
Some consider this the closest the Dolphins ever came to losing in ‘72
Down 17-7, & trailing in the 4th quarter, back come the Dolphins
Joe Namath & John Riggins do their best to win,
but in the end it is too much Mercury Morris & Earl Morrall
Merle Harmon and Sam DeLuca announcers
2 disks

1977 Wk5 Washington at Dallas
“Captain America” Roger Staubach vs. Billy Kilmer & Joe Theisman
Redskins lead in the 3rd Quarter, then comes the Staubach stampede
Drew Pearson has a big day 6 catches for 157 yards 1 TD
Summerall & Brookshire announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

1978 Wk15 Dallas at Philadelphia
Doomsday Domination
8 sacks & 5 turnovers
Summerall & Brookshire announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

1978 Wk16 Dallas at New York Jets
Tony Dorset establishes the team’s single season rushing mark with an additional 121 yards
Dallas “D” holds the Jets to a paltry 137 totals yards
Frank Glieber and x announcers
JIP during first possession of the game, C- quality, 2 disks

1979 Wk10 Minnesota at St. Louis
Behind big Otis Anderson Cards roll up 325 yards rushing
A fun team to watch Jim Hart, Mel Gray, Roger Wherli, Roy Green, Pat Tilley
Gary Bender and Sonny Jurgensen announcers
Halftime, commercials, 3 disks

1982 Preseason wek3 Green Bay at LA Raiders
1st ever Raiders home game as “LA Raiders”
Upgrade, it is a definite improvement over previous copies,
I would rate this as “fair quality”
2 disks

1983 Wk1 Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants
Eric Dickerson’s 1st NFL game
Bill Parcells 1st NFL game as head coach
John Robinson’s 1st game as head coach
Summerall and Madden announcers
2 disks

1984 Wk6 Seattle at LA Raiders
Upgrade, hard to find a decent quality copy of this game
Raiders “D” is outstanding, 6 sacks,
and they hold Seahawks to only 61 yards passing
Dick Enberg and Merlin Olsen announcers
3 disks

1984 Wk7 Dallas at Washington
Sandwiched between 2 Dorsett TD runs,
the Redskins roll up 34 points on “The Boys”
“The Diesel” John Riggins racks up 165 yards
Madden & Summerall announcers
Halftime, 1 disk

1984 Wk12 New England at Indianapolis
In Raymond Berry’s 4th game as coach he has them rolling
They put up 50 points on the Colts
Ex-Raider Derrick Ramsey has a career day 3 TD’s 104 yards
Tony Eason has 4 TD passes
Charlie Jones & Bob Greise announcers
2 disks

1985 wk7 LA Raiders at Cleveland
High Quality UPGRADE
Thriller at old Municipal Stadium
Don Criqui & Bob Trumpy announcers
3 disks

1985 Wk7 Washington at New York Giants
LT & the Big Blue “D” rounds into championship form
7 sacks & 3 turnovers in this dominating performance
Summerall & Madden announcers
2 disks

1985 Wk10 Dallas at Washington
Defense dominates the day in this 13-7 slugfest
HoFamer Dorsett leads the Cowboys with 137 total yards 1 TD
HoFamer Art Monk leads the Redskins with 104 yards
Summerall and Madden announcers
1 disk

1985 Wk12 San Diego at Houston
Father of Andrew Luck, Oliver Luck leads Oilers to a win
Wild 37-35 game vs. “Air Coryell”
Don Criqui & Bob Trumpy announcers
2 disks

Super Bowl XX
Chicago vs. New England
**This is a “10” Upgrade from an original master recording
The best version of this game I’ve ever seen
Pregame, Halftime, Postgame, commercials, 2 disks

1986 Wk3 Cincinnati at Cleveland TNF
Boomer battles Bernie in this bitter brew ha ha
Bengals show off all their weird huddles & formations
A career night for Larry Kinnebrew 3 TD’s
Al Michaels & Frank Gifford announcers
2 disks

1986 Wk12 Pittsburgh at Cleveland
A great game heads into Overtime tied at 31-31
Browns gain over 500 yards of offense
3 different players score 2 TD’s each
Webster Slaughter has a big night
Don Criqui & Bob Trumpy announcers
Halftime interview w/ Napoleon McCallum, 2 disks

1986 Wk14 Dallas at LA Rams SNF
The famous “Landry Death Threat” game
Tom Landry is escorted from the sidelines
and returns wearing a bullet proof vest
Hard game to find
A young Jim Everett & Eric Dickerson
Al Michaels & Frank Gifford announcers
2 disks

1987 Wk1 Cleveland at New Orleans
Good game between two playoff teams
Odd occurrence, game decided on back-to-back safeties
Mel Proctor & Reggie Rucker announcers
Very Nice Quality, Halftime, commercials, 3 disks

1987 Wk7 Los Angeles Rams at Cleveland MNF
Bernie & the Dawgs rout the Rams
Eric Dickerson’s final game (& TD) as a Ram
Michaels, Gifford & Dierdorf announcers
2 disks

1987 AFC Championshp
Cleveland at Denver
A “10” UPGRADE from original master recording w/comm.
Not created from commercially produced version
“The Fumble”
Often overlooked, one of the greatest Championship games ever
Elway’s Broncos win the Lamar Hunt Trophy
Enberg & Merlin Olsen announcers
Very Nice Quality, 2 disks, with commercials

1988 Wk1 Phoenix Cardinals at Cincinnati
1st game as the newly relocated “Phoenix Cardinals”
1st game for new announcer Dan Fouts
1st game of a “super” season for the Bengals
Two gunslingers battle, Easiason vs. Lomax
Dick Stockton & Fouts as announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

1989 Wk3 Cleveland at Cincinnati MNF
They called it “Battle if the Million Dollar QB’s” (Bernie vs. Boomer)
Good game played between two huge rivals
Michaels, Giggord & Diedorf announcers
2 disks

1989 Wk4 Denver at Cleveland
Can John Ekway lead another comeback in Cleveland?
Or will Bernie Kosar finally get his revenge?
This truly is a “Fantastic Finish”
Another great game between these two great teams
Joel Meyers & Paul Maguire announcers
Pregame, 2 disks

1989 Wk7 Chicago at Cleveland MNF
Jim Harbaugh vs. Bernie Kosar
Webster slaughters the Bears in prime time 186 yards receiving 1 TD
Very nice qulity, 2 disks

1989 Wk16 Cleveland at Houston SNF
“Playoff Football” Saturday Night at the Astrodome
Winner of this game wins the AFC Central
Warren Moon duels with Bernie Kosar in a great game
Browns build a big lead, but back comes the Oilers
Mike Patrick & Joe Theisman announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

1990 Wk5 Cleveland at Denver MNF
Elway and Kosar at it again in another fantastic game
5 lead changes, many big plays
Michaels, Gifford & Diedorf
2 disks

1990 wk10 San Francisco at Dallas SNF
The 1st of this epic ‘90’s rivalry
Montana vs. Aikman, Rice vs. Irvin, Johnson vs. Seifort
Mike Patrick & Joe Theisman announcers
2 disks

1991 Wk11 Atlanta at Washington
Brett Favre’s 1st NFL game
Mark Rypien has an incredible stat line,
16 completions for 442 yards & 6 TD’s!
Plus he scored a 7th TD rushing
Gary Clark 4 receptions 203 yards 3 TD’s
James Brown and Randy Cross announcers
1 disks

1992 Wk13 New York Giants at Dallas
Emmitt makes mincemeat out of the Giants
Giants offense looks like turkeys vs. the Boys “D”
Madden and Summerall announcers
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1992 Wk14 Dallas at Denver
Emmitt Smith breaks single season record for most TD’s
Exciting 31-27 game with two 4th Qtr. lead changes
Madden and Summerall announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

*** COLLEGE FOOTBALL **********

1968 #9 Notre Dame at #2 USC
O.J. Simpson vs. Joe Theisman in a classic ABC broadcast
Bob Chandler, Bob Klein, Ara Parseghian, Kuechenberg, George Kinz, Jim Seymour
Chris Schenkel, Bud Wilkinson & Kieth Jackson announcers
Original broadcast until 10 min.s left, then game film to end
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

2017 Texas A&M at UCLA
“The Comeback”
Down 44-10 late in the 3rd quarter, back come the Bruins
Josh Rosen completes the greatest comeback on a fake spike
2 disks

*** DRAG RACING **********

1985 IHRA Summerbationals
from Edgewater Park in Cincinnati, OH
Bob Jenkins & Larry Nuber announcers

2017 Mellow Yellow NHRA Drag Racing
I have the entire season, plus qualifying on dvd

2017 Lucas Oil Sportsman Series
I have the entire season on dvd
I also have the complete Pro Mod series as well

*** NASCAR *********

1984 Talladega 500
1986 Oakwood Homes 500 -Charlotte
1995 Goody’s 500 -Bristol

1998 Daytona 500
New upgrade of original broadcasr
Dale Earnhardt finally wins the Daytona 500!
2 disks

1999 Daytona 500
Very difficult to find a copy of this
Original broadcast, 2 disks

**If you want to receive my complete game list email me.
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November 24, 2017

Holiday Specials & Holiday Wishes from Holy Toledo Vintage Sports Videos on DVD

Happy Holidays from Holy Toledo!

Let’s get right to it. No I did not lose my home to the wildfires of northern California, however it was close. We were evacuated three times, and I packed sever important bins of my vintage sports collection. However I had to leave behind most of the bins, which was a tough thing to do. The fire came very close to our home, we were fortunate because the firefighters did such an incredible job. Many of our friends and family were not as fortunate.

As we all gather this holiday season we are truly thankful. We have a whole new appreciation for the first responders, and we are grateful that the lives of our friends and family were spared.

Once again it is that jingle bell time of year. Pour the egg nog, put up Christmas lights, and watch your favorite vintage sports videos. This year I could watch the 2017 Auto Club NHRA Finals over and over again. Way to go Brittany and Robert! I’ve also added “the longest game” to this years rotation, I want to revisit the epic ‘71 Christmas triple overtime playoff game between Miami and Kansas City. I also want to watch a good game announced by Don Criqui, an underrated announcer.

— Gift Giving —
Rather than giving a gift that will sit on a shelf gathering dust, or will remain neatly folded in the “clothes I never wear” drawer, give the gift that keeps on giving… Vintage Sports Videos!

Or you could do what many of us do, by yourself the present you really want, because you know nobody is going to buy for you.

Everybody loves to watch their favorite team or player win that legendary game. In our house we like to watch Big Daddy and The Snake. As most of you are aware I collect vintage sports and probably have every major or historic moment in NFL, College Football, NASCAR, NHRA, and IndyCar. If you want to see my complete list just click on the links to your right, or email me.

For this holiday season I thought I would offer some special deals, and remind you of some special collections I have created. Be sure to check them out below.

-Football Games (NFL, USFL, or College)
Choose any 3 for $24
Choose any 5 for $35
Choose any 10 for $60
*does not include Super Bowl games, see below

-Sea Of Hands Collection
This is the most comprehensive collection of arguably the greatest game ever played. Over the years I have collected every possible clip or highlight of this great game, and it’s all here. It is barely contained by 4 dvds and 3 cds.
NBC TV audio merged with game film, NFL Films Greatest Games version, Game of the Week, This Week In Pro Football, Howard Cosell, Bill King radio broadcast, too much to mention.

To Order
Simply send me your contact information in the “Comments” section below, or
Email me at: holytoledo@sonic.net

-Immaculate Reception Collection
The historic unforgettable game relived in another of my great video and audio collections, over 6 hours.
What Does It Include?
The actual TV broadcast of the play as called by Curt Gowdy, the actual radio broadcast of the entire game, with postgame coverage as it was called by Van Patrick, Game Of The Week, This Week In Pro Football, a terrific documentary that sheds new light on the evidence of what actually occurred, the Steelers 1972 yearbook, plus much more.

-Bo Jackson Collection
Bo played in 38 regular season games, plus 1 post-season game, and I have all of them on dvd. In my opinion he was the best running back I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, an amazing combination of speed and power. Chose from one of two packages:
All 39 games = $200 *as a bonus I will throw in the 1982, ‘83, ‘84, & ‘85 Iron Bowl
Choose any 5 games for $34

-The Ultimate Ken Stabler Collection
A treasured gift for any true Raiders fan.
The most in-depth look at Snake. Highlights and photos from his youth, his days with “Bear” Bryant, the Raiders years and beyond. A truly magnificent collection.
Complete 10 DVD set $75
Volumes 1-4 “the starter set” $35

-Al Davis Collection
The colorful and historic career of Mr. Davis
4 DVD set $25

-1990’s Cowboys vs. 49ers Collection
During a 10 year span these two teams were the best in the NFL. Including post-season they played each other 9 times, I have 7 of the games on dvd.
Choose any 3 games for $22
Choose any 5 for $33

-Iron Bowl Collection
Alabama and Auburn meet every year and have featured some of the games best players and coaches. At last count I had 28 of these on dvd.
Choose any 5 for $34

-Super Bowl Collection
For most of vintage sports video collectors the Super Bowl games were the first things we started collecting, however when was the last time you upgraded any of them? Newer, better quality versions with even more content have been found. These days most of my Super Bowl games come any several dvds, which is why the cost is a bit more. All but 2 of the 51 actual TV Super Bowl broadcasts are available on dvd, and the other two have been beautifully merged with radio and video highlights.
Choose any 3 for $29
Choose any 5 for $44
Choose any 10 for $79

You didn’t think I would forget my motorsports friends did you?

-Daytona 500 Collection
The oldest recording I have of the “Great American Race” dates back to 1964. I have almost every original broadcast from the mid 1970’s to current, plus many other historic NASCAR races on dvd.
Choose any 5 races for $33
Choose any 7 for $42

-Indy 500 Collection
From the Brickyard to your living room, you can choose from races as old as 1966. My Indianapolis 500 actual broadcast collection includes most every race from the 1970’s to current.
Choose any 3 for $20
Choose any 5 for $30

-NHRA Drag Racing Collection
Growing up in a California drag racing family, this is the pride of my vintage video collection. My oldest drag race dates back to 1959, and I have just about every major moment ever since. The ‘70’s, ‘80’s & ‘90’s, it’s all here.
Choose any 3 for $20
Choose any 5 races for $30
Choose any 10 races for $56

Simply send me your contact information in the “Comments” section below, or
Email me at: holytoledo@sonic.net

Happy Holidays to all,
Holy Toledo Vintage Sports Video

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October 7, 2017

End Of Summer Update: What’s New In Vintage Sports from Holy Toledo!

Can you believe that 25% of the NFL’s regular season is complete?
Once again it is time to fill you in on What’s New in vintage sports.

This is a labor of love for me, I do really enjoy this hobby of collecting and archiving sports history. My wife isn’t quite as thrilled about it as I am, because of he space needed to store all of these games and races. More on that problem at a later date.

Sports fans you are going to be thrilled when you see what I’ve uncovered for you (*Racing Fans, more coming for you soon). Here are just some of the highlights. I suggest you sit down with a cup of coffee and scroll through this list. Not only will you jot down a few games you will want, it will also be like looking back on a timeline of football history.

Holy Toledo there is some new stuff of the Kardiac Kids, gotta love Sipe & Ozzie.

-A beautiful copy of an underrated great game to decide the 1982 NFC East that takes place on the final weekend of the season, St. Louis at Washing

-A Wild West Shootout with 10 touchdown passes in one game (this year’s 49ers may not do that until November!)

-Ken “Snake” Stabler’s final game
-Herschel Walker’s 1st NFL game
-Al Michaels 1st MNF game

-3 more games of the epic 1990’s rivalry between the two best teams of that era, Dallas vs. San Francisco. Getting really close to having all nine of these great battles.

-Several new Thanksgiving games, including a nice upgrade of the “Fastest OT Ever”, Thanksgiving 1980

In College Football:
-Two rare 1970’s Rose Bowl games, 1970 & 1974

-Some young vintage Troy Aikman games while he was with Oklahoma & UCLA, including one game against his future coach Jimmy Johnson.

-One of the most famous plays in Nebraska history, a 2 yard TD run by Mike Rozier that is simply amazing!
-The 1st ever Kickoff Ckassic, 1983

Too much to mention here, just take a stroll down memory lane as you review the latest of “What’s New” from Holy Toledo!

from Holy Toledo!

*** What’s New *****

*** NFL ********

1980 wk4 Philadelphia at St. Louis Cardinals
O.J. Anderson outduels Wilbert Montgomery
Old school matchup: Jim Hart vs. Ron Jaworski
Gary Bender & John Madden announcers
Halftime, low audio level, 2 disks

1980 Wk12 Cincinnati at Cleveland
Big day for Brian Sipe 4 TD’s 310 yards
Sam Nover & Gene Washington announcers
Good Quality, commercials, 2 disks

1980 Wk13 Chicago at Detroit
Famous Thanksgiving Overtime game
A “9” Upgrade, Fastest OT finish in NFL History
Vin Scully interviews President-elect Ronald Reagan at Halftime
Pat Summerall & Tom Brookshire announcers
Pregame, Halftime, 2 disks

1980 wk15 Kansas City at Pittsburgh
Rocky Bleier scores the winning TD in his final game at Three Rivers
Nice 4th quarter comeback by the Steelers
Marv Albert & Mike Hafner announcers
Some edited huddles, 1 disk

1980 Wk16 Cleveland at Cincinnati
Browns clinch the AFC Central, barely…
Great game between two bitter rivals
Kardiac Kids are at it again!
Lots of bug plays, very exciting
Dick Enberg & Merlin Olsen announcers
Very Nice Quality, a “9”, commercials, 2 disks

1981 wk1 Dallas at Washington
1st time Cowboys wear their new dark blue road jerseys
1st game for new head coach Joe Gibbs
Tony Dorsett over 100 yards rushing
Frank Glieber & Roger Staubach announcers
3 disks with commercials, including some Miller Light gems

1981 wk3 Cleveland at Cincinnati
The Battle of Ohio is always tough
Brian Sipe vs. Ken Anderson
Chris Collinsworth, Ozzie Newson, Isaac Curtis just to name a few
Bob Costas & Bob Trumpy announcers just to name a few
1 disk

1981 wk3 Baltimore Colts at Denver
Bert Jones vs. Craig Morton
Huge day for Steve Watson 4 TD’s 143 yards
Craig Morton goes over 25,000 career passing yards
Marv Albert & Jim Turner announcers
Good Quality, 2 disks

1981 wk13 Kansas City at Detroit
Thanksgiving Day
Billy Sims vs. Joe Delaney
Dick Enberg & Merlin Olsen announcers
Pregame, commercials, 1 disk

1982 Wk4 Cleveland at Dallas
Thanksgiving game
Cowboys rush for an amazing 299 yards
Tony Dorsett 116 yards, 2 TD’s
Bill Cowher is Browns starting OLB
Enberg & Merlin Olsen announcers
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1982 Wk5 San Diego at Cleveland
Dan Fouts vs. Brian Sipe
Don Criqui and Len Dawson announcers
2 disks

1982 Wk5 Dallas at Washington
Hall of Fame Coaching Matchup: Landry vs. Gibbs
Cowboys sack Theisman 7 times, force 3 Int’s
Redskins only loss in ‘82
Summerall & Madden announcers
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1982 wk6 Washington at St. Louis Cardinals
Very Nice Quality, a “9”
Can the old man Jim Hart lead the late comeback?
Tom Brookshire & Wayne Walker announcers
2 disks

1982 Wk7 New York Giants at Washington
Exciting finish lead to an NFL Record
Reskins defense holds Giants to just 139 total yards
Because of turnovers the Redskins have to stage a comeback
Jack Buck & Hank Stram annuoncers
Very Nice Quality, 2 disk

1982 wk9 St. Louis Cardinals at Washington
Redskins playing for home field advantage
Cards playing for a home playoff game
Skins score TD’s in every quarter
Defense dominates in shutout win
Jack Buck & Hank Stram announcers
Above Average Quality, 3 disks

1983 wk9 Detroit at Chicago
100th meeting between the Bears & Lions
Billy Sims vs. Walter Payton
Tim Ryan & Johnny Morris announcers
2 disks

1983 Wk13 St. Louis Cardinals at Dallas
Thanksgiving Day
Lomax hits Roy Green on a 71 yards TD pass,
after that the Doomsday D sacks Lomax 7 times
Tony Dorsett rushes for over 100 yards, 2 TD’s
Summerall & Madden announcers
Pregame, Halftime, 2 disks

1984 Wk8 Chicago at Tampa Bay
Signs of a championship team coming together
6 Bears score, & Defense records 6 sacks
McMahon throws 3 TD passes
Walter Payton does it all, throwing, rushing & receiving
Tim Ryan & Johnny Morris announcers
2 disks

1984 wk8 Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
Down 13-0 in the 4th, Colt stage a stunning comeback
Only their 2nd win ever at the Hoosier Dome
Gary Gerould & Dave Rowe announcers
2 disks

1984 Wk8 New Orleans at Dallas MNF
Terrific OT game, huge Dallas comeback
Ken “Snake” Stabler’s final NFL game
3 Heisman Trophy RB’s play in this thriller
Earl Campbell, George Rogers & Hokie Gajan rush for 197 yards
Down 27-6 in the 2nd Half, the Cowboys storm back
“Dandy” Don Meredith is honorary team captain
Gifford, Meredith & O.J. announcers
Good Quality, 2 disks

1984 Wk11 Chicago at Los Angeles Rams
Hall of Fame RB Eric Dickerson 149 yards 2 TD’s
Hall of Fame RB Walter Payton 138 yards rushing & receiving
Tim Ryan & Johnny Morris announcers
Above Average Quality, 2 disks

1984 Wk13 Chicago at Minnesota
For the 1st time since 1963 Bears clinch Central Division
Buddy Ryan’s 46 Defense is simply awesome
Walter Payton gains 150 yards rushing & receiving
Tim Ryan & Johnny Morris announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

1984 Wk16 St. Louis Cardinals at Washington
A truly great football game that has it all
Winner clinches the NFC East title
Big plays, a big comeback, lead changes, fantastic finish
WR Roy Green is simply awesome
Hall of Fame WR Art Monk comes up big in this big game
Summerall & Madden announcers
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1985 wk1 St. Louis Cardinals at Cleveland
Sensational Overtime game
The last 2 minutes of regulation is amazing
Jack Buck & Hank Stram announcers
Above Average Quality, Halftime, 2 disks

1985 Wk2 Seattle at San Diego
Wild West Shootout with 10 touchdown passes!
One of only six games where Dan Fouts passes for over 400 yards
Wes Chandler goes off, 243 yard receiving
Dave Krieg over 300 yards, 5 TD passes
Daryl Turner catches 4 of them
1046 yards of offense in this game!
Sam Rutigliano & Charlie Jones announcers
2 disks

1985 wk5 New England at Cleveland
Good game between good teams
Kevin Mack has a huge day 200 total yards
Phil Stone & Bob Kuechenberg announcers
Edited huddles (ugh!), 2 disks

**1985 wk7 LA Raiders at Cleveland
3 disks
**D#3 sticjs at very end

1985 Wk13 Cleveland at New York Giants
Tremendous 35-33 game between two good teams
Browns lead early, the Giants surge ahead
Down by 12 in the 4th, the Browns storm back
Joe Morris has a big day
Marv Albert & Bob Greise announcers
3 disks

1985 Wk15 New York Giants at Dallas
Cowboys win the NFC East on strange plays
They harassed Simms, 5 sack 3 Int’s
Meanwhile the Giants knocked out 2 Cowboy QB’s
Vern Lundquist & Terry Bradshaw announcers
Pregame, 2 disks

1986 wk1 New York Giants at Dallas MNF
Herschel Walker’s 1st NFL game & 1st two TD’s
Thriller with many lead changes, down to the wire on Opening Night
Al Michaels 1st game on MNF
One of only two losses all year for the eventual Super Bowl champions
2 disks

1987 NFC Championship Minnesota at Washington
UPGRADE from original master recording w/comm.
Not created from commercially produced version
Redskins win the George Halas Trophy
Summerall & Madden announcers
Very Nice Quality, 2 disks with commercials

**1987 AFC Championshp CLE at DEN “MASTER 10”
UPGRADE from original master recording w/comm.
Not created from commercially produced version
“The Fumble”
Broncos win the Lamar Hunt Trophy
Enberg & Merlin Olsen announcers
Very Nice Quality, 2 disks, with commercials
**D#2 is bad?

1989 Wk16 Chicago at San Francisco
49ers Defense is dominating in this shutout win
2nd week in a row they force 5 turnovers
Both Montana & Young play
Summerall & Madden announcers
With commercials, 2 disks

1991 Wk1 San Francisco at New York Giants MNF
Rematch of the epic ’90 NFC Championship,
ends the same way as Matt Bahr hits the game winner as the clock expires
Great game, rough hitting, back & forth
Includes Sports Illustrated ’91 NFL Preview Show
Halftime w/ Joe Montana, commercials, 2 disks

1993 Wk7 San Francisco at Dallas
The best two teams in the NFL go at it again
Round #3 (of 9) in this epic rivalry of the 1990’s
Hall of Fame players galore
Michael Irvin 12 catches 168 yards 1 TD
Madden & Summerall announcers
2 disks

1994 wk11 Dallas at San Francisco
Steve Young finally beats the Cowboys
Round #5 (of 9) in this epic rivalry of the 1990’s
Merton Hans is player of the game with 2 Int’s
Maddeb & Summerall announcers
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1996 Wk11 Dallas at San Francisco
Overtime at Candlestick
Round #8 (of 9) in this epic rivalry of the 1990’s
Extremely close game between these two teams
Summeral & Madden announcers
2 disks

2005 wk10 Dallas at Philadelphia MNF
What a game, a stunning finish, a great rivalry
Despite being outplayed and trailing 20-7 in the 4th quarter,
Dallas scores 14 pts. in 21 seconds to steal this one
“The Tuna” Bill Parcells vs. “Big Red” Andy Reid
Al Michaels & John Madden announcers
2 disks

*** COLLEGE FOOTBALL **********

1970 Rose Bowl
Bob Chandler, Clarence Davis & John Vella lead USC,
Dan Dierdorf & Jim Mandich stars for Michigan
Bo Schembechler suffered a mild heart attach and missed the game
Curt Gowdy & Kyle Rote announcers
Some commercials, 1 disk

1974 Rose Bowl
Ohio St. vs. USC
Only known copy of original TV broadcast
Archie Griffen, Pete Johnson, Randy Gradishar, Neal Colzie
Lynn Swann, Anthony Davis, Pat Haden, many future NFL players
Curt Gowdy & Al DeRogatis announcers
Joined with 2:25 in 2nd Quarter to end of game, with Halftime & commercials

1980 #11 UCLA at #2 Ohio St.
Bruins shock the #2 team in the country on the road
Freeman McNeil, Kenny Easley, Tom Ramsey
Todd Bellm Shaun Gayle, Tim Spencer
Keith Jackson & Ara Parseghian announcers
2 disks, last 10 min’s of D#1 has sticking issues

1980 #3 Nebraska at #11 Penn St.
Curt Warner & sophomore QB Jeff Hosstetler (before he transferred to W.V.)
Roger Craig, Jarvis Redwine, Andra Franklin
Keith Jackson & Frank Broyles announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

1980 #9 Oklahoma at #4 Nebraska
Battle for the Big Eight Championship
David Overstreet & J.C. Watts vs. Roger Craig & Jarvis Redwine
Barry Switzer vs. Tom Osborne
Bill Fleming & Steve Davis announcers
2 disks

1983 1st Ever Kickoff Classic
at Giants Stadiun, The Meadowlands
#1 Nebraska vs. #4 Penn State
Irving Fryer, Mile Rozier, Turner Gill, Tom Ratman, Dean Steinkuhler
Curt Gowdy & Lee Corso announcers
Very Nice Quality, 2 disks

1983 UCLA at #1 Nebraska
*One of the most famous plays in Nebraska history, a 2-yard TD run in which Rozier
started left, reversed his field, ran backward to the 17-yard line while sweeping
right, avoided several more defenders before entering the end zone.
Rick Neuhiesel puts a scare into the top ranked Huskers
Ray Scott & Joe Buttitta announcers
2 disks

1983 #1 Nebraska at Oklahoma
Good game with the Big Eight title on the line
Mike Rozier 4th straight game over 200, 205 yards 2 TD’s
The eventual Heisman Trophy winner & Irving Frye try to
give the Cornhuskers their 22nd straight victory
Barry Switzer’s Sooners have upset on their mind
Gary Bender & Pat Haden announcers
Bob Devaney interviewed at Halftime, 2 disks

1984 #1 Nebraska at #8 UCLA
Huskers hand Bruins worst loss in 14 years
Steve Bono, Gaston Green & Mile Sherrard were little help on this day
Gary Bender & Pat Haden announcers
2 disks

1984 #1 Nebraska at Syracuse
Stunning Upset!
Scot Schwedes leads the stunning upset,
son of Gerhard Schwedes, 1st player drafted bt the AFL
Curt Gowdy & Len Dawson announcers
1 disk

1985 #2 Oklahoma at #17 Texas
A young Troy Aikman
Bill Worrell announcer
1 disk

1985 Miami at #3 Oklahoma
Interesting Matchup: Troy Aikman vs. Jimmy Johnson
Exciting game until Troy Aikman breaks his leg
Michael Irvin, Jerome Brown, Vinnie Testaverde, Alonzo Higsmith, Brian Blades
Young Hurricanes stage a surprise upset
Keith Jackson & Frank Broyles announcers
2 disks

1985 #3 Oklahoma at #17 Oklahoma State
Ice Bowl at Boone Pickens Stagium
The eventual National Champions take on the Heisman winner
Thurman Thomas & Lesli O’Neal vs. Bosworth, Keith Jackson, Tony Casillas
Jim Simpson & Paul Maguire announcers
Very Nice Quality, Pregame, commercials, 2 disks

1987 #3 UCLA at #2 Nebraska
Tremendous game between two excellent teams
Huskers QB Steve Taylor throws 5 TD passes, ties Big 8 record
Troy Aikman, Flipper Anderson & Gaston Green lead the Bruins
Neil Smith, Ken Norton Jr., Broderick Thomas, Carnell Lake, Rod Smith future NFLers
Jim Kelly & Kevin Connelly announcers
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1987 #5 UCLA at USC
Cross town tivals battle for a Rose Bowl bertg
Bruins defense is loaded, Ken Norton Jr., Eric Turner, Carnell Lake, Mark Carrier
Troy Aikman, Gaston Green & Flipper Anderson build an early lead
Back storms the Trojans led by Rodney Peete
Keith Jackson and Bob Greise announcers
Good game, Brief Halftime, some commercials, 2 disks

1994 #2 Nebraska at #16 Kansas St.
Both teams come in unbeaten in this Big Eight battle
Brock Berringer comes off the bench to lead the Huskers
Chad May leads the Wildcats
Steve Zebriskie & John Spagnola announcers
2 disks

1994 #3 Colorado at #2 Nevraska
A game that untimate;y decided the national championship
Nebraska ended up #1, Colorado #3
Lawrence Phillips, Grant Wistrom & Chris Dishman lead the Huskers
Michael Westbrrok, Rashaan Salaam lead the Buffalos
Keith Jackson & Bob Greise announcers
2 disks

2005 Sugar Bowl
Auburn vs. Virginia Tach
This is the great Auburn team that should have won the National Championship,
led by Ronnie Brown, “Cadilac” Williams, & Jason Campbell
Tommy Tuberville vs. Frank Beamer
*DVD version, very nice quality

*** BASEBALL **********

1972 World Series Clips
NBC broadcast of…
Game 1: Gene Tenace HR #1 & HR #2
Game 2: Joe Rudi’s incredible catch
Game 4: A’s tie it and win it in the bottom of the 9th
Cirt Gowdy announcer

9-18-1997 Los Angeles at San Francisco
The Brian Johnson Home Run game
Epic battle between rivals in a pennant race
Duane Kuiper & Mike Krukow announcers
Rebroadcast, 2 disks

**If you want to receive my complete game list email me.
You can view a partial game list on this site, links to your right.
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Email: holytoledo@sonic.net
Site: https://billkuhn.wordpress.com/

July 30, 2017

List of Bill King Radio Broadcasts on CD

Yesterday I was asked to re-post my list of Bill King recordings, so here you go. All are available upon request.

I’m still trying to find the recording of the Jason Giambi HR to beat the Yankees, if anyone knows where to find it let me know.

This list is constantly growing, so check back with me if you need more Holy Toledo moments from Bill King.

Bill King Radio Broadcast Games
*all are on CD format unless noted otherwise
** NFL **********

1970 AFC Divisional Miami at Oakland
Bill King & Scotty Stirling announcers
2 disks

1971 Week 10 San Diego at Oakland
Bill King & Scotty Sterling
Rebroadcast of original, 2 disks

1974 AFC Divisional Miami at Oakland
“Sea of Hands”
Bill King & Scotty Sterling
Upgraded original audio quality, 3 disks

1976 Oakland Raiders Audio Highlights
Featuring Bill Kingt & his great radio calls
from the LP “Crowning Glory”
1 disk

1977 Week 6 Oakland at New York Jets
Bill King & Monte Stickles announcers
Ken Stabler leads a 4th Quarter comeback
3 disks

Super Bowl XV Oakland vs. Philadelphia
Bill King & Monte Stickles announcers
Postgame included, 2 disks

1982 Week 1 LA Raiders at San Francisco
Bill King & Rich Marotta on KNX
Marcus Allen’s 1st NFL game & 1st game as Los Angeles Raiders
With commercials, 4 disks

1988 Week 14 Denver at LA Raiders
Bill King radio broadcast with TV broadcast merged
*on 1 DVDs

** MLB **********

8-22-1982 Boston at Oakland
Billyball A’s vs. Yaz on his 43rd birthday
Bill King & Lon Simmons announcers on KSFO
With commercials, 2 disks

9-19-1988 Minnesota at Oakland
A’s win the West!
Bill King & Lon Simmons announcers on KSFO
With postgame interviews, 3 disks

9-20-1989, Game #151
Oakland A’s at Cleveland Indians
Rickey Henderson leads off game with a HR, 40th time in his career
Bill King, Lon Simmons, & Ray Fosse announcers
Exciting game, 3 disks

9-4-2002 Kansas City at Oakland
A’s win 20th in a row!
It’s the game they made the movie about, Moneyball
Bill King & Ray Fosse announcers
Nice quality, network raw feed
Pregame, postgame, 5 disks

1988 – 1989 – 1990 Oakland A’s
Segments of original radio broadcasts featuring Bill King, Lon Simmons, & Ray Fosse
-1988 ALCS vs. Boston game 2
-1988 ALCS vs. Boston game 4
including final 3 outs as the A’s win the pennant!
-1988 World Series vs. Los Angeles Dodgers game 1
does not include Gibson HR
-1989 A’s clinch the A.L. West
-1989 World Series vs. San Francisco Giants
portions of Game 1, 2, & 4, including postgame
-1990 A’s clinch the A.L. West
*All audio files on 1 DVD

** NBA **********

1974-1975 Golden State Warriors Audio Highlights
Featuring Bill King & his great radio calls
from the LP “The Yeaar of Excitement”
1 disk

10-25-1977 Golden St. Warriors at Chicago Bulls
Bill King announcer on KNBR
3 disks

11-11-1977 Kansas City Kings at Golden State
Otis Birdsong & Scott Wedman vs. Barry, Parrish, & Phil Smith
Bill King announcer
Good game, commercials, 3 disks

11-25-1977 Golden St. Warriors at Philadelphia 76ers
Dr. J in good OT game
Bill King announcer on KNBR
3 disks

12-6-1977 Houston Rockets at Golden St. Warriors
*A classic King broadcast that includes Bill ripping the refs,
and a stirring Holy Toledo at the end!
Moses Malone, Rudy T, & John Lucas vs. Barry, Parish, & Ray
Bill King announcer on KNBR
3 disks

12-8-1977 Milwaukee Bucks at Golden St. Warriors
Bill King announcer on KNBR
3 disks

1-18-1978 Washington at Golden State
Elvin Hayes & Wes Unseld battle Rick Barry & Phil Smith
Bill King announcer
Commercials, 3 disks

11-25-1981 Golden St. Warriors at Boston Celtics
Bird, Parish, & McHale vs. Bernard King, Joe Barry Carroll, & World B. Free
Bill King announcer
3 disks

** MISC. **********

Bill King Remembered
An audio tribute to the life & times of Bill King recorded on the day of his passing October 18, 2005. This radio special hosted by Big Bruce MacGowan, is full of rare and memorable Bill King calls. Even after all these years it will still give you goose bumps.
1 cd

Bill King “Holy Toledo!” CD
Over 30 minutes of some of the greatest call in the legendary career of Bill King
Includes a rare Warriors clip & a brief interview of Bill by Rick Barry
1 disk

1976 Oakland Raiders Audio Highlights
Featuring Bill Kingt & his great radio calls
from the LP “Crowning Glory”
1 disk

1974-1975 Golden State Warriors Audio Highlights
Featuring Bill King & his great radio calls
from the LP “The Yeaar of Excitement”
1 disk

July 29, 2017

Bill King gets Cooperstown coronation: ‘This is a Holy Toledo moment’

Bill King, the greatest announcer in my lifetime, is finally being honored this weekend by the Baseball Hall of Fame. Most of us grew up listening to Bill, he was the voice of our youth.

He described most of the greatest sports moments of my life. I met him once, a moment I will never forget (a story for another day). His unique style and unabashed tirades were what made him legendary.

He could paint you a verbal picture that was forever etched in your mind.

I just wish he was here to enjoy this special moment.

Bill King
Hall of Fame
Class of 2017
Holy Toledo!

(Here is an article about Bill written by Dan Brown that I thought you might enjoy.)

By Daniel Brown
Bay Area News Group
PUBLISHED: July 29, 2017

Holy Cooperstown!

During a sun-splashed afternoon on baseball’s sacred ground, Bay Area broadcasting favorite Bill King finally got his due.

“I think this is a Holy Toledo moment,” his stepdaughter, Kathleen Lowenthal said Saturday, using her stepfather’s signature call in accepting the Baseball Hall of Fame’s top broadcasting honor. “It is for me.”

King spent 25 years captivating A’s fans with rousing calls that ranged from Rickey Henderson’s stolen base records through the “Moneyball” 20-game winning streak. King died in 2005, but colleagues such as longtime radio partner Ken Korach campaigned relentlessly for him to be honored with the Ford C. Frick Award.

The work paid off Saturday at Doubleday Field. With Korach smiling in the crowd and seated next to Hank Greenwald, who teamed with King on Warriors broadcasts, Lowenthal saluted the sustained effort it took to end the wait.

“Bill never sought out awards of any kind but he was only human and he certainly enjoyed the accolades,” Lowenthal said her speech. (The quotes in this story came from the live stream of the ceremony still available at the Hall of Fame’s Facebook page.)

“But never in a million years did he believe he would be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. When people would bring it up, he would brush it aside. Fans and friends and colleagues brought it up all the time — even I did. Bill loved broadcasting. He just really loved talking to you.”

King became a fixture in Bay Area sports starting in the late 1950s, when he was hired by KSFO as a fill-in broadcaster on Giants games — subbing for Lon Simmons and Russ Hodges, his fellow future Frick winners.

The Warriors hired him in 1962 and the King added Raiders play-by-play to his duties in 1966. From then on, it was as if his erudite phrasing and emotional crescendos were always floating somewhere through the Bay Area air.

Joe Morgan, the baseball Hall of Famer who grew up in Oakland, said as much Saturday before presenting the Frick Award to Lowenthal.

“Bill King, in my mind was truly a man for all seasons,” Morgan said. “Because he taught me how to listen to Warriors basketball, A’s baseball and the Oakland Raiders. This is a great honor for me.”

Lowenthal, whose mother, Nancy Stephens, was with King for 44 years, noted that King’s varied sports talents represented only a fraction of his staggering breadth of knowledge.

She said King loved sailing, ballet, opera, jazz and fine arts. He grew so interested in Russian history that he learned the language, too.

“All of his varied interests, his encyclopedic knowledge of baseball and his voluminous vocabulary made him the broadcaster he was,” Lowenthal said.

MLB Network broadcaster Matt Vasgersian, who grew up in Moraga, narrated a video introducing King’s career to the audience, calling him “one of the most influential figures in the history of sports broadcasting. … It was fitting for a man who enjoyed opera and ballet to have his own voice referred to as ‘poetry on the radio.’”

Vasgersian noted that there are many who think King did his best work on football … and even more who think he was best at basketball.

But baseball is the first sports Hall of Fame to honor King — which would have been fine by him, Lowenthal said. She said baseball was his “first love.”

She also recalled what it was like going to A’s games in person being surprised to see so many fans with ear buds connected to their transistor radios.

“Fans could not get enough of Bill,” Lowenthal said. “Even though they were at the game, they still wanted to hear what Bill had to say about what they were seeing.

“Bill had a really special relationship with his audience. He told me one time that he would have one person in mind when he was broadcasting. And I think that’s why his broadcasts came across so personal — as if he was talking to you.”

King, visited the Baseball Hall of Fame just once, in 2004, when A’s closer Dennis Eckersley and Bill’s former A’s broadcast partner Lon Simmons were both honored. Lowenthal said he remained “exhilarated” by that visit until the day he died.

Now, King will be part of the place forever.

“And I really wish he could walk out of that Iowa cornfield right now,” Lowenthal said, “and see for himself the tremendous respect and fondness his fans and colleagues still hold for him today.”

July 17, 2017

Here is What’s New at Holy Toledo! Your Source for Vintage Sports Video

With training camp just a few days away the tine has come to finish up your summer projects and begin to prepare for the 2017 season. In my case I am clearing off my desk, going through the stacks of vintage sports videos that have accumulated over the summer. Typically most of my items listed here are actual football game broadcasts, however you see this list has a variety of different types of sports videos.

Here are some highlights:
Raiders Fans take note. I finally found two missing Raiders Yearbooks!
With the addition of the 1981 Oakland and 1988 LA Raiders yearbooks, this means I now have ever Raider yearbook from 1964 to 1983. The only yearbooks still missing are the 1984, 1986, and 1989, otherwise I have them all up to the current 2016 season.

**If anyone has these three missing yearbooks I will gladly offer you a substantial trade reward for a copy.

Check out the Game Of The Week List featuring the 1965 game Gale Sayers scored 6 TDs, and the very first regular season overtime game from 1974.

Be sure to check out all the various documentaries included in this list. There is some fantastic shows included here.

Just want actual game broadcasts?
Eric Dickerson or LA Rams fans will enjoy a couple games I picked up, games where Dickerson rushes for over 200 yards!

Buffalo Bills fans will like seeing a few interesting games I picked up featuring the great Thurman Thomas. There is also a tremendous copy of a great ’91 QB duel between Jim Kelly and Marino

If you like Jim Kelly you may want to look thru the new games I picked up featuring his early years with the Houston Gamblers. I’ve actually acquired quite a few new USFL games, all listed below.

Now you can see this wild 34-33 game! The famous 1985 USFL game between Jim Kelly’s Houston Gamblers and Steve Young’s LA Express. Kelly’s 574 yards passing is the most ever in American pro football history.

Last week was the 40th anniversary of one of the worst promotions ever. Bill Veeck’s Chicago White Sox thought it would be a great idea to have “Disco Demolition Night.”

During the break between games of a doubleheader a local rock DJ was going to blow up a bunch of disco albums. Fans were encouraged to bring their disco records to the game. The number of kids who showed up, and the events that unfolded that night were completely unexpected.

I have a copy of the entire game 1, plus the mayhem that occurs just prior to game 2. Also included is local news reports and a look back after all these years.

Baseball fans also will notice that I found my original recording of the 2004 ALCS Game 7 Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees. I’ve made a 5 disks copy of this very nice quality recording, it includes extended postgame.

Basketball Fan?
Golden State Warriors Fan?
Cleveland Cavaliers fan?
I have ever game, every minute of The Trilogy, the last three NBA Finals.
I also have every postseason game of the Golden State Warriors during the past three epic seasons.

Holy Toledo do I have exciting news to share with you. Unfortunately I can’t reveal this huge news just yet, but when I do there will only be two words escaping from your mouth, “Holy Toledo!”
The BIG NEWS will be revealed next week.

Enjoy the list and keep watching us at Holy Toledo!
I have many new games on the way…

from Holy Toledo!

*** What’s New *****

*** NFL YEARBOOKS *********
1981 Oakland Raiders Yearbook
1988 LA Raiders Yearbook

Other Yearbooks:
1970 San Diego Chargers Yearbook
1972 San Diego Chargers Yearbook
1980 Buffalo Bills Yearbook
1980 St. Louis Cardinals Yearbook

2014 Set of All 32 Teams Yearbooks (4 disks)
2015 Set of All 32 Teams Yearbooks (4 disks)

*** NFL Game Of The Week Shows ********

1965 wk13 San Francisco at Chicago
Gale Sayers score 6 TDs!!

1966 wk2 Green Bay at Cleveland

1974 wk2 Pittsburgh at Denver
1st regular season overtime game

1976 AFC Championship Pittsburgh at Oakland
Hard to find this one

Super Bowl XI Oakland vs. Minnesota
Not the highlight show but an actual episode of Game Of The Week

1977 AFC Divisional Oakland at Baltimore
Rare version of the Ghost To The Post game

1977 AFC Championship Oakland at Denver
1986 Wk10 LA Raiders at Dallas
2004 AFC Divisional NY Jets at Pittsburgh


This Week In Pro Football
1972 Week 5
1972 Week 7
1972 Week 8

This Is The NFL
1975 Week 1o

NFL ’71 (Year in Review)
NFL ’72 (Year in Review)
NFL ’73 (Year in Review)
NFL ’74 (Year in Review)
NFL ’75 (Year in Review)
NFL ’76 (Year in Review)
NFL ’77 (Year in Review)
NFL ’78 (Year in Review)
NFL ’79 (Year in Review)

“Raiders Report” from 2005 featuring a great segment about John Madden getting into the NFL Hall Of Fame

-The Legendary Voice of John Facenda
-The AFL featuring Joe Namath, Don Maynard, & Otis Taylor
-Lombardi’s Redskins
-10th Anniversary of Monday Night Football
-20th Anniversary of Monday Night Football
-Top 36 Moments on Monday Night Football
-Greatest Sports Legends: Fred Biletnikoff (30 min.)
-Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder
-A Glorious Game (great show narrated by John Facenda)
-A Game Of Passion (60 min. includes John Madden)
-In The Crunch (Stabler, Unitas, Staubach, Sipe, Elway, Montana, Bradshaw)
-The Hunters (Facenda narrates w/ Ben Davidson, Carl Eller, Walt Garrison, 30 min)
-Star Spangled Sundays (a 4 hout, 4 part documentary)
-Strange But True Stories of the NFL (Vincent Price)
-A Tale of Two Cities (all about the 49ers-Cowboys rivalry)
-Tailgating Paradise (all about the food served at various tailgate parties)

*** NFL ********

1978 Wk2 Seattle at Pittsburgh
Largent & Zorn vs. The Steel Curtain
Sam Nover & Mike Haffner announcers
Pregame, 2 disks

1979 Wk4 Baltimore Colts at Pittsburgh
Tight game decided in the 4th Quarter
Joe Washington & Roger Carr vs. The Steel Curtain
Sam Nover & Bob Trumpy announcers
2 disks

1979 Wk10 Washington at Pittsburgh
Redskins defense came in having allowed the least points in the NFL
Steelers roll up 545 yards
Bradshaw’s 1st ever 4 TD pass game, 2nd ever 300+ yard passing game
Swann & Stallworth both over 100 yards
Curt Gowdy & Hank Stram announcers
Very interesting Halftime Show
Very Good to Good Quality, Halftime, commercials, 3 disks

1979 Wk11 Pittsburgh at Kansas City
Chuck Noll vs. Marv Levy
Don Criqui & John Brodie announcers
C quality, 1 disk

1979 Wk16 Buffalo at Pittsburgh
Steelers clinch AFC Central in style
Steel Curtain pitches a shutout
Franco Harris 100 yards 2 TDs
Don Criqui & John Brodie announcers
Good Quality, commercials, 3 disks

1980 Wk1 Cleveland at New England
Steve Grogan vs. Brian Sipe
Sam Nover & Bob Trumpy announcers
1 disk

1982 Wk9 Cleveland at Pittsburgh
Steelers over 500 yards of offense
Franco & Swann both +100 yards
Paul McDonal +300 yards 3 TD, but 4 Ints
Big game for Ozzie Newson
Announcers: Bob & Bob, Costas & Trumpy
Very Nice Quality, Halftime, Postgame, commercials, 2 disks

1984 Wk10 Los Angeles Rams at St. Louis Cardinals
Eric Dickerson rushes for 208 yards
Good game between two teams with playoff hopes
Neil Lomax to Roy Green is a lethal combination
Dick Stockton & Hank Stram announcers
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1986 Wk5 Tampa Bay at Los Angeles Rams
Erick Dickerson 207 yards rushing, 245 total, 2 TDs
Exciting tough OT game
Hall of Fame matchup: Steve Young vs Dickerson & Kevin Greene
Wayne Walker & Johnny Morris announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

1990 Wk3 Buffalo at New York Jets MNF
Career high for Thurman Thomas 214 yards rushing
Ken O’Brien & rookies Blair Thomas & Rob Moore
Frank, Al, & Dan announcers
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1990 Wk11 New England at Buffalo
Thurman Thomas 165 yards 2 TDs
Bills defense pitches a shutout
Jim Donovan & Bob Trumpy announcers
1 disk

1991 Wk1 Miami at Buffalo
Hall of Fame QB Matchup: Jim Kelly vs. Dan Marino
A great QB shootout 35-31
Thurman Thomas 165 yards rushing, 103 yards rec., 2 TDs
Bills offense rolls up over 580 yards
Dan Marino 3 TDs, Kelly 2 TDs
Bill Walsh & Dick Enberg announcers
Nice Quality, Halftime (Parcells 1st), commercials, 3 disks

1997 wk3 Detroit at Chicago
Barry Sanders 161 yards
A Black & Blue old rivalry game
Kevin Harland & Jerry Glanville announcers
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1997 wk14 Chicago at Detroit
Thanksgiving Day game
One of my favorite Barry Sanders games,
he plays a brilliant game 167 yards 3 TDs
Down 17-3, Lions roar to a 53-20 Bear bashing
Scott Mitchell’s offense gains almost 500 yards
Summerall & Madden announcers
Halftime, Postgame, commercials, 2 dosks

200 AFC Divisional Playoff
UPGRADE: Miami at Oakland
1st postseason win for “Chucky” Jon Gruden
Tory James steals the show
Raiders “D” dominates in a Black Hole shutout
Greg Gumbel & Phil Sims announcers
Entire broadcast, Halftime, Postgame, comercials
Very Nice Quality, local postgame, x disks

2002 AFC Championship
Tennessee at Oakland
Steve “Air” McNair vs Charles Woodson
A beautiful 5 disc Upgrade of a legendary game
Entire broadcast, Pregame, Halftime, Postgame
Very Good Quality, Local Postgame, 5 disks

**** U.S.F.L. ***********************************

1983 Wk1 Chicago Blitz at Washington Federals
The 1st ever official USFL game premiers on ABC
Coach George Allen returns to RFK
Greg Landry completed 11 passes to WR Trumaine Johnson 156 yards 1 TD
Craig James runs for the Federals
Jim Lampley & Lee Corso announcers
Pregame, 2 disks

1983 Wk3 Oakland Invaders at Michigan Panthers
1st ever home game for Panthers, exciting game
QB Duel: Besana 341 yards 3 TDs, Hebert 3 TDs
Jim Simpson & Don Heinrich announcers
Nice quality ESPN Classic ver. 2 hours, 1 disk

1983 Wk17 Boston Breakers at Oakland Invaders
Invaders clinch the Pacific Division title as QB Fred Besana leads the way
Ex-Raiders Raymond Chester & Cedric Hardman have good games
Coaches: John Ralston vs. Dick Coury
Don Heinrich & Tom Kelly announcers
Some audio issues early, fine after 5 minutes
Brief pregame, halftime, postgame, 1 disk

1983 Semi Final Playoff
Oakland Invaders at Michigan Panthers
Big Upgrade! Very Nice Quality
Hebert & Anthony Carter vs. Raymond Chester, Art Wittington & Co.
Keith Jackson & Lynn Swann announcers
Pregame, commercials, 3 disks

1984 Wk2 Houston Gamblers at San Antonio Gunslingers MNF
Jim Kelly’s 1st professional 300 yard game, 3 TDs
Kelly’s 1st pro victory, 2nd game ever as a Gambler
Mouse Davis’s run & shoot offense rolls up big numbers
The night the lights go out in San Antonio, literally…
Jim Simpson & Paul Maguire announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

1984 Wk5 Michigan Panthers at Houston Gamblers
Wild 52-34 game with Jim Kelly‘s Run & Shoot
Bobby Hebert 4444 yards 4 TD passes
Team video, interesting angles, 1 disk

1984 Wk6 Tampa Bay Bandits at Philadelphia Stars
Kelvin Bryant powers for 3 TD’s and 114 yards on a pulled hamstring
Sam Mills, Chuck Fusina, William Fuller, Irv Eatman, Bart Oates,
Coaches: Jim Mora vs. Steve Spurrior at Veterans Stadium
Tim Brandt & Lee Grosscupx announcers
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1984 Wk15 Houston Gamblers at Denver Gold
Todd Fowler sets USFL rushing record with 208 yards, & 2 TD’s
Jim Kelly ties George Blanda & Y.A. Tittle’s pro record 36 TD’s in a season
The Gambles prolific “run & shoot” is on full display in this game
Coaches Jack Pardee vs. Craig Morton at Mile High Stadium
Tim Brandt & Lee Grosscup announcers
Nice Quality, Pregame, Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1984 Wk18 Pittsburgh Maulers at Jacksonville Bulls
The last game ever played by the Pittsburgh Maulers
I had to get this game just so I could remember these uniforms!
In a heavy downpour part of the Gator Bowl field was actually under water
The Bulls played more like alligators, swamping the Maulers
Heisman Trophy winner Mike Rozier & QB Glenn Carano wore flippers instead of cleats
A great day for Robbie Mahfouyz, Tom Dinkle, Mike Whiting, & Larry Mason
Coaches: Lindy Infante vs. Ellis Rainsberg
John Sanders & Steve Talbot announcers
Halftime, commercials, 3 disks

1984 USFL Semi-Final
Western Conference Championship
Los Angeles Express at Arizona Wrangles
1st ever postseason game in the state of Arizona
Tim Spencer 3 rushing TD’s
Steve Young’s rookie season, w/ Kevin Mack & Freddie Scott
Coaches: George Allen vs. John Hadl
Tim Brandt & Lee Grosscup announcers
Good game, lots of fights, 3 disks

1984 USFL Semi-Final
Eastern Conference Championship
Birmingham Stallions at Philadelphia Stars
Chuck Fusina & Sam Mills vs. Cliff Stoudt, Joe Cribbs
Kelvin Bryant runs wild 152 yards & 2 TD’s
Keith Jackson & Lynn Swann announcers
At Franklin Field
Nice Quality, Pregame, commercials, 4 disks

1984 USFL Championship
Philadelphia Stars vs. Arizona Wranglers
The league #1 & #2 defenses face off
Coaches: George Allen vs. Jim Mora
MVP: Chuck Fusina, Kelvin Bryant over 100 yards
George Allen’s final professional game as coach
Keith Jackson & Lynn Swann announcers
At Tampa, FL
Pregame, 3 disks

1985 Wk1 Houston Gamblers at LA Express
“The Game Nobody Saw”
Coaches film merged with radio broadcast, very well done
Great game between Jim Kelly & Steve Young
Kelly’s 574 yards passing is the most ever in American pro football history
Young had built up a 33-13 4th quarter lead,
but Kelly directed a legendary comeback
1 disk

1985 Wk10 Arizona Outlaws at Oakland Invaders
Hebert tosses 2 TD’s, to Albert Bentley & Derek Holloway
Doug Williams leads the Outlaws with 345 yards passing
Coaches: Charlie Sumner vs. Frank Kush
Jim Simpson and Paul McGuire announcers
1 disk

1985 Wk14 Oakland Invaders at Denver Gold
Important battle for the lead in the Western Division
Bobby Hebert 4 TD passes, 337 yards
Anthony Carter, Gordan Banks, Albert Bentley, Derek Holloway
Dave Browning, Gary Plummer, Ray Bentley, David Greenwood
Bob Gagliano, Leonard Harris, Bill Johnson,
Coches: Charlie Sumner vs. Darrel “Mouse” Davis at Mile High Stadium
Fred Manfra & Marv Levy announcers
Nice Quality, , commercials, 3 disks

1985 Wk14 New Jersey Generals at Tampa Bay Bandits
Exciting OT game, wacky ending 30-24
Doug Flutie & Herschel Walker vs. Gary Anderson
Coaches Walt Michaels vs. Steve Spurrier
Keith Jackson, Lynn Swann, & Tim Brandt
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1985 Wk18 Arizona Outlaws at Memphis Showboats
Reggie White, Doug Williams, Tim Spencer & John Corker
In a 38-28 win QB Mike Kelley throws & runs for a TD
Coaches: Pepper Rodgers vs. Frank Kush at the Liberty Bowl
Jim Simpson & Paul Maguire announcers
Some commercials, 1 disk

1985 Wk18 Los Angeles Express at Orlando Renegades
Final game for both teams & Steve Young
Express only suit up 36 players
Coaches: Lee Corso vs. John Hadl
Fred Manfra & Billy aylor announcers
1 disk

1985 USFL Quarterfinal Playoff
Tampa Bay at Oakland
Nice Quality Upgrade of entire broadcast
Gary Anderson has a huge 1st Half, 197 total yards
Bobby Hebert & Anthony Carter lead a 2nd Half comeback
An exciting 30-27 game, Coaches: Charlie Sumner vs. Steve Spurrior
In 2nd Q:Network Breaking News return of TWA Flight 847 hostages
Pregame, Halftime, postgame, commercials, 4 disks

1985 USFL Quarter Finals
Houston Gamblers at Birmingham Stallions
Exciting back and forth game to the very end
Jim Kelly vs. Cliff Stoudt, Joe Cribbs & Jim Smith
Kelly’s weapons include Ricky Sanders, Clarence Verdin, Gerald McNeil & Richard Johnson
Keith Jackson & Lynn Swann announcers
3 disks

1985 USFL Semi-Final Playoff
Oakland Invaders at Memphis Showboats
Upgraded version no longer joined in progress
Anthony Carter has a big game 157 yards 2 TD’s
Reggie White, Mossy Cade, Mike Kelley, Tim Spencer, Walter Lewis
Albert Bentley, Gordan Banks, Gary Plummer, Dave Browning
Halftime feature on Reggie White
At the Liberty Bowl: Coaches: Charlie Sumner vs. Pepper Rodgers
Keith Jackson, Lynn Swann, & Tim Brandt announcers
Pregame, Halftime, 3 disks

1985 USFL Semi-Final
Baltimore Stars at Birmingham Stallions
#1 Defense vs. #2 Defense
Big plays are the theme of the day
Kelvin Bryants +100 yards rushing & receiving, 217 total
Coaches: Jim Mora vs. Rollie Dotsch
Keith Jackson & Lynn Swann announcers
Halftime, 2 disks

*** BASEBALL **********

Minnesota Twins at Oakland A’s
Jim “Catfish” Hunter’s Perfect Game
Radio Broadcast of 9th inning + postgame
Al Helfer & Monte Moore announcers
with Postgame interview, total time 11:42
*Bonus: Include his 1987 Hall of Fame speech
(additional 6:43)

7-12-1979 Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox
The Infamous “Disco Demolition Night”
Game 1 of doubleheader + Disco Demolition
Plus news reports & the aftermath
2 disks

2004 ALCS Game 7
Boston at New York Yankees
Upgraded version of entire broadcast
Includes long postgame
Nice quality, 5 disks


-“.406” (All about “Teddy Ballgame” Ted Williams)
-“56: The Streak” (“Joltin’ Joe” Dimaggio)
-“The Bird” (the story of Mark “The Bird” Fydrich)
-“The Making of Mr. October” (Reggie Jackson)

*** NBA FINALS **********

1980 NBA Finals Game 6
Los Angeles Lakers at Philadelphia 76ers
*A very diffuclut game to find
With Kareen injured Magic Johnson plays center
“Dr. J” Julius Erving, Darryl Dawkins, Jamal Wilkes scores 37
Magic Johnson’s rookie year, he dominates witth 42 points
Brent Musberger, Bill Russell & Hot Rod Hundley announcers
NBA Hardwood Classic version, Halftime, Postgame, 1 disk

The Trilogy: 2015, 2016, & 2017 Golden St. vs. Cleveland
The entire collection of every game
18 game on 64 disks

2015 NBA Finals
All 6 games, 25 disks
or individually;
Game 1, 4 disks
Game 2, 3 disks
Game 3, 3 disks
Game 4, 4 disks
Game 5, 4 disks
Game 6, 4 disks
Game 7, 3 disks

2016 NBA Finals
All 7 games, 22 disks
or individually;
Game 1, 3 disks
Game 2, 3 disks
Game 3, 3 disks
Game 4, 4 disks
Game 5, 3 disks
Game 6, 3 disks
Game 7, 3 disks

2017 NBA Finals
All 5 games, 17 disks
or individually;
Game 1, 3 disks
Game 2, 3 disks
Game 3, 3 disks
Game 4, 3 disks
Game 5, 5 disks

Be sure to check back next week.

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February 1, 2017

A Super List of What’s New in Vintage Sports Videos

Striving for improvement, never resting on past success, these are important qualities of a champion. It is my mission at Holy Toledo to make small improvements every day, to get better each week. When you add them all up the sum equals something significant, a measurable step forward in the journey to being a champion.

When you see “What’s New” this time you will truly see the sum off many small steps that have added up to a significant journey. It is fitting that I am posting this during Super Bowl week, a time when the two best teams will add up all of their efforts to see who will be crowned as champion.

If you are new to vintage sports videos, here is the answer as to why we do what we do:

If you grew up watching games or races on the weekends, with fond memories of guys like Dandy Don, Gowdy, Enberg, Chris Economaki, or Steve Evans, this might be a hobby for you. If you want to show your kids the greatest players like Montana, Payton, Earl Campbell, or “Snake” Kenny Stabler, this is the place for you. Maybe you wish to never forget watching “The Catch” or “The Ghost To The Post” game with your father, who has since passed away. These are just some of the many reasons to watch and collect vintage sports videos.

For those of you who I’ve traded with lately, you will be happy to know that I purchased a new DVD Copier. The old machine was dying, but unfortunately I wasn’t aware of it. This led to many frustrations, I do apologize for any inconvenience. Suffice it to say the old machine is “going, going, GONE!”

Next time I write I will explore the DVD-R vs. DVD+R issue. It DOES matter.

You are going to love some of these gems I have picked up, mostly football, some baseball, and yes some very cool racing videos. If you are a racing fan you will find the new racing videos by scrolling to the bottom of this post, just below the baseball items.

New games, new equipment, new blanks disks, Holy Toledo is ready for the big game. I bought 10 pounds of chicken wings, and 18 lbs. of pork shoulder for carnitas, chile verde, and pulled pork sliders. You know what they say “Play to win, or don’t play at all!”

Wishing all of you a Super Sunday, and remember if you ever need any vintage sports videos you can count on Holy Toledo!

So, without further ado, here is
*** What’s New at Holy Toledo! ***

Here are some of the highlights:
-The great Tom Landry’s final two games (his last home game and his final win)
-Bernie Kosar’s career passing day (and its against Dan Marino)
-A beautiful new Thanksgiving Day game (1979), well certainly new to me that includes a rare Sid Luckman interview
-Raider fans will appreciate the nice upgrade of the 1983 Thursday Night game at San Diego
-The greatest comeback in the history of Monday Night Football, an outstanding high quality 4 disk copy of the incredible ’03 Indy at Tampa Bay epic
-Steve Largent’s career day, in an important battle vs. Denver
-Hall of Fame lineman Anthony Munoz’s 1st game
-One of the most incredible endings to a game you will ever see, ‘03 Saint at Jaguars
-If you are a Walter Payton fan you will see that I’ve picked up many new games
-Bill Belichick versus Joe Montana (Cleveland at KC)
-Many new selections from the 1970’s

-The good news is that I actually found a copy of the infamous “Announcer-less game” from 1980. The bad news is that the video quality is below average for a game from that era.

*** What’s New *****

*** NFL *********

1976 Wk6 New York Jets at New England MNF
Definite Upgrade
Joe Willie Namath vs. Steve Grogan
Lou Holtz vs. Chuck Fairbanks
Howard, “The Giff” and Alex Karros announcers
Howard’s Halftime highlights, commercials, 2 disks

1977 Wk1 Detroit at Chicago
Walter Payton 160 yards 2 TD’s
Gary Bender and Tom Matte announcers
Joined in progress 1st Q approx. 4 min. 7-7
Very Nice Quality, commercials, 2 disks

1977 Wk7 Detroit at Dallas
Roger Staubach 3 TD passes, Doomsday Defense pitches a shutout
Chuck Howley inducted into the Ring Of Honor
Honored by Tom Landry at the Half
Lindsey Nelson & Paul Hornung announcers
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1978 Wk10 New Orleans at Pittsburgh
Can Archie Manning’s Saints pull off the huge upset?
Franco Harris goes over 7000 yards rushing
Can Terry Bradshaw lead the comeback?
Jayne Kennedy interviews Landry & Staubach at the Half
Don Criqui and Hank Stram announcers
Nice Quality, Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1978 Wk12 Atlanta at Chicago
The Falcons defense vs. Walter Payton
Payton breaks Gale Sayers alltime Bears rushing record
The old man Alan Page saves the day
Tim Ryan and Johnnie Morris announcers
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1979 Wk3 Chicago at Dallas
Hall of Fame matchup: Payton vs. Dorsett, both +100 yards
Exciting game, Four 2nd Half lead changes
Staubach throw 3 TD passes
Summerall and Brookshire announcers
Nice Quality, 2 disks

1979 Wk4 Chigo at Miami
Larry Csonka 3 TD’s vs. Walter Payton
Super-sub Don Strock leads 2nd Half scoring barrage
Curt Gowdy and Hank Stram announcers
Dolphins never punt in the entire game
Joined in progress w/ 8 min.s left in 1st Q, 0-0
Nice Quality, Halftime, 1 disk

1979 Wk5 Tampa Bay at Chicago
Bucs improve to 5-0 behind their dominating defense
Tight game between the best two teams in the NFC Central
Doug Williams matches up against Payton’s Bears
Tim Ryan and Johnnie Morris announcers
2 disks

1979 Wk6 Chicago at Buffako
Walter Payton 155 yards 1 TD
Great defensive battle
Bears hold Bills to only 7 1st down & 42 yards passing
Tim Ryan and Johnnie Morris announcers
Postgame with bonus coverage, 2 disks

1979 Wk11 Los Angeles Rams at Chigo
Down 16-0 back come the Bears
A game of big plays and Walter Payton
Vin Scully and George Allen announcers
2 disks

1979 Wk12 New York Jets at Chicago
Interesting game
Don Criqui and John Brodie announcers
2 disks

1979 Wk13 Chicago at Detroit Thanksgiving
Very Nice Quality of a game I didn’t know existed
Great Pregame, interview with Sid Luckman!
Jack Whitaker offers his pearls of wisdom
Lions shut out their rivals on national TV
Summerall and Brookshire announcers
NFL Today pregame, 2 disks

1979 Wk14 Chicago at Tampa Bay
Top 2 teams in the NFC Central battle for supremacy
Bears D shuts out the Bucs
The old man Alan Page and the rookie Dan Hampton are outstanding
Tim Ryan and Johnnie Morris announcers
2 disks

1979 Wk15 Dallas at Philadelphia
Saturday national TV broadcast
Late season battle for 1st place in the NFC East
Staubach vs. Jaworski, Landry vs. Vermeil
Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshire announcers
NFL Today Halftime, 2 disks
+ bonus Sunday morning NFL Today show

1979 Wk16 St. Louis at Chicago
Huge day for Bears and Walter Payton
Win clinches playoff berth for Bears
Bears D smothers Cards, holds them to 23 yars passing
Walter Payton 156 yards 3 TD’s
Tim Ryan and Johnnie Morris announcers
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1980 Wk1 Tampa Bay at Cincinnati
Forrest Gregg’s 1st game as Bengals head coach
Future Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz’s 1st game
Doug Williams, Leroy Selman, Garo Yeprmian
Final year of Bengals old helmets
Curt Gowdy & Hank Stram announcers
Interesting raw feed, slight audio static, 2 disks

1980 Wk2 Pittsburgh at Baltimore Colts
Exciting game Bert Jones vs. Terry Bradshaw
A Mike Siani sighting at old Memorial Stadium
Charlie Jones & Len Dawson announcers
2 disks

1980 Wk3 Minnesota at Chicago
“Big Play Day” at Soldier Field
4 scoring plays of over 40+ yards
Includes “Reagan for President” commercial
Curk Gowdy & Hank Stram announcers
Joined after two plays, some commercials, 2 disks

1980 Wk3 Buffalo at New Orleans
Rookie Joe Cribbs outgains Muncie & Galbraith
Archie Manning vs. Joe Ferguson, Chuck Knox vs. Dick Nolan
Jay Randolph & Gene Washington announcers
With commercials, 2 disks

1980 Wk8 Detroit at Kansas City
Rookie Billy Sims 184 yards 2 TD’s in a tight game
“Early” John Madden & Gary Bender announcers
Very Nice Quality, commercials, 2 disks

1980 Wk9 Green Bay at Pittsburgh
Battle of Lynn’s: Lynn Dickey vs. Lynn Swann
Does Bart Starr have the Pack back?
Halftime includes highlights of the famous 93-7 Portland St-Cal Poly game
Brookshire & Summerall announcers
Audio issues after 39 min.s of D#2, 2 disks

1980 Wk11 St. Louis Cardinals at Dallas
“Big Play Day” in Big D
4 scoring plays of over 50+ yarts
Fun game to watch
Roger Staubach & Frank Gleiber announcers
Nice Quality but slight audio static, Halftime, 2 disks

1980 Wk12 Washington at Dallas
Cowboys get 5 sacks, but commit 6 turnovers
Summerall & Brookshire announcers
Some commercials, 2 disks

1980 Wk14 San Diego at Washington
Fouts versus Theisman
#1 Passing offense vs. #1 Passing defense
Charlie Jones and Len Dawson announcers
1 disk

1980 Wk16 New York Jets at Miami
Announcer-less game
C- quality, 1 disk

1981 Wk12 Detroit at Chicago
Billy Sims leads the way for Lions
Detroit D holds Bears to paltry 24 yards total offense
Dick Stockton and Johnnie Morris announcers
Halftime, Postgame, 2 disks

1981 AFC Divisional San Diego at Miami
**9.0 Quality Upgrade of one of the greatest games of Alltime
Halftime, commercials, and Postgame
Beautuful Quality, 2 disks

1982 Wk1 Washington at Philadelphia
37-34 Overtime thriller in this season opener
Many big time players in this big time game
Joe Gibbs vs. Dick Vermeil
Tom Brookshire and Wayne Walker announcers
Network has some video trouble in 3rd Q, 2 disks

1982 Wk2 Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
An Overtime thriller between division rivals!
Ken Anderson vs. Terry Bradshaw, Forrest Gregg vs. Chuck Noll
Big day fro Chris Collinsworth and John Stallworth
Don Criqui and John Brodie announcers
Nice Quality, commercials, 2 disks

1983 Wk14 LA Raiders at San Diego TNF
Nice Upgrade
Arguably the best Raider team ever vs. their rivals
Nice night for Todd Christensen and Frank Hawkins
Marcus Allen throws a TD pass, Ted Hendricks, Letser Hayes
Chuck Muncie once again cannot finish a Raiders game
Howard, Gifford and O.J Simpson announcers
“Managerie of Misfits” Raiders Halftime feature, 2 disks

1984 Wk2 New England at Miami
Dan Marino vs. Steve Grogan
includes the original “Where’s the beef?” commercial
The “Mark’s Brothers” shred the Pats
Jay Randolph & Bob Greise announcers
Nice Quality, Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1984 Wk8 Miami at New England
Dan Marino vs. Tony Eason in a high scoring game
Dolphins explode for over 550 yards
Patriots over 400 yards
Marino 4 TD passes
Charlie Jones & Bob Greise, 1 disk

1984 Wk13 Seattle at Denver
A career day for Steve Largent
Fantastic game between two tough teams
In ’84 these teams would battle twice to decide the AFC West
Marv Albert & John Brodie announcers
2 disks

1984 Wk16 Denver at Seattle
The rematch three weeks later…
This time the winner wins the AFC West
Dick Enberg & Merlin Olsen, 2 disks

1986 Wk7 Denver at New York Jets MNF
NY Sack Exchange versus John Elway
Good quality, except for about 8 minutes in the 2nd Quarter
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

1986 Wk9 LA Rams at Chicago MNF
Walter Payton vs. Eric Dickerson
Extremely close game between two great defensive teams
C Quality, Halftime, 2 disks

1986 Wk10 Miami at Cleveland MNF
Bernie Kosar career night vs. Dan Marino
Kosar 3rd highest passing yards (in a gm.) in Browns history!
Browns roll up 558 yards of offense
Above average quality, 2 disks

1988 Wk15 Dallas at Washington
The end of a legendary career… part 1
Tom Landry’s final win as a head coach
Career win #250 (3rd alltime)
Rookie Michael Irvin scored 3 TD’s
2 disks

1988 Wk16 Philadelphia at Dallas
The end of a legendary career… part 2
Tom Landry’s final game as head coach
Game #418 (3rd alltime)
Herschel Walker vs. Randall Cunningham
2 disks

1988 Wk16 Houston Oilers at Cleveland
Historic comeback by 38 yr. old Don Strock, hiss last hurrah!
Great game, bitter cold day ends in snow at Municipal Stadium
Brother vs. Brother: Clay vs. Bruce Matthews
Marty Shotenheimer vs. Jerry Glanville
Don Criqui and Bob Trumpy announcers
Very nice Quality, Halftime, 3 disks

1988 AFC Wild Card
Houston Oilers at Cleveland
All new Beautiful Quality Upgrade, Exciting game
Trumpy goes ballistic over bad call in 3rd quarter
Mike Pagel performs heroically as a emergency fiin-in QB
Don Criqui and Bob Trumpy announcers
Pregame, Halftime, 3 disks

1988 AFC Championship
Buffalo at Cincinnati
Icky Woods & Boomer Esiason lead the Nengals vs. Jim Kelly
Beautiful Quality, Halftime with Don Shula, Postgame, 3 disks

1992 Wk17 Denver at Kansas City
In essence a playoff game,
Winner qualifies for the postseason,
Loser goes home.
Enberg & Trumpy announcers
Local KC Pregame & Postgame, Halftime, 2 disks

1993 Wk7 Kansas City at San Diego
Joe Montana leads his 1st majot comeback as a Chief
Marcus Allen, Junior Seau, Derek Thomas
Dick Enberg & Bob Trumpy announcers
Very Nice Quality, Halftime, some commercials, 3 disks

1993 Wk16 San Diego at Kansas City
Down 17-0, Joe Montana leads another huge comeback
Many great players Marcus Allen, Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith, Mean, Butts, Anders, Albert Lewis
“Chiefs Update” pregame show with Kevin Ross
Charlie Jones and Todd Christensen announcers
Beautiful Quality, full broadcast, Halftime, local KC postgame
4 Disks

1994 Wk2 San Francisco at Kansas City
Joe Montana vs. Steve Young
Nice Upgrade of this Hall of Fame matchup
Complete broadcast with almost 5 hours of coverage
Extended Local KC Pregame, Postgame, & Primetime
Very Nice Quality, 4 ir 5 disks

1994 Wk6 Kansas City at San Diego
Cool Throwback uniforms
Battle for 1st place in the West
Montana, Marcus Allen, Derrick Thomas, & Junior Seau
Charlie Jones & Randy Cross announcers
Beautiful Quality, Halftime, Postgame, 3 disks

1994 Wk12 Cleveland at Kansas City
Bill Belichick vs. Joe Mantana
Many great players in this hard fought battle
Marv Albert & Paul Maguire announcers
Nice Quality, Pregame, Halftime, commercials, 3 disks

1995 Wk2 Green Bay at Chicago MNF
Guy jumps out of the stands to catch a field goal!
Bret Favre leads the Pack to a “Black & Blue” victory
2 disks

1996 Wk17 New England at New York Giants
“The Return of Parcells”
Down 22-0, Patriots make a big comeback
Enberg, Simms & Paul Maguire announcers
Pregame, Halftime, 2 disks

1997 Wk3 Oakland at Atlanta
Big Upgrade
My old version of this game was awful
Jeff George circles the stadium after the game
2 disks

2003 Wk5 Indianapolis at Tampa Bay MNF
“The Greatest MNF Comeback!”
Under Peyton Manning the Colts score 21 points in the final 3:37
Amazing Overtime game
Jon Gruden vs. Tony Dungy, Dungy’s return to Tampa
Big name players and big plays all night long
Madden, Michaels & Lisa Guerrerron announcers
“A” Quality, Entire broadcast, 4 disks

2003 Wk16 New Orleans at Jacksonville
**One of the crazirst endings you may ever see!
Fred Taylor 194 yards rushing + 31 recieving
Byron Leftwich vs. Aaron Brooks
Halftime, commercials, 2 disks

2008 Wk3 Miami at New England
“Birth of the Wildcat”
Ronnie Brown scores 4 TD’s & throws a TD pass!
Dolphins shock the Pats with a new formation
1 disks

2012 Wk6 New England at Seattle
1st ever matchup between Brady & Wilson
Great game with a thrilling finish
#1 Offense vs. #1 Defense
2 disks

*** NFL Shows ************

1970 San Diego Chargers yearbook
Narrated by John Facenda

1972 San Diego Chargers yearbook
Narrated by John Facenda

*** Baseball ***************

9-24-1984 Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh
Cubs win the East!
Rick Sutcliffe is the starting pitcher
Lineup includes Dernier, Sandberg, Matthews, Moreland, Cey, Jody Davis, Durham, & Bowa
Of course the announcer is Harry Karay
Other announcers include Steve Stone, Jack Brickhouse & Milo Hamilton
Nice Quality, lots of postgame, 2 disks

1999 All-Star Game at Fenway Park
Unforgettable moments with Ted Williams
Legends of the All-Century Team appear
A great night for baeball

2012 NLDS Game 3
San Francisco at Cincinnati
Giants avoid the sweep, stay alive
Extra innings, 2 disks

2012 NLDS Game 4
San Francisco at Cincinnati
Behind Barry Zito the Giants even the series
2 disks

*** Auto Racing ***************
*** Shows **

40 Years of ABC at Indy
Several hours long of great Indy footage, 2 disks,
This is a rare find, and the original vhs copy is waaaaay too expensive.

NHRA Today Shows
A rae collection of this iconic drag racing show with host Steve Evans.

-NHRA Today 1st Show (April 1, 990)
-NHRA Today Joe Amato Championship Edition (11-11-1990)
-NHRA Today John Force 1st Championship Edition (11-18-1990)
-NHRA Today (with Steve Evans) (various shows from the 1993)
-NHRA Today Scott Kalitta Championship Edition (11-1994)
-NHRA Today John Force Championship Edition (11-1994)
-NHRA Today Last Show (Dec. 1998)

** Races **
1972 Winternationals
Appears to be from Wide World pf Sports featuring Big Dady Don Garlits and Don “the Snake” Prudhomme. Very cool

1988 Winston All-Stars race fmom Atlanta, GA

1989 TRW Sportsman All-Stars at Columbus, OH
1989 Summernationals at Englishtown, NJ
1989 Mile High Nationals at Denver, CO
1990 Summit Nationals at Columbus, OH
1990 Molson LeGrandnational at Montreal Canada
1990 North Star Nationals at Brainerd, MN
1990 Keystone, Nationals at Reading, PA

1993 Fram Sports Nationals at Atlanta, GA
Feauring Blaine Johnson

2003 Pontiac Excitement Nationals at Columbus, OH
2004 Lucas Oil Nationals at Brainerd, MN (Eric Medlin’s 1st race)

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January 29, 2017

It’s National Vintage Sports Video Day!

If ever there was a day meant for watching vintage football games on dvd, today is that day. The week between the Conference championships and the Super Bowl is for most of us a dead week. Nobody I know over the age of 10 gets excited about the Pro Bowl. There is no racing, no baseball, just tall college boys in shorts, and frankly that just doesn’t do it for me. So where do we turn? Do what I do, pick out a favorite game from your vintage sports library and watch the legends play in legendary games.

On behalf of all of us collectors, seize this day, and do hereby declare today National Vintage Sports Video Day!

So if you are in Miami get your ass off the beach and watch Czonka or Marino, those in KC pull our your copy of Super Bowl IV, Raider fans put on Super Bowl XVIII or the Holy Roller. if you are a Cubs fan watch game 7. Steelers fans pick out anything from the 1970’s, Cowboys fans might wish to watch the 1992 NFC Championship, or since it is somewhat of a religious holiday, the Hail Mary game may be appropriate.

Personally I’m watching the great Monday Night Football game from 1978 at the Astrodome. You remember it, Earl Campbell & Howard Cosell vs. the mighty Dolphins of Miami. Luv ya Blue!

My father, who could care less about old football games is watching the 1984 NHRA U.S. Nationals on dvd. He, while sitting by a warm fire is watching Big Daddy Don Garlits face off with a young brash kid from Florida named Darrell Gwynn. He’s going to see some funny cars driven by Dunn, McCuloch, and Bernstein. That is the beauty of this holiday, the menu is wide open for you to choose.

Today we claim as our own.
From this day forth, and every year after, I declare that the Sunday before the Super Bowl will always be our official holiday. This day will forever be known as…
“National Vintage Sports Video Day”.

Go forth and watch Ray Scott or Curt Gowdy, soak up Howard and Danderoo, relive the greet Bill King. Just take a few minutes of this special day and claim it as your own.

Holy Toledo!

December 8, 2016

Legendary Announcer Bill King Voted Into Hall Of Fame

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One of my heroes was honored yesterday.

Raiders-A’s-Warriors legendary announcer Bill King was voted into the Hall of Fame yesterday.

I have such mixed emotions about this.

Thrilled that Bill finally made it.

Sad that he wasn’t able to witness how much he was loved & appreciated.

And all of this on the eve of a Raiders-Chiefs game.

Holy Toledo indeed.

Remind me to tell you the unforgettable story about the day I met Bill King.

Meanwhile here  are two good articles that I will share with you.

“Arrhythmic poetry to Bill King making Hall of Fame posthumously”

By Ray Ratto

December 7, 2016

Bill King would have found his entrance into the Baseball Hall of Fame for winning the Ford C. Frick Award for excellence in baseball broadcasting a satisfying but indisputably odd thing for him to receive 11 years after his death. He would have said, and I can guarantee this, “Well, my work must have dramatically improved in the last few years.”

And Hank Greenwald, Lon Simmons, Greg Papa and all his other broadcast partners would have laughed and nodded. King knew he was good and didn’t mind being recognized for it, but he wouldn’t miss the weird touch of being hailed for it after his passing.

Nor would he have missed the amusing notion that he won the award in his ninth time as a finalist. The A’s teams whose exploits he described for a quarter-century reached the postseason nine times but won the big only once, in 1989.

But there is an arrhythmic poetry in the notion that King’s final recognition went this way rather than while he was alive. The nation caught on to him late, if at all, and while he was the voice of all things Bay Area sports for 43 years between the Warriors, Raiders and A’s, he was happily non-telegenic, and thoroughly content with living outside the troika of national broadcasting circles (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago) of the time.

He did want to be thought of as he is today by a larger audience, because he was a man with a healthy respect for his own talent and work ethic, but he knew the deal when he took it, and he took it happily. He was allowed to be himself by three separate owners (which is three over the current national average, given that broadcasters are now given a daily party line that must be adhered to), and he took full advantage. Talent gets you that kind of freedom, and obstinacy in the face of control allows you to use it fearlessly.

And now it’s been noticed, ironically enough in the sport most people thought was his third best. The NBA’s Curt Gowdy Award, given since 1990, includes many of his contemporaries (Chick Hearn, Johnny Most, Al McCoy, Joe Tait, Bill Schonely, et. al.) but not him, and the NFL’s Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award, given since 1989, is almost exclusively reserved for network TV announcers, though some of King’s radio compatriots (Buffalo’s Van Miller and Pittsburgh’s Myron Cope) have also won.

But baseball embraced the Internet vote first, and King got consistent support from Bay Area fans who kept his name alive through a number of failed attempts when the voting was done by the public; he won under a new system in which winners are selected by a 17-person panel, which many people thought was not his best constituency.

If King were alive and still active, he would have been properly appreciative, though one should not have been surprised had he pulled a Bob Dylan with the Nobel Prize people and skipped the induction ceremony next July: “Thanks for the award, but I’ll have been in New York the week before and I’m taking that weekend off to sit on the boat. Give (Hall of Fame director) Jeff Idelson a ‘Holy Toledo!’ for me, and pass that bottle over here.”

It’s how we would want him to want it, anyway.

BILL KING: 1927-2005 / Erudite voice of Bay Area sports

David Bush, Chronicle Staff Writer

Published 4:00 am, Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bill King, who described in his distinctive rapid-fire style some of the greatest moments in Bay Area sports history and connected with generations of local sports fans, has died.

King, 78, died in San Leandro Hospital early Tuesday morning of a pulmonary embolism. He underwent surgery on Friday to repair his artificial hip but developed a blood clot.

He was the radio voice of the pro basketball Warriors from their 1962 arrival in the Bay Area through 1983, the pro football Raiders from 1966 through 1992 and the baseball A’s from 1981 through this past season. Radio station KNBR, which was King’s professional home for a large part of his career, devoted its entire programming Tuesday afternoon to replaying memorable play-by-play calls and interviewing colleagues.

King was almost as renowned for his handlebar mustache and wide-ranging interests as he was for the trademark “Holy Toledo” exclamation he used to punctuate exciting plays.

“We’ve lost a unique person, no doubt about that,” said former broadcaster Lon Simmons, who shared the A’s booth with King from 1981 through ’95.

King was the audio link to the Warriors during their championship season of 1974-75. His calls of great Raiders moments from their heyday of the 1970s are still often replayed. And he was behind the microphone during the A’s run of three straight World Series appearances, 1988-90.

“He was the essence of what a sportscaster should be,” said Hank Greenwald, who was King’s broadcast partner on the Warriors before Greenwald became the voice of the Giants in 1979. “He had the ability to capture what was happening and enable listeners to see it as vividly as if they were in the arena themselves.”

“His name should be on the wall of the (Oakland) Coliseum with (Rollie) Fingers and (Catfish) Hunter and (Dennis) Eckersley and the rest,” said Ken Korach, King’s A’s broadcast partner the past 10 years. “He’s meant more to the organization than anyone. He touched so many lives — he was like a member of the family for millions of people.

December 5, 2016

Holy Toledo Holiday Specials! Vintage Sports Video Sale!

Holy Toledo! It’s time for Vintage Video Holiday Specials!
Here are several amazing deals to choose from.

Relive the greatest sporting moments of your life anytime you wish.
Hear the great announcers of your youth.
Add to your collection, or help someone start a new collection.

***For Racing Fans!
Any 10 Vintage Racing videos – $65
(or Any 5 Vintage Racing videos – $35)

***A Feast for Football Fans!
Any 10 Vintage Football games – $75
(or any 5 Vintage Football games – $40)

***Cubs Fans Rejoice!
Two Cubs Combo Packages to choose from.

-Cubs Combo #1 – $59
All 7 World Series Games for just $59.99
Includes incredible postgame coverage after Game 7!
This includes a bonus show called “Confessions Of A Cubs Fan”
17 DVD in all – Includes shipping

-Cubs Combo #2 – $99
All 7 World Series Games,
PLUS seven Cubs playoff victories vs. SF and LA!
14 historic Cubs games in all for only $99
This includes a rare bonus game from September 24, 1984
Rick Sutcliffe pitches a 2-hitter as the Cubs clinch the National League East!
34 DVDs in all

***Three SF Giants Specials!

-2010 World Series – All 5 games versus the Texas Rangers
$35 – 10 DVDs in all

-2012 World Series – All 4 games versus the Detroit Tigers
$28 – 9 DVDs

-2014 World Series – All 7 games versus the Kansas City Royals
$49 – 18 DVDs

**Order any of the Giants World Series packages and you become eligible to add-on any of these 5 unforgettable Giants games for only $7 each

Five Historic Add-ons to choose from:
-2010 game #162 San Diego at San Francisco
If the Giants don’t win the final game of the season, they won’t get to the post-season

-2010 NLCS game 6 San Francisco at Philadelphia
Giants win the Pennant!

-2012 NLDS game 5 San Francisco at Cincinnati
Posey slams the Reds t win the series

-2014 NL Wild Card game San Francisco at Pittsburgh
Mad Bum starts his incredible post-season run

-2014 NLCS game 5 St. Louis at San Francisco
Ishikawa hits a “walk off” to win the Pennant!

To view the complete lists of Vintage Videos use the links to your right, or email me at: holeytoledo@sonic.net

All packages include shipping.

Happy Holidays fro Holy Toledo!

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